What Do Flamingos and Pineapples at Campgrounds Mean?

Upside Down Pineapples Swingers Flag

There’s a dirty little secret abounding in campgrounds and RV parks all across America! Rumors are flying that flamingos and pineapples at campgrounds are some secret code that some campers use to show a different kind of hospitality. But does that mean that Grandma’s retro garden flamingos and pineapple yard art mean she’s one of them?

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Best Fitness Gear for Those on the Go!

Fitness Gear - Resistance Bands Strength Training Outdoors

Don’t ever think you have to sacrifice your workouts and wellness for travel. You can still stay fit while roadtripping, camping or traveling around the country in your RV. By taking the best fitness gear and doing the right workout, you can maintain your exercise regime, strengthen muscles and burn off that pent up energy after a long ride. And, you can do it all without having to search for gyms or workout rooms.

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Why You Should Visit the Pentagon 9/11 Memorial

Americans will never forget the tragedy of September 11, 2001. During the attacks on the United States, terrorists overcame the crew of Flight 77; thus attacking the military defense hub of the United States killing 184. Now, decades later, Americans and foreign visitors go to Washington D.C. to remember and honor them by visiting the 9/11 Pentagon Memorial. But this isn’t just any stone memorial. There’s an impressive explanation and reason for the Pentagon Memorial’s design.

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12 Best New England Fall Festivals

New England Fall Festivals - Kids with Pumpkins

It’s time to break out the sweaters and boots and celebrate Autumn with your family by attending one of the many New England Fall Festivals! Enjoy seasonal wine tastings, seafood, hot cider and donuts while listening to live music in the park, cheering on your favorite tractor or voting for your favorite pie! These fairs and festivals are the perfect venues to enjoy the cool autumn harvest before the winter Nor’easters blow!

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Oasis RV Resort Amarillo – RV Park Info & Campground Review

Oasis RV Resort - Always On Liberty
Oasis RV Resort Amarillo is a great place to park your RV on Route 66 and explore fun things to do in Amarillo, Texas. Right off I-40 and close to Cadillac Ranch, the Big Texan State Ranch and Brewery, Palo Duro Canyon, and the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame and Museum! Oasis RV Resort claims itself as a top-rated RV & vacation cottage resort with RV sites and cottages for vacationers and travelers alike.

Why a Berkey Water Filter System is Perfect for RVs

Berkey Water Filter System - Always On Liberty

Traveling throughout the United States in an RV, the first thing we notice after hooking up to a campground water spigot is how awful the water tastes and smells. But also, other unknown water sources leave us in question of how safe the water really is. But, once we started using a Berkey Water Filter System, all of that changed!

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