Can You Camp at the Kentucky Derby?

Camping at the Kentucky Derby - Places to Camp in Louisville - Always On Liberty

You finally get to go to the Kentucky Derby to witness the fastest two minutes in worldwide sports! But instead of catching a flight and staying in some high price hotel, you’re taking your RV to the Kentucky Derby instead. But, now you’re wondering. “Can you actually camp at the Kentucky Derby just like a NASCAR race?” Well, you’re in for a big surprise that may or may not win you the roses!

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9 Common Cooler Mistakes that Cause Food to Spoil

Common Cooler Mistakes That Cause Food to Spoil - Always On Liberty Photo

Whether you go camping, on a fun road trip, or tailgating event, the cooler is the most important camping essential that you’ll take with you. However, nothing fun about getting to your destination only to find your food is not cold and is starting to spoil! However, these common cooler mistakes are easily correctible.

From buying, picking out the color to packing an ice chest and even the kind of ice you use all hinders whether or not your food will spoil. We’ll show you what NOT to do with your cooler.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park Itinerary




The 14-mile Theodore Roosevelt North Unit Scenic Byway provides the colorful North Dakota Badlands as a scenic backdrop with its sweeping vistas of one of the last remnants of wilderness in the Northern Great Plains. Theodore Roosevelt National Park memorializes the 26th President for his enduring contributions to the conservation of our natural resources. Visitors are provided a unique opportunity for wildlife viewing. In the park you will find open prairie, hardwood draws, bison, other wildlife, and the Little Missouri River.

The small Badlands town of Medora is the gateway to the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. But it is more than that; an Old West cowtown with horseback rides, modern museums, the state-of-the-art Burning Hills Amphitheatre, luxury lodging and primitive camping.

Visitors get their first real glimpse of the Badlands from the overlook at the Painted Canyon Visitor Center on Interstate 94, east of Medora. The canyon stretches as far as the eye can see into the rugged North Dakota Badlands.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Little Missouri National Grasslands

North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame

Medora Musical

Town of Medora


Useless Things You Should NOT Bring Camping!

Camping Gear Tent and Backpacks

When you go camping, there’s no plausible reason why you need to bring everything but the kitchen sink. Certain items that you may think are useful are actually not. And to boot, they may very well get you in serious trouble in the wild! So, we’ll show you some nonessential things you should not bring camping. In other words, leave ’em at home!

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Different Types of RVs to Consider When Buying an RV!

Different Type of RVs When Buying an RV - Always On Liberty

If you’re shopping for a new or used RV, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all the different types of RVs out there.

The awesome thing is there’s an RV for everyone but it all comes down to which type of RV will suit their needs, wants and wishes.

Whichever RV type you’re wishing for may not be the actual camper you end up buying! 

It will all come down to personal preference and what RV you and your family can make incredible bonding memories in that will last a lifetime.

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Best RV Heated Water Hose for Cold Weather Camping

Camco Heated Water Hose on RV

Winter camping in an RV is a fun adventure; especially in the snow. However, the fun quickly comes to an end when your water hose freezes solid and damages the RV’s plumbing and pipes. Without having to pack it all up and head home, you can still camp in freezing temperatures using a heated water hose. While we found the best RV heated water hoses, we also talk about how they work, when to use them and other alternatives to keeping your water running from your water source to your RV.

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13 Most Charming Towns in Florida to Explore!

Best Small Towns in Florida - Always On Liberty-2

When someone mentions visiting Florida, we often think of large cities such as Orlando, Tampa and Miami. However, if you enjoy the small town vibe, the Sunshine State has several rural communities that offer way more than pass-through, sleepy little town stereotypes. These charming small towns in Florida play host to snowbirds and visitors who are looking for less populated and quieter fun things to do and see! These hidden gems are tucked in quietly along Florida’s coastline and inland as well.

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Where Full-Time RVers Go to Celebrate Holidays

Where Full-Time RVers Go to Celebrate Holidays - Always On Liberty

As a full-time RVer and road traveler, one of the biggest challenges is where to celebrate the holidays. It can be a real struggle for full-time RVers who may be hundreds to even thousands of miles from family and friends. So, we’ve put together some expert advice from other full-time RVers regarding how and where they celebrate Christmas and other holidays. And guess what? Some of them don’t even involve “going home”!

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