AquaTank II Water Bladder – Product Review

As RVers, we are on a continuous quest to make everything easier, less stressful and more fun for when we boondock.  The most important supply we need to have onboard Liberty is water. Hence, we needed to find a way to procure potable drinking water but also get it into our water tank without packing up everything and hitching up to drive to a water source.

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Water Conservation During Boondocking

In a recent ten-day stretch, we threw caution to the wind and decided to join in on the Escapee’s Xscapers QuartzsiteConvergence 2017.  We learned about this through networking with fellow RVers.  Approximately 70+ Campers and RV’ers rounded up in one location on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to boondock near Quartzsite, Arizona; boondocking…as in being self-contained…off the grid…no utilities.

Thinking we were well prepared, we’ve actually faced one of our toughest challenges not only as RV’ers but also as a married couple.

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