Alsation RV Resort – TEXAS (San Antonio) 2015-16


Campground/RV Park: Alsation RV & Golf Resort
Location: 1581 Co Rd 4516, Castroville, TX 78009
Phone:  (830) 931-9190
Date(s) Stayed: 11/1/15 to 2/29/15  and 4/1/16 to 5/13/16
Length of Stay: 4+ months
Site #: 209 & 204
Cost per night (with taxes): $610/month + Electricity
Discount Used:  Online Special
Connections: 50 amp FHU’s
Stars:  2.75

This is one of those where an advertisement and photos tell you one thing and you get another. Alsation RV Resort boasts themselves as being a 10-10-10 Resort HOWEVER……

If you visit the website, it shows photos of gorgeous grounds, sites and boasts of an onsite restaurant, golf course, spa services, casitas, pavilion, pool and hot tub.  Its appeal to adults is what we were looking for wintering over.  We were SO EXCITED that we found them; they advertised a winter special on one of the RVer facebook pages which enticed us to book with them.

Their amenities listed on their website are as follows.  We will make our assessments beside each one in (parenthesis).  We strongly encourage our followers to please read through all of our comments beside each bullet.  Eye opening.  Again, website and photos can be quite deceiving.

  • 9 Luxury Casitas (these are designed for Class A’s only because of the way they are situated.  You drive your Class A in; head first.  Backing a 5th wheel simply won’t work because of the design.  They are only a small building with a shower/commode, and closet inside.  No room for bed, futon or sofa bed.  No sleeping inside them.  They each have an outdoor covered patio and kitchen that looks out to the golf course.  Each comes with a grill.  They are nice but again, no room for your guests.
  • 60 Over-sized RV sites – (they are paved, ample spaced and staggered so when parked, you’re really not looking in your neighbor’s windows.  Each site is long with a nice half round patio with a small table and chairs.  We fit nicely with a 42′ fifth wheel and dually.  Even had room for our motorcycle.)
  • 30 and 50 amp hookups (no problems)
  • Full Restaurant & Bar (this is the hard part.  They are only open Thurs, Fri and Saturday evenings and they close at 10 pm.  Their service leaves much to be desired.  Their timing of food delivery to the tables needs serious training.  The kitchen needs to get it together and work on getting each table’s orders out at the same time.  The food is bland and plain.  They are notorious for running out of certain dishes.  The wait staff needs to work on their timing and attention to their tables.  We’ve gone a total of three times and each of those, we’ve had to wait a long time, had to ask for refills or even our check.  They barely checked on us during our meals.  The Hideaway Restaurant desperately needs help in all facets of restaurant and bar management.  Running out of Miller Lite draft beer on a Friday at 6pm is unacceptable.  We were forced to pay more for their foreign draught because they ran out of domestic.)
  • Giant Infinity Pool (Never swam in it, so we can’t give a review on this part.  It was too cold to swim most times.  However, it was appealing aesthetically.  It should be a heated pool at a ‘resort’)
  • Large hot tub  (Never used it.  A couple times it was broken.  Oftentimes, you’d see children using it.  Personally, we don’t think children under the age of 16 should be using them.  Adults only, please, especially in the evenings!)
  • Large Event Pavilion – (absolutely beautiful however, management never uncovered the chairs and tables for guest to sit out on nice warm days.  They were often pushed into a corner always covered unless there was a private event going on during the weekends).
  • 18 Hole Golf Course (never used it; no review)
  • Clubhouse (never used it; no review)
  • On-site Laundry Facilities (when we got there, they only had 2 washers and 2 dryers.  After about 2.5 months into our 4 month stay, they put in more but then they raised the price of each. $3.50 per load.  It was cheaper and easier for us to take our soiled laundry to the town laundromat 3 miles away and do it all at once.)
  • Clean Restrooms (they were nice and clean except on weekends.  Honestly, I didn’t feel safe unless I locked the door to the outside. There were no shower doors to lock and when the door to the restrooms was opened, there was a bee-line view into the shower area.  There were no benches or chairs to sit on in the ladies room.  The building was at the very end of the park and not centrally located like it should have been.)
  • Plenty of Parking (yes!  If you have guests, there’s a parking lot close to one side of the Resort near the pavilion and restaurant.)
  • Resort Activities (NONE!!!  Our BIGGEST complaint!  At first, one of the ladies started a Wednesday morning coffee for the ladies however, that fizzled out.  There also was a yoda/aerobics class twice or three times a week from one of the other RV’ers when they got there but was short-lived because they left. They did have a Holiday Party/Potluck however, we couldn’t go because of a conflict of obligation we had elsewhere.  There were no games, bingos, cornhole, pickle ball, weekly potlucks, community campfires, etc.  We were told when making reservations that there would be tons of activities.  We were so disappointed.  They need to hire a serious Activities Director.)
  • RV Rally Meeting Areas (Where?  Their pavilion that was never tended to or allowed resort guests to use?  Their overpriced, poor service cheesy restaurant/bar?)
  • Friendly & experienced staff (the ONE THING that kept us from moving was the office manager “CHASITY” who administratively ran the entire resort.  She always was cordial and friendly; eager to accommodate guests needs and wishes.  She truly tried.  The place will deteriorate when she leaves.  In the later part of our stay, “Mike” the maintenance person was great as well.  However, he was hired after the fact and needed much before.  The month he was hired while we were there, he was fantastic! )


