Santa’s Top 25 Gifts for RV and Campers!

Ya know, this subject has come up a lot in discussion with
family and friends; even amongst fellow RVers around the campfire or happy hour. 
We get the standard, ‘we don’t
know what to get you for Christmas’

Well, come on now, it’s not that hard. While we don’t need weed whackers,
lawn mowers, cold winter parkas, mittens or boots, pieces of furniture, etc. we
still endeavor to see fancy decorated presents under the tree or open packages
with our names on it.  
We LOVE presents….LOTS of presents wrapped up in pretty bows!

Our son got it right our first Christmas underway two years ago; he bought a
ton of gift cards for national chain restaurants.  He appreciated that on travel days or times
we just didn’t feel like cooking, or while we are sightseeing or hiking, a
quick meal out is a nice finisher.  So, when
we opened up those little envelopes, shiny holographic gift cards fell out, we
were blissful!   He knew we loved Cracker
Barrel, Applebees, Starbucks, Carrabbas, Olive Garden, B Dubs, and other chain
restaurants nationwide.  I think he even
tucked in one for Shell gas station (because
they have diesel)
.  We were happy
campers!  We wonder what he and his wife
will get us this year as they know our nomadic minimalist lifestyle may limit them
in their shopping quest.

However, not ever being ungrateful and please don’t take
this the wrong way but sometimes gift cards can become generic.  We admit, we all like to open presents with
cool paper with bows and tags or even a little trinket dangling off the bow on
top.  Now realize, this may be ‘our’
perspective but it does give an understanding of what we (collectively speaking) RVers like or need for our travels.  So, we compiled categorized lists that push
the envelope your way to your practical gift buying.
  • Shark or Dyson Vacuum
    – Yes, even RVs and Campers need to be vacuumed.
      Get one that picks up pet hair, sand, gravel,
      They will thank you for it…and love
    you for it.
  • Handcrafted
    Personalized Banner, Flag or Sign
    – These are cool!  We see them all over the parks and make great
    conversation starters since we see their names
    (Hi Barb & Mike, you have two kitties too?!) If they named
    their RV, this would be perfect too! ***
  • Unique Outdoor Lights
    – party lights rock!
      You could get a
    string of lights, rope lights, solar spot lights, etc.
      We all like to decorate our coaches and rigs;
    inside and out.
      You can go ‘class’ or ‘sass’. 
These are specially designed RV Camper lights.

  • Portable Countertop
    Ice Maker
    – if we don’t already have a residential refrigerator, these are
    awesome for us who love ice in their cocktails or beverages.
  • Instant Pot or Crock
    – because RVers love one-pot meals. 
    They are easier to clean up after and can be left cooking while we are
    out hiking, shopping and sightseeing.
    Dinner can be ready when we get back.
  • Collapsible Kitchen
    Bowls, Colander, and Measuring Cups
    – they store beautifully and won’t
    break while in transit.

Ooooooo, look at this ‘cool’ portable ice maker!
Perfect for Happy Hours!
  • SD Memory Cards (mini
    and macro)
    – many of us have cameras. 
    Those of us who have Android phones, love the macro SD cards to hold
    many photos we take on the road.
      We love
    to show off our photos at table conversations and nothing is better than
    whipping out our phones that have a card inserted loaded with photos out the
    ying yang.
  • Portable USB battery
    – you don’t know how many times we’ve been out somewhere and the
    battery life on our phones just juiced out.
    We’ve had that happen in the middle of Death Valley and the
      Then we couldn’t take any more
    photos…because our phone(s) died.
      Now we
    have them everywhere; in our truck, our backpacks, our RV, Lisa’s purse,
      You can never have enough of them!
  • Electronic Picture
    – Since we are minimalists, we can’t have a thousand picture frames
    in our RV’s however, we love to show off our families and friends.
      Make sure you include an SD card…with a few
    of your own photos loaded on it!
    quality is a plus!
     (Hey Santa, we’d love one of these!!) ***
  • Dash Cam – we don’t
    mean to scare you but you can’t begin to understand how many times distracted or
    inconsiderate drivers do some awful driving moves right in front of us.
      We pray we won’t ever get into an accident
    (because pulling an 18,000 pound RV it isn’t going to be pretty!) but if or
    when we do, we need proof for court and our insurance.
      We bought one at Walmart for about $50.  Call it a ‘reassurance
    for insurance’
Dash Cams ROCK!

