Appomattox Court House National Historic Park – Virginia

In the first three weeks in May 2016, we anchored down at USNWS (U.S. Naval Weapons Station) Cheatham Annex near Williamsburg, Virginia.  This liberty port was two-fold. First, for visiting friends, family and shipmates; some even 250 miles away. Second, to learn a bit of our Nation’s history at Appomattox Court House.

Leaving Liberty at the Navy Base, we took an overnight overnight motorcycle trip to visit two of our Coast Guard Shipmates in Lynchburg, Virginia. In our trip itinerary, we planned to stop at Appomattox Court House National Historic Park  to get our National Park Passport stamped and to learn a little history.

Revisiting our Nation’s Past at Appomattox, Virginia…

It was at Appomattox on April 9, 1965, where General Lee’s Army (Confederate) surrendered to General Grant’s (Union) Northern Army of the Civil War at the McLean House in the village of the Appomattox Court House in Virginia.

This is the McLean House where General Lee and General Grant met…



This is the exact desk in which General Lee composed his surrender document.




We visited the museum, watched a video explaining the surrender and walked the grounds around the McLean House and the village where it all happened back in 1865.  We added another cancellation and stamp to our National Park Passport.

A case of the Uh-Oh’s..

Unfortunately, on the way back to Liberty, Dan’s Harley had engine problems and we had to stop outside of Farmville.  Special thanks to Wilck’s Lake Sheds for allowing us to park his motorcycle in their secured garage for the rest of the day and overnight until we could pick it up the next day.

We had to two-up on Lisa’s Harley; something neither were eager to do but there was no other choice but at least we had a way home.  The next morning, Captain Dan rented a Uhaul trailer and retrieved his ride.  A week later and a couple hundred spent on towing and diagnostics, his Harley sat in the garage of our toyhauler until we could stay in one place long enough to order parts and tackle the operation.

This small setback though didn’t infringe on the rest of our stay in Virginia.  For the time being, Dan’s Harley remains out of commission until we can get to a longer term stay to open it up, diagnose and fix it to get on the road again.

However, in all of this, one of our most memorable is taking an overnight trip on the Harley’s to Lynchburg, Virginia to see two of our shipmates whom we were stationed with 32 years ago on the Coast Guard Cutter Chase.  Out of respect to their privacy, we will keep them nameless however, the impact they both made in our military careers forced us to take this little side trip for a shipmate reunion..

We are so glad we did!  And we were invited back!

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