First, we saw no interaction or visibility of owners/management; ANY of them.  Not one came to shake hands, thank their patrons, ask if everything’s alright, ask for input, etc.  They were nothing but so-called ‘business man in suits’ trying to manage an RV park/resort with no hospitality mindedness.  If they would be more interactive with their guests, they would find they are doing it all wrong.

Free WiFi??  WHAT WiFi???  Neither AT&T nor Verizon worked well there.  What ‘free’ WiFi they boasted having, was almost nonexistent.  When we left, they were supposedly working on it.

One of our pet peeves is lack of rule enforcement.  Resort owner’s family and friends, employees’ and guests’ children riding their bikes and running between sites on the grass.  This was supposed to be a respectable ‘Resort’, not a daycare or playground.  Also, it stated as one of the rules that one had to be 16 to operate a golf cart however, one of the owner’s family’s kid (was about 10) was full throttle on their personal golf cart all hours of the days and nights; oftentimes going way too fast for conditions and resort speed limit without headlights.   If there was a problem or issue, there was no one to report to or take care of them.  We felt we were on our own.  Too many lack of enforcement issues to list.

Guests are not permitted to take their own beverages to the pool.  We paid dearly to be guests of the RV ‘Resort’ but couldn’t take our own beverages??  They want you to purchase from the Hideaway Restaurant/Bar however, they are only open Thurs, Fri and Sat evenings.  We’re not paying $4 for a beer while we at the pool.  Sorry.  Guest who stay at RV Resort should be allowed to bring their own.  Their excuse?  ABC laws because the restaurant/bar is right there.  If this is the case, lower the prices on their beverages.  At least have pitchers of ice water on the tables.

The Resort has a small room gym area consisting of a treadmill, eliptical and universal weight machine.  There were very vague instructions for any of the machines; small pictures on the machine how to even use the intimidating sized universal weight machine. It was very limiting considering the size of machine.  The average person would need a stool to stand on to change the gear.  Because the gym room is located inside the building, it was only available for use 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. during business hours.   We wanted to use it early mornings and couldn’t.  It was locked when the employees went home for the day.  Poorly located.  

Guests for the most part cleaned up after their pets; always a few though who are careless.  There is a dog walk area however, I’ve heard several dog owners don’t use it because its not mowed and there are snakes.  Some honored the leash requirement, some didn’t.  Some would leave their dogs unattended in their RV’s for the day barking.  No one to report the nuisance to.  

Landscaping…we realize we ‘wintered over’ during the winter months but they totally let the landscaping go; huge unsightly weeds took over the grounds between and around each site.  Hopefully, the new maintenance person can get a hold of what was let go.

The trash dumpsters were not large enough for the amount of trash from 60 sites.  They only scheduled once a week dumpster pickup.  By the third day, the dumpsters were overflowing with trash.  It was horribly unsightly and smelly.  The second time we stayed, they arranged for biweekly pickup which was an improvement.

Would we stay here again?  The price vs. the LACK OF services, accommodations and ‘resort type’ amenities will keep us away.  It might ‘look’ like a ‘resort’ however, it didn’t have the reputation to boast the title of ‘resort’.  It was merely a place to park our RV for the winter for an over inflated price ($610 + $100 electric approx). We feel like this is a ‘bait and switch’ operation.  The management needs to seriously get on board and recognize this.  Alsation RV Resort COULD BE a fantastic winter-over fun RESORT for RVers.   Its a BEAUTIFUL facility but business side is ugly.  However, through word of mouth of so many, it has a lot to be desired for them…or us…to return.

