Liberty and Crew

Liberty’s Compliment: 4

Captain, Engineer, Maintenance

Liberty’s Captain/Skipper Dan is also our Land Yacht’s mechanic and exterior caretaker. Even before ordering Liberty 1 (our Heartland Cyclone) in January of 2014, he’s delved himself into every possible RV repair website, manual, RV forum and facebook group; familiarizing himself with every aspect of what keeps RV Liberty warm and cozy; and its a good thing, because Lisa couldn’t find my way out of a toolbox. 

Now retired, Dan’s 30-year career Coast Guardsman has served him well in Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and multi-missions landing himself into prominent ranks of Chief Warrant Officer and positions of Officer in Charge and Commanding Officer.

Dan has integrated much of his meticulous organization, attention to detail and engineering skills to our RV life.  He’s our problem solver.  After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2010, he struggled with trying to find what “normal” was outside of his tenacious long-term military career.  He took on short stints of employment finally landing himself a position in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Law Enforcement Department.  

Though he loved his job, there was a magnetic yearning to see the Country he so eagerly served to protect.  In Dan’s spare time, he loves riding his Yamaha XT225 ADV motorcycle and hiking.  He is Liberty’s Mods & Maintenance contributor/blogger.

Navigator, Cook, Steward, Blogger, Public Affairs

Lisa, during Dan’s 30 year tenure in the Coast Guard, was the one who kept operations going on the homefront; managing every aspect of running a home.   Lisa’s responsibility as a full-time RVer now is the inside of the rig; cooking, cleaning, homemaking, decorating, bookkeeping and cat herding (see below!).  Since Lisa gave up a beautiful craft studio in their former ‘sticks and bricks’ (home), she now channels her creativity into mastering her culinary skills in her RV galley. 

Early on in our RV adventures, it was found out during our shakedown and road trials that she’s Liberty’s backer-upper; meaning when we get to our campsite, we switch seats.  She takes the helm while Dan takes command, giving her inch by inch direction of backing our 42′ 5th wheel with Idaho Tote into our spot.  

Lisa enjoys jewelry making, riding her Yamaha XT225 ADV motorcycle, hiking, trip planning, writing and our primary blogger.  She also blogs for various RV industry and community venues.

Krissie aka ‘Diva Cat’ 

(Tortie Maine Coon – born August 2008)
Mouser & Bug Control First Class

Kandi aka ‘Kandi Girl’
(Calico Maine Coon – born October 2010) 
Mouser & Vittles Tester Second Class

Our two ‘resident mousers’ are adorably fuzzy and pretty to look at but also have their own jobs on board Liberty. They are very social Maine Coon cats who love meeting people and dogs (through the screen door).  They are actual working cats; killing anything we don’t approve of (4,6 and 8 legs), alarm clocks and door greeters.  

So there’s the definition of our crew.  We compliment each other and each are a vital part of the excitement and energy of Liberty.

RV Liberty 

(2016 Heartland Landmark 365 “Ashland”)

 5th Wheel Recreational Vehicle

Our Heartland Landmark is luxury 5th wheel measuring total 41′ 6″ . The “365” indicates that the Landmark is a full-timers’ coach. She was an ‘all electric’ coach however, through the the years we’ve owned her, we’ve added and changed some boondocking capabilities (ie. gas cooktop, 990 watts solar package, gas oven, etc.).

Captain America 
(2014 Dodge Ram 3500 Heavy Duty DRW 4WD)


Liberty is pulled by our 2014 Ram Cummins Diesel Dually.  We named Captain America because he’s strong, sturdy and is our super hero on the road. His towing capacity rates at 30,000 pounds.  He’s equipped with a 24,000 pound CURT Q24 hitch system.