CAMPGROUND REVIEW: U.S. Air Force Academy – COLORADO (military only) (Colorado Springs)


Campground/RV Park: U.S. Air Force Academy Peregrine Pines FamCamp (military only or must be military-sponsored)
Location: USAF Academy, Colorado Springs, CO   (719) 333-4980
Date(s) Stayed: 8/20/15 – 9/9/15
Length of Stay: 16 days
Site #: 80 (Pull-Through)
Cost per night (with taxes): $23 day
Discount Used:  None
Connections: 50 amp FHU’s
Stars:  3.5

U.S. Air Force Academy Peregrine Pines FamCamp is located on the Air Force base and easy to get to off of I-25 exit 156.  When you get to the gate, be aware of swervy curved entrance to the base.  Military ID cards are mandatory.  There is another entrance after the main entrance which may or may not be manned.  The campground is approximately 8 miles from the main gate.  There is no diesel fuel on the base so plan accordingly for your vehicle/RV fill-ups.  Base MP’s made regular security rounds.  

Reservations are accepted 60 days prior (90 days for Active Duty) and are only for 30 days maximum.  Only ‘per night’ fees charged; no weekly or monthly rate(s).  Winter Long Term Rates available; call office for info.

The campground is located in the woods under many pine trees.  Sites are sandy dirt with some grass if you’re lucky. We had to relevel twice after rain and settling because the surface is soft.  Most of the sites are shady and ample spaced however, the layout of the campground is odd.  Its difficult to figure out what is a road and what is a site.  Maneuvering is somewhat a challenge for big rigs because of all the trees.  The site map shows sites 41-105 are 50 amp and sites 1-40 are 30amp sites.  The laundry and bath houses were clean and tidy.  

There is a large picnic pavilion facility right before entrance to the campground.  Its busy on weekends during the warm months for private parties/organizations.

Things to be aware of:  

Do not leave ANY food out; there have been reports of bears and mountain lions in the area.  Do not leave your dogs or cats out and make noise if walking the campground at night.  There are dumpsters with secure closures within walking distances to sites.  

Personal fire pits must be approved by the camp staff/host.  They have fire pits to rent at $5/day.  No clotheslines permitted.  No more than 2 vehicles allowed per campsite.  Quiet hours are 10:00pm-7:00am.

Pine pitch on lateral surfaces (ie. picnic tables, roof, slide roof, awnings, etc.  We have sat on it from the picnic table benches and ruined two pair of nice shorts.  We advise not to leave your camp chairs or valuables out where pine pitch may fall.  

The TRAINS!!!  It seems they love to blow their horns during sleeping hours. We were told its to alert wildlife away from the tracks.  We were there for two weeks and never slept well because.  The tracks are close to the northern side of the campground.  We didn’t sleep very well with the windows open.

All in all, its a great family campground.  The price is great compared to campgrounds in the Colorado Springs area.  We love how respectful people are at military post campgrounds because of accountability.  We would definitely stay again but for short stays.

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