Sunset RV Resort – TEXAS (Austin) 2015


Campground/RV Park: Sunset RV Resort
Location: 16910 Hamilton Pool Road, Austin, TX  78738
(512) 632-RVRV
Date(s) Stayed: 9/27/15 to 9/30/15
Length of Stay: 3 days
Site #: 
Cost per night (with taxes): $35/night
Discount Used:  10% Good Sam
Connections: 50 amp FHU’s
Stars:  1.0
Oh dear, where do we start with this one?  We made reservations for this ‘resort’ three months prior on the phone.  The staff was pleasant on the phone.  Unfortunately, for time of year, this was our last ditch effort to find someplace to park our 43′ Toyhauler 5th wheel near Austin, Texas.  We left from Abilene and called to tell the office we were enroute and when to expect us.  Lisa rode her motorcycle while Dan pulled our 5th wheel since it was a nice warm day.  The directions taking us there were spot on however, once we got on Hamilton Pool Road, we almost overshot the entrance due to the size of the sign (it was tiny!). The roads leading to our site were washed out and needed severe repair (ruts and potholes).  We noticed most of the RV’s that were there were homesteaders.  Dan arrived before I did and was just as frustrated as when I got there to see how the heck we were going to fit into the site.   We made certain in our reservation phone call prior that they knew our size requirements; that we needed a pull through because we needed to load our motorcycle onto the ramp to load into the garage of our toyhauler.  Not only was our site length inadequate, it was also the most horrible to maneuver not to mention, not level.  Our site was the last one in the row of pull-throughs (which happened to be the shortest).  They should have never put us up there.  Our ramp door blocked the roadway when we had to load and unload the motorcycle.  
The site next to us outside our door was vacated when we got there and smelled from dog crap everywhere; literally right outside our steps.  We called management; they took care of it the next day.  It would have been nice to have it done earlier; we couldn’t even cook or sit outside on our own site because of the smell.  Obviously, from noting the amount of dog crap there was, the previous site tenants must have been there for awhile.  Why didn’t the ‘resort’ owners or camp host not notice this?  It truly smelled ‘that bad’!  We only saw, in our 3 day stay, only one person; the camp host in his golf cart who was seemingly very busy.
We were so dismayed by the condition of the campground and our site.  I say ‘CAMPGROUND; because this surely was not a ‘Resort’.  The bathhouse and laundry facility was ‘fair’ at best.  We chose not to use either.  We made due as we were tired.  This drew a bad taste for us; we didn’t even really venture out to visit Austin other than to restock our galley stores.  We stayed inside and caught up on our sleep.  Truly, we couldn’t leave there fast enough…but we couldn’t.  The day we were to leave, we had to really figure out how to navigate and maneuver our rig to get it out.  This was not a true pull through because of the site size and the narrowness of the road to pull out of.  We had to back out of our site, trying to avoid the dumpsters and trees to go out the way we came in.
We will NOT be returning to this so-called ‘Resort’.  It did not fit the description of what an RV ‘Resort’ is.  It was also NOT, for the most part, ‘big rig friendly’.  

RV PARK REVIEW: Oasis RV Resort – TEXAS (Amarillo)


Campground/RV Park: Oasis RV Resort – TEXAS (Amarillo)

Location: 2715 Arnot Road, Amarillo, TX 79124  (888) 789-9697
Date(s) Stayed: 9/25/15 – 9/29/15
Length of Stay: 5 days
Site #: 41 (Pull Through)
Cost per night (with taxes): $31.85/night
Discount Used:  10% Good Sam
Connections: 50 amp FHU’s
Stars:  4.75

Oasis RV Resort was recommended to us by another RV’er but we didn’t realize the extent of their recommendation. Its been rated as one of five top RV Destinations in Texas.  We made a reservation a month prior.  This RV ‘Resort’ is beautiful! 
Oasis RV Resort is located west of Amarillo and is easily accessible from I-40 (exit 60) and only 2 miles from Cadillac Ranch on the Service Road.    Campground signs signify a mile from the exit; as well, a huge billboard showing their location (lit up at night!). Love’s Truck/Travel is right at the exit for easy fueling before you park or on your way out.

This very manicured RV Resort has 188 concrete/asphalt level, ample spaced sites; 147 are long Big Rig friendly pull-throughs.  Large chipstone islands between each site instead of grass; however beautifully manicured gardens and grass in common areas.  Check-in procedure was fast and friendly.  We arrived at 3:00pm with no waiting.    

