The Mixing Bowl Cafe’ in Gering, Nebraska

AOL - The Mixing Bowl Cafe

Since beginning our RVing adventures, we’ve come to rely on Yelp, our favorite business-finder phone app. While we were in the Scott’s Bluff area running errands and picking up dry stores and perishables, we set out to find a good lunch café’ in Gering, Nebraska. We read that The Mixing Bowl Cafe not only had mostly 5 star ratings but their reviews were outstanding.

AOL - The Mixing Bowl Cafe Building

Our Review

The Mixing Bowl Café’ is small and quaint but not overly crowded with tables. We went straight for a quiet table in the back corner.
We couldn’t help eyeing their pastry showcase which was within arm’s length.

AOL - The Mixing Bowl Cafe Bakery

The Service

Our server was punctual; giving us our menus and took our beverage orders. We ordered freshly brewed green ice tea and lunch at the same time. We noticed she didn’t write anything down. She memorized our order.


It was only about 10 minutes went by when our server brought our meal.  It looked fantastically appetizing.  We both dug right into our meals barely speaking a word because we were just jamming our pie-holes!

The Food

Seriously, The Mixing Bowl sandwiches were awesome. Dan then ordered the Broccoli Cheese Soup and California Turkey BLT on Sourdough. His soup looked awesomely creamy with huge chunks of broccoli.  He didn’t say much while eating which is a signal that he really liked it.
I asked for the California Turkey BLT on Sourdough with Sweet Potato Fries.
All of the ingredients were fresh; the turkey, avocado, arugula and tomato slices. The bacon was crispy and the cream cheese filling nestled so neatly between buttered sour dough toast.


Now, onto the Mixing Bowl signature Sweet Potato Fries! All I will say “OH MY WORD!!!”  They were shoestring fries sprinkled with large granular sea salt. It was like a good marriage; sweet with salty. We both raced to who was going to finish the last fry. We surely didn’t leave their hungry.

Check please!

As we made our way up to the register to pay our bill, we handed them our travel card.  We asked if we could take some photos for our blog.  They were more than accommodating and happy to be recognized.  They even agreed for an employee pose.

The Mixing Bowl Cafe Staff


If ever you’re near Gering, only a short drive from Scott’s Bluff National Monument, this little local eatery is a treat!  We Yelp’d them 5 stars!


 The Mixing Bowl is the happening place for hungry bellies!  Its a perfect stop after hiking Scotts Bluff National Monument or a car ride out to see Chimney Rock or the Lake Minatare Lighthouse.

AOL - The Mixing Bowl Cafe Business Card

Where did we park our RV?

Robidoux RV Park – Gering, Nebraska

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