A bit of Texas History…San Antonio, Texas

Post authored by Lisa

About a month after our son returned from his fourth and final deployment in the Middle East this past January, he drove down from Colorado to come check out our new digs and visit with us for a few days.  We bragged about how wonderful San Antonio was that he just had to come check it out for himself.  Unfortunately, his fiance’ couldn’t get time off from work to come with him.  Let me tell you, we kept that young man busy busy busy!!t

The first day, we took him to the city to see the Alamo, Riverwalk and a few other touristy things.

First, we took him to the Alamo site.  

The exhibit, surprisingly, was free of charge.  

We walked around the grounds and inside, the museum.  Photos were not permitted to be taken inside the museum portion so you’ll just have to trust us when we tell you it was a pretty impressive with some interactive displays and a lot of reading of the history.

Outdoors, they had large placards noting the historic timeline of the Alamo and Texas.

Our son even learned that his fellow Coloradoans were first Texans!

After learning about the history of the Alamo, we walked over to the Riverwalk for lunch at the County Line BBQ.  


Precisely, the day we took him to visit the San Antonio Riverwalk, the city scheduled it (beyond our knowledge) to be emptied and cleaned.  How disappointing for him because we bragged about how beautiful it was day and night.  We didn’t even take pictures; it was THAT disappointing and sad looking.  

But we made good of the day and moved onto other sites.  We walked over to the Buckhorn Museum and the Texas Ranger Museum.  

Those were a bit pricey but well worth it. It cost us $60 for the three of us for admission to both museums.

All of the museums were very impressive.  The Buckhorn Museum had such a huge collection of horns, antlers, exotics and taxidermy.  

Like Father, like Son!  Without each knowing they did this, I got the pictures!  My silly boys!

And look MOM, ‘Horny Chairs’!! (Family Humor)

And then we moved over to the Texas Ranger Museum.  

We learned about the history of the Texas Rangers (not the baseball team) and their importance of Texas Law Enforcement.

Bonnie & Clyde getaway car

Bonnie & Clyde Wanted Info

We spent a couple hours at these two museums (same building).  What a great plethora of artifacts, documents, information, etc. that you don’t find in history books, periodicals or even television.

Despite our disappointment over the ‘dry’ Riverwalk, it was a good day.  The weather was perfect, family time was superb and it just was an awesome time. (We just wish his fiance’ was with us!)

We highly recommend all of these when coming to visit San Antonio!

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