Accurately quoted from Oasis RV Resort website:

During your stay with us you will enjoy:
  • 188 full service RV sites featuring 147 pull-thrus all on paved roads to guarantee level pads
  • Private picnic patio, 20/30/50 amp electricity and cable TV at every pedestal
  • On site Storm Shelters
  • Free High Speed Wi-Fi
  • Free Cable TV, over 20 Channels
  • Heated outdoor pool. (seasonal)
  • 2 heated spas, one adult only (seasonal)
  • Exercise Room
  • On site full service propane
  • Ice available
  • Pet friendly resort with newly constructed dog run
  • Sparkling clean private showers and bathrooms
  • Playground, BBQ Grills, Horseshoe pits, games and activities
  • Delicious Pizzas and Wings made to order at our Pizza Cafe every evening
  • Charming gift shop
  • Adjacent to a full service LOVES Travel Stop
  • Horse & Medical facilities nearby
  • Just steps away from the world famous Cadillac Ranch
  • Close to food & fine restaurants and Amarillo’s Westgate Mall
  • Free Limo Service to The Big Texan Ranch Steakhouse
  • Clubhouse available for special events

We LOVED this RV Resort!!  It, so far, has been our favorite in 2015!   So much to do nearby!  We spent a couple evenings enjoying their adult heated spa.

This RV Resort earned our 4.75 stars (out of 5).  The only thing missing is an adult beverage area (clubhouse) open at least weekend evenings.  Also, the pool could have been open a couple more weeks as it is still quite warm outside.  Campfires are not allowed; even propane firepits.

LOVE the fact that they honor Active Duty Military with their first night stay for FREE! 

We put this HIGH on our list of returns!  Love this Resort!

RV PARK REVIEW: Santa Fe Skies – NEW MEXICO (Santa Fe)


Campground/RV Park: Santa Fe Skies RV Park
Location: 14 Browncastle Ranch, Santa Fe, NM     (877) 565-0451 or (505) 473-5946
Date(s) Stayed: 9/21/15 – 9/24/15
Length of Stay: 3 days
Site #: Aster 5 (Pull Through)
Cost per night (with taxes): $43/night
Discount Used:  10% Good Sam
Connections: 50 amp FHU’s
Stars:  2.0

Santa Fe Skies RV Park is located on the Turquoise Trail at I-25 & NM 14/599.  Beautiful sunsets, close approximity to Santa Fe and eateries is right around the corner.  While we were there, we visited the Miraculous Staircase at Loretto Chapel and Cathedral Basillica of St. Francis of Asisisi as well as enjoyed window shopping in the Santa Fe Plaza downtown.

We checked in approximately 4:00pm; we were the only RVers checking in at the time.  The young man cashier was not very pleasant and not very helpful.  He just handed us the park map, rules and was more interested in other things.  He didn’t let us know about the club house and what it had to offer.  The campground is terraced with approximately 90 FHU sites.  The entrance is a bit tight for big rigs.  Check in is at the large building on the right; there’s also a clubhouseand small souvenier shop.  The laundry was small and not adequate for how many sites there are. 

Each site is terraced on gravel with concrete pads equipped with a picnic table.  Sites are tight and mostly not level; had to use several blocks.  We had a hooking and unhooking issue because of it.  Other than grills, no open fires are permitted.  The roads/aisles are narrow.  There are some permanent campers but they are in another area of the park.  Free WiFi is located in the clubhouse and only during office hours. Propane is available for sale at the park.  Groceries, shopping, restaurants and fuel is fairly close by.  RV’ers are responsible for taking their own trash to the dumpster at the park entrance.  

Santa Fe Skies is a dog friendly park; there is a dog park and a 3/4 mile walking trail.  Do not let small dogs or cats outside; they could end up as Coyote snacks.  It can get quite windy at the park, they recommend not leaving awnings out while you are away from your RV. 

We rated this park at 2 stars because of the lack of hospitality, maneuverbility and leveling difficulty for big rigs, very close approximity to neighboring coaches and inadequacy of laundry facilities per amount of RVers; also because there WiFi only available in the clubhouse.   If we visit New Mexico again, we may look elsewhere. 

RV PARK REVIEW: Haggard’s RV Park – COLORADO (Pueblo)


Campground/RV Park: Haggard’s RV Campground
Location: 7910 W Hwy 50, Pueblo West, CO  81007  (719) 547-2101


Date(s) Stayed: 9/9/15 – 9/21/15
Length of Stay: 2 weeks
Site #: E8 (Pull-Through)
Cost per night (with taxes): $297/week.  $27-37/week
Discount Used:  10% Good Sam
Connections: 50 amp Electric/Water and Dump Station
Stars:  3.5

Haggard’s RV Campground is set back from highway 50 in West Pueblo. What a wonderful and peaceful location to enjoy sunsets and Daisy, the horse in the pasture.  This campground, under new management, is a diamond in the rough.  You can see their progress everyday!  The owners work hard daily to try to get the campground up to exceptional standards.  They are very personable, kind and very accomodating.  
You can make a reservation and/or walk-ins are more than welcome.  During working hours, the owners may be out of the office but on the campground; usually a phone number is posted on the door if you need to speak with them.

