The Forest Knows Their Names…

“The forest knows their names and so will we.” – Always On Liberty 

The mountains were shielded with a smokey sheer curtain. The smell of ash and burning wood permeated the air for miles in the Salmon Challis National Forest. Trucks and fire apparatus from different states filled small pull-off areas on the roadways. Smoke-stained yellow shirted gruff men with visibly charcoaled faces were seen napping on the ground or eating sandwiches around their vehicles. It was like something we’d seen in a movie.

Like meteorologists name hurricanes and cyclones, FEMA names the fires. This forest fire was burning so close to us was called the Comet Fire.

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2 Horrible Reasons Why the American Bison Disappeared!

There’s been a few times through our travels that’s left us extremely emotional. I don’t mean emotional elation, awestruck, or amazement. I’m talking about emotional disbelief, anger and sadness. In this blog, we’ll tell you about one that painfully dug deep into our hearts and daggered our souls from a human standpoint but also our deep respect for the wild.

It’s our story about the ‘Fall of the American Bison’.

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