Camp, Park & Resort Reviews


A little about our reviews on Campgrounds, RV Parks and RV Resorts.  We rate on a 5 star scale; 1 star being lowest and 5 star being highest.  How we rate them is based on their utilities (hookups), spacing, paved vs. dirt/grass, levelness, site size, maneuverability, cleanliness, friendliness and accommodating staff.  We may add additional notes explaining our ratings and reviews.  We try to be fair in appreciating the economy of the location, number of years established, local state and federal laws, and our RV requirements.  Please note that our requirements and wishes may differ from yours. These are solely ‘our’ opinions but we try to be fair with honesty. 

For those listed with 2015, we parked our 44′ 5th wheel toyhauler with access from the back of the coach for our motorcycles and our extended cab RAM Dually.  For those listed with 2016, we parked our 41′ 5″ 5th wheel and our extended cab RAM Dually.  For the most part, we research ahead of time using like-minded and like-requirements RVers recommendations, using Google Earth for topography and obstacles and our Rand McNally RV GPS.  

Be aware that the military campgrounds that we stay at are not ‘public’.  They are a privilege afforded to Active Duty, Disabled and Retired Veterans, DOD employees and may include separate allocations listed on their own MWR information.  All military campgrounds are mostly located ‘on post/base’ and we are subject to search for firearms, weapons and other contraband not permitted at entrance.  Military ID cards are required for all entrances. 

Taylorsville Lake State Park Campground – KENTUCKY (Louisville) 2014

Two Rivers Campground – TENNESSEE (Nashville) 2014

Bay Palms RV Resort – ALABAMA (Mobile) 2014-15

Red Stone Arsenal – ALABAMA (military) (Huntsville) 2014

Gunter-Maxwell AFB FamCamp – ALABAMA (military) (Montgomery) 2014

Live Oak Landing – FLORIDA (Freeport) 2015

Fort Benning Uchee Creek Campground – GEORGIA/ALABAMA (military only) 2015

Ivy Acres Lodge & RV Park – SOUTH CAROLINA  (Piedmont) 2015

Pocahontas State Park – VIRGINIA (Chesterfield) 2015

Navy Weapons Station Cheatham Annex – VIRGINIA (military) (Williamsburg) 2015

Fort Belvoir Travel Camp Campground – VIRGINIA (military) (Alexandria) 2015

Artillery Ridge Campground – PENNSYLVANIA (Gettysburg) 2015

Tompkins COE Campground – PENNSYLVANIA (Tioga) 2015

Ives Run COE Campground – PENNSYLVANIA (Tioga) 2015

Fort Robinson State Park – NEBRASKA (Crawford) 2015

Tomahawk RV Park – NEBRASKA (Broken Bow) 2015

Robidoux RV Park – NEBRASKA (Gering) 2015

Jefferson County Fairgrounds – COLORADO (Golden) 2015

U.S. Air Force Academy Pinegren Pines – COLORADO (military) (Colorado Springs) 2015

Haggard’s RV Park – COLORADO (Pueblo) 2015

Santa Fe Skies – NEW MEXICO (Santa Fe) 2015

Oasis RV Resort – TEXAS (Amarillo) 2015

Sunset RV Resort – TEXAS (Austin) 2015

Suni Sands RV Resort – ARIZONA (Yuma) 2018


Dyess AFB – TEXAS (military) (Abilene) 2015 

Galveston Island RV Resort – TEXAS (Galveston) 2015 & 2016

NAS Corpus Christi – TEXAS (military) (Corpus Christi) 2015

Alsation RV Resort – TEXAS (San Antonio) 2015-16