Sites are fairly level dirt packed and are alittle tightly spaced but not bad. There are some long-term campers onsite but they are quiet and keep to themselves.    The campground is equipped with a clean laundry room, showers, rest rooms, free WiFi and lots of good open air.

Haggard’s RV Campground is working diligently at getting their inground pool in service for the 2016 season.  There is a children’s playground.  Anyone under the age of 18 must be supervised at all times.  Pets are welcome; must be kept leashed at all times, not left alone or tied outside the camper/RV.  There is a large fenced dog playing area for dog owners to allow their pups to run freely.  Dog owners MUST pick up after their dogs and not allow them to do their business on grassy areas between sites or common spaces. 

Be aware and this is NOT the fault of the campground or the owners but the WIND BLOWS often, so be cautious if hanging lawn ornaments, flags, whirlygigs, etc.  Fire pits must be approved by management and be aware of fire bans. Also, be aware, the campsite is on well water.  It is wise to run water prior to hooking up and a filter is recomended.
This campground disallows RV/Vehicle washing, clotheslines and storing under RVs.  Only 2 vehicles permitted at each campsite.  

Cool places to visit:  Downtown Pueblo Antique stores and Riverwalk, Bishop’s Castle, Royal Gorge, Cripple Creek, etc.

This is a great campground for short or long stays.  The fresh air and open range breezes are nice and the sunsets over the mountains are spectacular!!  We plan on returning again.  

CAMPGROUND REVIEW: U.S. Air Force Academy – COLORADO (military only) (Colorado Springs)


Campground/RV Park: U.S. Air Force Academy Peregrine Pines FamCamp (military only or must be military-sponsored)
Location: USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO   (719) 333-4980
Date(s) Stayed: 8/20/15 – 9/9/15
Length of Stay: 16 days
Site #: 80 (Pull-Through)
Cost per night (with taxes): $23 day
Discount Used:  None
Connections: 50 amp FHU’s
Stars:  3.5

U.S. Air Force Academy Peregrine Pines FamCamp is located on the Air Force base and easy to get to off of I-25 exit 156.  When you get to the gate, be aware of swervy curved entrance to the base.  Military ID cards are mandatory.  There is another entrance after the main entrance which may or may not be manned.  The campground is approximately 8 miles from the main gate.  There is no diesel fuel on the base so plan accordingly for your vehicle/RV fill-ups.  Base MP’s made regular security rounds.  

Reservations are accepted 60 days prior (90 days for Active Duty) and are only for 30 days maximum.  Only ‘per night’ fees charged; no weekly or monthly rate(s).  Winter Long Term Rates available; call office for info.

The campground is located in the woods under many pine trees.  Sites are sandy dirt with some grass if you’re lucky. We had to relevel twice after rain and settling because the surface is soft.  Most of the sites are shady and ample spaced however, the layout of the campground is odd.  Its difficult to figure out what is a road and what is a site.  Maneuvering is somewhat a challenge for big rigs because of all the trees.  The site map shows sites 41-105 are 50 amp and sites 1-40 are 30amp sites.  The laundry and bath houses were clean and tidy.  

There is a large picnic pavilion facility right before entrance to the campground.  Its busy on weekends during the warm months for private parties/organizations.

Things to be aware of:  

Do not leave ANY food out; there have been reports of bears and mountain lions in the area.  Do not leave your dogs or cats out and make noise if walking the campground at night.  There are dumpsters with secure closures within walking distances to sites.  

Personal fire pits must be approved by the camp staff/host.  They have fire pits to rent at $5/day.  No clotheslines permitted.  No more than 2 vehicles allowed per campsite.  Quiet hours are 10:00pm-7:00am.

Pine pitch on lateral surfaces (ie. picnic tables, roof, slide roof, awnings, etc.  We have sat on it from the picnic table benches and ruined two pair of nice shorts.  We advise not to leave your camp chairs or valuables out where pine pitch may fall.  

The TRAINS!!!  It seems they love to blow their horns during sleeping hours. We were told its to alert wildlife away from the tracks.  We were there for two weeks and never slept well because.  The tracks are close to the northern side of the campground.  We didn’t sleep very well with the windows open.

All in all, its a great family campground.  The price is great compared to campgrounds in the Colorado Springs area.  We love how respectful people are at military post campgrounds because of accountability.  We would definitely stay again but for short stays.