Liberty Crew

“A vessel is just a vessel until it meets the crew, then it becomes a living adventure”

-Always On Liberty

This is our ‘about US’ crew page so you can get to know who we are, where we come from and all that we entail.

Dan and Lisa met on the Coast Guard High Endurance Marine Law Enforcement Cutter they were both stationed on which was home-ported in Boston, Massachusetts. Two years after meeting and becoming good friends, they married in 1983 in a small Boston bedroom town. A year later, they became parents to their son, Dana. After Lisa’s first enlistment was completed, she re-enlisted in the Coast Guard Reserves; serving a combined total of nine years. They decided to keep one parent at home, thus, Lisa decided to leave after her successful Reserve duty. They’ve been stationed for the majority of their and Dan’s military tenures in New England.

Dana, his wife, Kelsi, and their little son, Declan live in Minneapolis, Minnesota,  where we now go to spend some summer time with them.



Captain, Engineer, Maintenance, Blogger, Trip Planner, Cat Daddy

Captain Dan is also our Land Yacht’s mechanic and exterior caretaker. Even before ordering Liberty 1 (our Heartland Cyclone) in January of 2014, he’s educated himself by reading almost every RV repair website, manual, RV forum and facebook group. He’s familiarized himself with every aspect of what keeps Liberty warm and cozy for our crew.

Dan, a 30-year career Coast Guardsman, has served conducting countless Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and multi-mission cases landing himself into prominent ranks of Chief Warrant Officer and positions of Officer in Charge and Commanding Officer. Countless lives have been saved attributed to his expertise in his fields. Dan was an integral part of one of the Cutters that searched for the Andrea Gale out of Gloucester, Massachusetts during the Perfect Storm. While stationed on that same Cutter, as a part of the crew, he was heavily involved in the Presidential Security of President George Bush Sr. Years later,  a year prior to 9/11, he became one of the Presidential Security Officers of Presidential George Bush Jr. at Walker’s Point in Kennebunkport, Maine. Following that tour, he then was selected to serve as Commanding Officer of Coast Guard Station Rockland in Maine. Following his successful commissioned tour, his final ‘put out to pasture’ assignment was in Louisville, Kentucky which closed his career in 2010.

Dan has integrated much of his meticulous organization, attention to detail and engineering skills learned from his military tenure to our RV lifestyle.  He’s our engineering problem solver. After his retirement from the Coast Guard in 2010, he struggled with trying to find what “normal” was outside of his tenacious long-term, active and operational military career.  He took on short stints of employment finally landing himself a position in the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Law Enforcement Department in Louisville, Kentucky.  

Though he loved his job, there was a yearning to see the Country he so eagerly served to protect and defend.  

Dan is the Mods & Maintenance and Product Reviews contributor for our Always On Liberty Blog.

Navigator, Cook, Steward, Blogger, Webmaster, Communications, Content Creator, RV Interior Design Consultant, Cat Mom

During Dan’s 30 year tenure in the Coast Guard, Lisa was the one who kept operations going on the homefront; managing every aspect of running a home, raising a young man as well as holding down several jobs to contribute to the household bank accounts. Now, Lisa’s responsibility as a full-time RVer is the minding the inside of the rig; cooking, cleaning, homemaking, decorating, bookkeeping and cat mom.  

Lisa channels her creativity by mastering her culinary skills in our RV galley, managing and creating content for our blog and handcrafting unique jewelry. She also is a content creator for Heartland RVs as well as writer/contributor for several other RV blogs and websites. Lisa also has found her creative calling consulting to RVers looking to update and personalize the interiors of their RVs. 

KRISSIE aka ‘Diva Cat, Pissy Krissie and Princess’ 

Tortie Maine Coon – born August 2008                                                  Mouser & Bug Control First Class

KANDI aka ‘Kandi Girl, KanKan, Popcorn and Precious’
(Calico Maine Coon – born October 2010) 
Mouser & Vittles Tester Second Class

Our two ‘resident mousers’ are adorably fuzzy and pretty to look at but also have their own jobs on board Liberty. They are very social Maine Coon cats who love meeting people and dogs (through the screen door).  They are actual working cats; killing anything we don’t approve of (4,6 and 8 legs), alarm clocks and door greeters. They don’t like snakes.  


So there’s our crew compliment and about us.  We are each are a vital part of the adventure, excitement and energy of where Captain American and Liberty takes us.

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