Collapsible Food Prep and Storage for Small Kitchens

Collapsible Kitchen Storage - Produce Keeper
Kitchen cabinet storage space in RV’s and campers is a challenge to begin with. Finding a place to store your food prep and storage containers is practically nonexistent in even smaller RVs and vans. This is precisely the reason why we use collapsible food prep and storage products for our RV kitchen. We’ll show you how and what we use.

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10 Cool RV Interior Modifications in our Fifth Wheel

Light Globe Replacements

 Some RV manufacturers seem to have missed the mark on simple necessities such as paper towel and toilet paper holders in their motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers. So, after living in our fifth wheel, we’ve added some custom interior RV modifications that were out of necessity while others were to make our RV more aesthetically comfortable.

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Severe Weather Tips for RVers and Campers

Living, traveling and camping in an RV can present anxious moments in the event of significant weather events. Severe weather events can pop up and escalate quickly; catching you and your family off-guard if you’re not prepared. RVers and campers must always have a plan of action in dealing with inclement weather responsibly. Knowing when to seek shelter or evacuate will be key to not becoming a statistic and can save you and your family’s lives.

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How to Survive RVing with Cats

RVing with Cats - Kandi on Dashboard

When downsizing from our Kentucky home to our RV, we knew we’d have lots of challenges ahead. But those challenges become a whole other ball of yarn when it’s come to RVing with cats. From where to put the litter box to finding their favorite napping spots in our RV, we had to re-learn it all. We had to figure out how to accommodate their needs as well as create an environment where we all can survive. We’re living proof that you can RV with cats and want to share our experiences on the road as full-time RVers.

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RV Living: CPAP Device Power Solutions for RVs

CPAP Device Solutions for RVs

Medical conditions requiring a CPAP device and other electronic medical equipment shouldn’t preclude you or your family from enjoying the RV lifestyle or camping in the great outdoors. But face it, there are issues RVers and Campers must contend when it comes to medical devices. In general, RVs lack the necessary accommodations and adaptations for CPAP device placement and electrical requirements. So, we’ve put together a great guide to power your CPAP device and other electrical medical equipment.

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RVer’s Guide to Personal Safety on the Road

Personal Protection - Police

Whether you’re on an RV camping vacation or living full-time in a motorhome or camper, there are ways to help you from becoming a victim of crime. There are precautions and safety measure you can take to make it more difficult for criminals to take what’s yours or threaten your family members. Even when boondocking in a remote location, camping off the grid or even parking at a popular campground, personal safety and RV security should be your top priorities to help keep you and your family safe.

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Stinky Motorhome or Camper? How to Eliminate Odors in Your RV

Eliminate Odors in RV

RVs and Campers having smaller interior living spaces and are much more prone to unwelcome more pungent odors quickly. To mitigate and control what’s stinking up your RV, you’ll first need to know identify the odor and where they are coming from. Then, you’ll need to know how to tackle nasty odors in your motorhome or camper and keep them from coming back. But reaching for toxic sprays and chemicals isn’t the answer.

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Motorhome With a Toad Vehicle? Pros vs. Cons

RV Life - Motorhome Towing Dinghy

During the first six months of full-time RVing in our Winnebago View, we drove our motorhome without a towing a toad vehicle. However, we found that we wanted more freedom to explore once our motorhome is parked. So, we decided on a Jeep Wrangler (JK) off-road vehicle so we could diversify and expand our adventures. So, having experienced RVing in a motorhome with and without a toad vehicle, we want to share the pros versus cons of towing.

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