City Slickin’ in San Antonio!

We chose to spend the winter near San Antonio, Texas for good reason.  For one, we have Army friends, Leon & Barb, who are stationed at Fort Sam Houston, two, we’ve never been to San Antonio and third, we’ve read about so many cool things to do there; historically and culturally.  We’ve actually made quite a few visits; by day and by night.

The first time we visited the city was in the evening hours right before Christmas.  The city and Riverwalk was lit up beautifully.  As always, the Alamo was spotlighted, so we just had to get a photo since there was barely any foot traffic.
The Christmas Tree decorated in basketball ‘San Antonio Spurs’ decorations.
With our friends, we went to the Biergarten for a hefty brew before walking the Riverwalk.

We then walked the Riverwalk with our friends and all sat down at the Rio Rio for appetizers and adult beverages to share.

Then we let loose on the Riverwalk to enjoy the light fantastic!  Sorry the pics are dark…well, because it was dark outside!  But trust us when we tell you that it was beautifully lit.  So festive!

And then we had awesome margaritas!

And we walked some more…

And then we found a ‘Texas themed’ bar that had Dan’s Lone Star Beer!  He was a really happy man…by then!

The night was awesome!  We loved the Riverwalk so much we want to return!

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