Branding RVs and Why

Traditionally, naming seagoing vessels was a way to identify and communicate with each other. When two ships would come into close contact, a sailor on watch would put his long glass up to his eye to read the name on the ship’s stern to read the name of the vessel.

What started as a nautical tradition has gone hard aground and meandered it’s way to RVs. However, now it’s called ‘branding’.

Today, it’s common to drive into a campground or RV park to see names that owners have given their RVs. Or, when you’re perusing social media, you’ll notice some pretty interesting phrases or names given not necessarily to their RVs but as their mantra.

Why ‘Always On Liberty’?

Originally, when we first started our RV endeavors, we were parked at a local state park campground in Kentucky waiting for our home to sell. We moved all of what belongings we wanted and stowed them in our RV. There were many campfires that we chatted over a bourbon on the rocks or a glass of vino pinging off of each other some ideas of what our name or mantra was to be.

It didn’t take long for ‘Liberty’ to come rolling off our tongues like mermaids singing. It sounded cool and hip and liberating. Liberty is another word for freedom and that’s exactly what we were about to embark on. So, instantly, our former Heartland Cyclone Toyhauler took on the persona of Lady Liberty, but not in the same fashion as the tall green lady in New York Harbor. Our Liberty was personal.  She was now our new life blood.

In the Maritimes, ships were identified as M/V meaning ‘motor vessel’ or S/V meaning ‘sailing vessel’, so we deamed our land yacht “RV Liberty”…RV meaning ‘road vessel’. We were excited and eager to set up our Facebook page and blog and away we went.

Houston, we have a problem!

We quickly learned RV Liberty dot com website was taken by *gasp*…ANOTHER RVer, even though our formerly named  “RV Liberty”  Facebook page was already set up.  We were perplexed what to do next.  We were already established on social media however, the rest of our stars weren’t aligning.

Back to more campfires and more bourbon on ice and vino.

Then it hit us!

In the Coast Guard and the Navy, ‘Liberty’ is another word for ‘time off’ aside from taking leave.  Oftentimes, liberty was for several hours up to a four day weekend. During our tenures, there always seemed to be a guy who was ‘always on liberty’ and never at work.  We loathed those guys. We wanted to be them.  So that’s how we became ‘Always On Liberty’.

Other cool brands we associate with…

Since, we’ve noticed quite a few of our RV friends have their names on the backs of their rigs too; kind of like an identifier I described at the beginning of this blog on ships.

In 2016, while we were at Fort Sam Houston Army Post FamCamp in San Antonio, I was trottin’ around the campground (sort of exercising) when I noticed their ‘brand’ on the back of their fifth wheel. Then the lightbulb came on. It was Emily and Tim Rohrer from OwnLessDoMore whom we’ve connected with vaguely on Facebook.

Shortly after connecting on social media, we got together and our connection grew stronger (something to do with understanding military family life?).  Since, we’ve met them several times on the road (psssst, they keep following us!!! LOL).  They have somewhat added to their bold “identifier” showcasing their own road name that’s decal’d on their Bighorn’s upper transom.

They too have a blog.  Now that we’ve become ‘RV Besties’, I can get away with sharing this story.  Check their daily posts on their OwnLessDoMore.US Facebook page.

What’s not to “Love”?

In January of 2017, we meandered our way over to Quartzsite, Arizona from Yuma for the XScapers Convergence.  We pull into what seemingly was a good site situated on the vast craggy desert.  Low and behold, who did we park near?  Julie and Marc Bennett of RVLove.  I instantly recognized their motorhome and of course, right up on their windshield was their brand.

Up until then, we had only conversed and networked with them also through social media. I won’t share how they decided on their RV road name; that’s their own story but it is quite cute and humorous.

Since meeting at the Q, we’ve become good friends with this Aussie/American couple. We helped with a video or two and met a couple times for dinner. Marc and Julie, though on a similar path as ourselves, have been instrumental to our success as bloggers.  Today, they have their own online RV Success School for those yearning to hit the road.  You can also check out their RVLove YouTube Channel.


Our someday is now…

Later that summer, while we were parked at a campground in Elkhart, Indiana, I step out of our truck to do something and I noticed the stern of a gleaming silver bullet Airstream Our Someday Is Now  across the roadway from us.

Now, I’ve never met these people in my life; in person or online so I log onto Facebook and messaged them ‘pssssst, we see you…we’re right behind you!’  like some stalkers.

Quickly, I receive a response back, ‘OMG, it’s Always On Liberty!’ 

We invited Nancy and Paul over for some five o’clock somewheres and to chat.   It was hard not to like them because they have two adorable Corgis: Macy and Jake. You can keep up with their RV life on their Facebook page Our Someday Is Now.

Triple D…

A week later after meeting Our Someday is Now, Paul and Nancy in Elkhart, Indiana, I was pacing-to-the-80’s speed walking and stopped dead in my tracks at a particular campsite.

While catching my breath, I stumbled closer to their Nissan SUV because I recognized the road name decals Drive Dive Devour!  It was just only two weeks prior that I spoke to Brandon and Kerensa on the phone about their visit to Kentucky since we were so familiar with the area as they were organizing an Xscapers convergence there.

Up until now, we’ve only corresponded with through Facebook and followed their blog.

Finally, I grab my sweaty nerve up, making myself look a little more presentable by stuffing my stray hairs under my redneck ballcap, pushing my movie star sunglasses up on the bridge of my nose and courageously knocked on their door.  A big bearded dude came to the door looking surprised when I said, ‘hey Brandon, how’s it going’?  He had NO IDEA who I was; giving me the who-the-heck-are-you look until I said “Dude! Always On Liberty?  Lisa?  Dan?”

We became instant friends and we had a couple of our own private convergences while they were in town.

BTW, don’t let Brandon’s size fool ya!  He’s a really nice guy and very knowledgeable about ‘everything RVing’!  Kerensa is cuter than cute and knows her way around RVing as well!  They have quite a Facebook following on their page RV to Freedom helping young and old learn about RVing, how to live in an RV and where to find some good camping and RV parking.

Branding make connections easier…

Those are just a few that we’ve met simply recognizing their brands or road names.  It’s awesome putting faces with names and end up sharing our life stories and future plans.  It’s a fun way to identify and be identified on the road, in campsites or on social media.  So, when you get your own RV or camper, what are you going to name it?

Next time you’re rolling down the road or highway and you see our RVs with our road names, look all of us up!  Give us a shoutout on our Instagrams and Facebooks!  We love hearing from our followers and fans!

Where can you get ‘your brand’ decals?

If you are interested in getting your own decals made at great prices, check out these RVers, Mark and Linda Comer, who do this in their own RV!  We met them at the Heartland Owners Club North American Rally. They designed our decals for both Liberty and our dually too. Tell them Always On Liberty sent ya!




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  1. Great article Lisa! Really enjoyed reading it – and thanks for the shout out! It's been so fun meeting and spending time with you guys! Until we meet again…Julie & Marc (aka xoxo

    1. Hi Julie and Marc, as always, it’s great to see you guys interact with us. Looking forward to seeing you this year with the RV Nomads movie documentary and NomadFEST! Be safe on the road. Love you guys!

  2. Fun story and fun fellow RV'ers. We weren't in the military but understand the feeling of Liberty. Going to school our favorite time was recess 🙂 Jeff and Deb aka Rollingrecess 😉

    1. Hi Jeff and Deb, sorry it’s taken so long to get back with you. Ha! #rvlife We’re glad you enjoyed our blog. We look forward to seeing you guys on the road. Enjoy your recess!

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