The Mixing Bowl – Cafe’ Eatery in Gering, Nebraska

As our stay in the
Scott’s Bluff area was coming to an end, its typical of us, as with every stay, to run errands and pick
up dry stores and perishables (groceries), etc.  As we set out to do these, our bellies were
telling us we were nearing the noon hour so we agreed to find some mid-day chow.  Since beginning our adventures, we’ve come to
rely on Yelp, a location business finder app on our phones.  While downtown Gering, we Yelp’d for a local café’
and saw that The Mixing Bowl not only had mostly 5 star ratings but their
reviews were outstanding.  Considering we
are review readers, we decided to go there for vittles.

When we walked in, we
noticed there to be about seven or eight tables.  Passing the first table full of new moms with
their newborns, we went straight for a quiet table in the back corner.  We couldn’t help eyeing their pastry showcase
which was at arm’s length; good thing for dietary restraint!! 

The young lady server
was punctual in giving us menus and freshly brewing our green tea (iced) we specially requested (we don’t do Sweet Tea).  The Captain ordered the soup ‘n
sandwich; Broccoli Cheese Soup and Cali Turkey BLT on Sourdough.  I ordered the Cali Turkey BLT on Sourdough
and Sweet Potato Fries.  Only about 10
minutes went by when the server brought our meal.  It looked fantastically appetizing.  We both dug right into our meals barely
speaking a word because they were THAT DELICIOUS!!!  We didn’t want to ruin our palates with
words.  Seriously, the sandwiches were awesome;
fresh turkey (not that thin prepackaged ‘nitrate laden’ name-that-meat you find
in the hotdog section of your grocery store), avocado and tomato slices, crispy
bacon, arugula, and a cream cheese filling nestled so neatly between nicely
buttered sour dough toast.  The Captain’s
soup looked nice and creamy with huge chunks of broccoli.  He didn’t say much while eating which is a
signal that he really liked it.  Now, say
what you will about Sweet Potato Fries but I will say “OH MY WORD!!!”.  They were shoestring fries sprinkled with
large granule sea salt.  The salt worked perfectly with the sweetness of the potatoes. 
We both had a race who was going to finish the last fry.

We were comfortably
  Before we left, we made sure
we left our Yelp review.
  As we made our
way up to the register to pay our bill, we handed them our travel card.
  We asked if we could take some photos for our
  They were more than accommodating
and happy to be recognized.
 They even
agreed for an employee shot.
If ever you’re in the
Scott’s Bluff area in Western Nebraska, only a short drive from Scott’s Bluff
itself, this little local eatery is a treat!!
We Yelp’d them 5 stars!!   The Mixing Bowl has got it going on!  They are located at 1945 10th Street in downtown Gering, Nebraska.  Tell them RV LIBERTY sent ya!  Hopefully, they will remember

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