RV Maintenance Tip #2 – Air Conditioning Vents and Filters

If you think you can just buy an RV or camper and just go on your way, we hate to tell you that you’re wrong.  These manufactured boxes on wheels need continuous maintenance to last you a long time.  We have this arrangement that Dan would take care of all exterior maintenance and I would take care of interior the best we could.

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Waterless Wash Wax ALL – Product Review

During our travels, we are often asked how we keep Liberty so shiny and looking beautiful. We’ve had other RVers reach out and touch (we let them!) because her finish looks and feels smooth as glass. They are simply amazed the product uses no water and no ladder!

One of the major factors in deciding to purchase our Landmark 5th wheel was the gorgeous full body paint with a high gloss shine.  To keep Liberty looking pristine and showroom quality, we were destined to find products that would meet our standards.

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