Combating Moisture with Dehumidifiers – Product Review

Recently on a social media venue we frequent, we read about an RV owner who posted a photo of actual mushrooms growing inside their RV merely because of a damp blanket that was left on the floor for less than 72 hours while they were away one weekend.
Mushrooms!  Think about that!  Mushrooms grow in the woods, not in RVs!

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YELP – APP Review


Since beginning our travels, a fellow foodie friend told us about this cool free phone app called YELP.  It’s a participation app based on user reviews  geographically maps the user to area restaurants and businesses. All you have to do is download the free app on your mobile device and then click on one of the categories or type in the name of the establishment you want to find. Continue reading “YELP – APP Review”