  • Hiking Gear
    some of us hike or trek.
      Ideas are a
    good easy compass, small handheld GPS, trekking poles, backpack(s), multi-use
    tool, waterproof topography maps, Nalgene or stainless water bottles,
    flashlight(s), small first aid kit, water filter kit, good granola bars,
      We already have these but we know
    these are essential for every hike.
    Oooooooh, a handheld GPS would be nice too! (Hint Hint!)
  • Binoculars – HA!  You can’t believe the many uses these
      Not only for spotting cool
    looking birds out our back window but also, in the passenger side of our
      While transiting, the passenger
    can look through them to see traffic up ahead, exit signs, fuel stations,
    wildlife, etc.
      (Oh Santa, please?)
  • LED Lantern and/or
    – we love to walk everywhere and sometimes it’s really dark
      Get one…two…or five…all
    different sizes too!
      Seriously, we can
    never have too many.
      We have about five;
    one in the truck, two in the RV, underneath storage compartment, and backpack.
  • Propane Fire Pit
    we bought our Outland on Amazon.
      These are
    amazing because most RV parks and Resorts no longer allow wood burning
      As well, firewood is expensive
    and not easy to acquire.
     Add in a couple
    of those small green propane canisters you can find in the camping section of
  • Portable Grill
    we LOVE our Webber Q 200!
      It heats via
      Pair it with a green propane
    canister (or 5!) you can find in the camping section of stores.
      Ours cost about $200.  Every RVer needs a grill!  

  • Small Hand-Carry Soft
    – fill this sucker up with a couple of can and bottle koozies,
    bottle/can opener, wine bottle opener, ice packs, vinyl tablecloth, wet wipes, etc.
      A ’12-pack’ size is great for a day trip out.  Also, a nice thing to have when we go grocery
    shopping to put our raw meats in to keep them from spoiling on the way home on
    hot days.
      We have one and its worth a
    million dollars to us!
  • Books of Post Card
    and First Class Stamps
    – no, really! 
    Some of us still like to ‘write home’. 
    Add in a nice pen and pencil set and some all-occasion box of greeting
    cards too!
      We still send birthday, get
    well, sympathy, and congrats cards.
  • Small Computer
    – those small portable ones…that fit in a small case.  We still need to print things like insurance
    cards, shipping labels, documents to sign, etc.
    Pair it with an extra print cartridge and small ream of paper.  Don’t forget to buy a printer cable too.  Again, we’re minimalists and big honkin’
    printers just aren’t going to work as we don’t have the space to store or set
    it up.
  • Plane Ticket(s)
    most times, we are going to be far from family.
    Help us to come visit you.  It
    also gives us
    ‘a vacation from our
    .  (again, humor us!) Pack
    them inside a small carry-on bag with some destination maps to make it fun!
  • Hotel/Spa Gift Cards
    – Don’t laugh!
      What some ladies wouldn’t
    give to get a comfy high class hotel room for a night because…they have
    bathtubs and spas!
      Sometimes, we enjoy a
    getaway and pampering even though we RV travel.
    If you know where your RV family member or friend is going to be, check
    out that area and find a reputable one.
    Then TELL them to GO.  Pair it
    with a nice restaurant and they will love you forever…and more!
  • Motor Carriers
    Trucker’s Atlas
    – these are a must, even if we have a GPS.  We check these for bridge clearance
      Generally speaking, the bigger we
    are (RV’s that is…), we are more apt to travel roads and highways that truckers

  • RV & Travel Club
    – always check with your RVing family member or friend to see
    which ones they have.
      Even if you don’t
    buy one, perhaps put cash in an envelope and say ‘this is for your Escapees
      It’s a thoughtful and
    practical gesture.
      Check out CoachNet, Escapees,
    Harvest Hosts, Good Sam, Passport America, AAA, etc.

  • Restaurant Gift Cards
    – like we mentioned, national chain restaurants are awesome, but please not
    McDonald’s or Burger King.
      Try for
    something healthier because we admit, we get caught up in eating local foods and
    most times, they are not exactly the healthiest.
  • Gas Gift Cards
    we ALWAYS need fuel! But please, make certain the fuel stations you pick have
    diesel in most places.
      That’s what most full-time
    RVers use for diesel trucks and motorhomes.
  • Home Depot/Lowes/BedBath
    & Beyond Gift Cards
    – we always are fixing something. We may need a
    certain tool or supplies.
      They also sell
    holiday decorations, grills and grill parts, outdoor furniture, patio rugs, plants,
    cabinet knobs, cleaning supplies, etc.
    SO much better than Walmart (humor
      We also like to change out our
    towels and bedding.
      Great for cooking
    tools too!
Gift Cards GALORE!!  Always check if there are expiration dates.

The list doesn’t end here though.  We are sure that there are probably a hundred…or
a thousand…or million other things that RVers would love to get as a gift. 
Things to keep in mind when shopping for your RVing friend
or family member; 
RV’s and Campers are small. 
We have limited storage space so keep that in mind when shopping.
  1. ASK what they would like. 
    You might get them something they already have or tried and it didn’t
    work for them or their RV lifestyle.
  2. Always include the receipt. 
    Ask the retailer if your gift can be returned at a different location as
    we travel around.
  3. Ask if gift cards have expiration dates.  Perhaps your RVer won’t be at that RV resort,
    or city until a year from now.
  4. If you get anything personalized, make certain you get the
    names and hometowns/state correct spelling (for signs, banners, flags…).  

So, if you’re reading this, whether you’re an RVer or a
family/friend of an RV’er, we hope this helps. 
Sometimes asking what they/we would like gets you the standard
“I don’t care” or “whatever you’d like” but really, it’s about what the RVer in your
life would like.  Holiday gift giving
should be FUN…for both of you!

Happy Holiday Shopping!  

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