Our Big Fat Greek….Festival Experience!

The saying, ‘when in Rome, do as
Romans do’, but what do you do in a small Nebraska town who celebrates their
Greek Heritage?  Of course, do as Greeks
do!  CELEBRATE with a festival!!  

We heard fellow RV’ers chatting
about going one evening, so what’s a couple of spontaneous RV travelers to do when they’ve not
planned anything for dinner?
   When we were parked in Scotts Bluff for our ten-day stay, we checked out
the local to-do’s and noticed fliers for a Greek Festival in the town of
Bridgeport, Nebraska. 

We drove “Captain America” (our RAM Dually) this time; Route
92 and passed Chimney Rock and the Pony Express historic marker headed east to
Bridgeport, Nebraska (got some great photos of that for a later blog entry).  It was the Bayard Assumption Greek Orthodox Church fundraiser; sharing their religious heritage with food and entertainment held in their
local Prarie Winds  Community Center.  We walked in being
met with smiles, handshakes and welcomes as we were directed into the gymnasium
where the festival fundraiser was being held. 

There were numerous rows of banquet tables and ‘stations’ of where you
buy tickets and then turn in an allotted number of tickets to sample different
Greek Foods…and beer….GREEK beer, which we tried one each and they were pretty
good with a higher alcohol content (those Greeks do it right the first time,
don’t they?).  We first bought $20 worth
of tickets; tickets being in $1 stubs. 
Our beers cost us 4 tickets each, leaving us only 6 tickets each to buy
our food which really wasn’t enough to enjoy a little of everything Greek. 

We each bought nice sized Greek
salads, fried calamari, and this tomato-y pasta dish.  We later bought Baklava Sundaes to finish off
the evening.  They had scheduled for 7:00
pm an evening of Greek Heritage dance presentations however, sadly we couldn’t stick
around for it because my back was giving me issues.

Before we left however, I just ‘had
to’ go to the dessert table to use the rest of our tickets to get some desserts
to go.
  I got into a couple conversations
with a few of the locals; all were enthused and very interested in hearing our
story (they obviously knew we were ‘not from around there’).
  We gave them a few of our travel cards so they
can keep track of us on our Facebook page and blog.

This group of very friendly folks were excited to pose for a photo for our blog.  Though we were preparing to leave, we found ourselves leaving an hour later because we got so enthralled in yet, another conversation with more of the locals.  One couple, Dave and Karin, snagged us after overhearing our adventures as RV’ers and chatted with us.  We ‘clicked’ thus asking them over for dinner a couple days later at our RV site.  We are so glad we did.  We are now, hopefully, lifelong friends, even if its through our internet travels.

So our moral to this blog story
is our travels and adventures aren’t only for seeing and doing the ‘attractions’, it’s about
meeting the wonderful people from all over our great Country and hearing their
stories.  We are equally excited to learn
about them, their walks of life, hopes and dreams.  It is because of them that makes us remember them and want to return…and look forward to great folks in the next town. 

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