Grog & Grub

Throughout our travels, we enjoy dining and throwing a few back at the local establishments. While chain restaurants are okay in a pinch, the local joints are where it’s at. They have the best selections, more pronounced creative dishes, and they’re not so generic. These are our Grog and Grub reviews.

So, we’ve divided this section into two subsections:


These are our five o’clock somewheres but don’t let the timing fool you. We may hit these up in the early afternoon and/or late evenings too. They are our most notable pubs, taverns, wineries, wine bars, distilleries and breweries. They may be a two seat bar in a garden shed or a full-blown anti-prohibition zone with lots going on. We like them all!


These are places cool breakfast, lunch and dinner spots. They may be off-the-highway diners, city Drive-Ins, small town cafes, restaurants, lunch spots, food trucks, lunch carts, and everything in between. We may not necessarily want to have an adult beverage but it’s the food we’re after. If there’s a place like a brewery or winery, we’ll place that establishment in the GROG subsection as we’ll focus more on the brew tasting.

So, if you’re in any of the areas listed beside the links, you’ve got our stamp of approval and know they’ve met our expectations and more.