Best RV Dehumidifiers for Motorhomes and Campers

Mold and mildew will absolutely DESTROY the inside of your RV! In addition to damaging your camper, it will make your family sick and miserable. However, portable RV dehumidifiers will quickly help to reduce moisture while maintaining a low percentage of humidity in your RV. Thus, creating a much healthier environment for your family so you can enjoy living in your motorhome or camper.

Best RV Dehumidifiers: How to Mitigate Moisture Damage in Your Camper

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Why your RV needs a dehumidifier

Interior Moisture Damage

Excess humidity, condensation and moisture have high potential of damaging your RV’s interior. Because RV’s and Campers are built to the point of being almost airtight, they mimic that of a terrarium environment. They have such a limited air exchange that the moisture inside has nowhere to escape.

By this excessive moisture being contained inside your motorhome or camper, it will eventually lead to unwanted structural issues. But, more importantly, it could put you, your family, and your pets’ health at  serious risk

What causes humidity?

Cooking Steam Causes Condensation

When you live in an RV or camp in humid climates, it presents the perfect breeding grounds for dust mites, mold, fungus and yes, even mushrooms to grow. Adding to that, they produce nasty-smelling odors. Mold, mildew and dust mites can trigger allergies, asthma and other serious health problems.

The causes of moisture or condensation are many. Cooking alone, presents moisture issues through emission of steam. Just the presence of water from doing dishes or running water that evaporates puts moisture in the air. And in the bathroom, taking a hot shower humidifies as well.  But also, humans and pets expel water droplets into the air simply by breathing.

In other words, simply emitting water through steam or expelling moisture in your RV presents humidity. This is what causes your windows to fog or condensation to form on surfaces where the colder outside temperatures meet the warm interior temperatures.

Condensation Window Moisture

All of these causes in the small confines of an RV or camper presents the perfect greenhouse effect. That’s why mold, mildew and mushrooms grow under deep thicket and a canopy of trees in the woods.

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How to mitigate moisture issues and humidity in your RV or Camper?

Moisture Meter

There are proven solutions to mitigate those moisture issues in your RV before they even start. It’s been proven that a simple dehumidifier for your RV is one of the most effective ways to remove moisture from the air. Thus, by using these moisture removing appliances, they will help keep potentially harmful toxins from making you feel uncomfortable in your RV.

However, when we think of dehumidifiers, we think back to those big, heavy clunky appliances our parents kept in their basements. But, of course, due to size and weight, those are way too big and heavy for small RV interiors. They’re a bit of over-kill for a smaller camper or even most motorhomes and fifth wheels. Really, all you need is a small portable dehumidifier (or two) depending on the square footage and how many sectioned off rooms and closets are in your RV.

How RV dehumidifiers work

Electric dehumidifiers use the Peltier Effect. These small moisture reducing appliances are the perfect solution for extracting humidity in RV bathrooms and kitchens. The unit draws humid air in and heats it over a warm plate inside the dehumidifier, then cools the air causing condensation which is trapped in the removable, spill-proof reservoir. Dry air is then expelled out.

Also, these powerful dehumidifiers have automatic shut off when the water reservoir is full. When this occurs the indicator light will alert you when the reservoir needs to be emptied. They can hold up to 20 oz. of collected water, depending on which model you get. Dehumidifiers have a lot of other benefits that can help in humid spaces such as your RV or camper:

      • Dehumidifiers help to reduce mold, mildew and fungus from developing on your clothes, furniture and other fabrics.
      • Clothing and textiles will feel dryer
      • Your breads, boxed cereals and crackers will stay fresher, and last longer.
      • You’ll notice less corrosion on electronics or rust on metal on your RV components.
      • Little to no condensation will form on your windows or window frames in your RV 
      • No more moldy walls or damaged wood in your RV or camper.
      • Your RV will smell much better

RV dehumidifiers are the perfect answer to eliminating moisture inside your motorhome or camper. Just place one into any space, plug it in and turn it on. Even as little as just a few hours, you’ll notice that air in that space will feel much dryer.

You can also place one in your basement storage compartments. Your tools, RV batteries, wiring and components, and everything you store in it will thank you.

RV Safety Tip: Always plug any appliance directly into available electrical receptacles. Make it a safe practice to never use extension cords in RVs.

Our recommended RV dehumidifiers

Eva-dry Mini Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifiers - Eva-dry E-333 Mini Dehumidifier

The lightweight & versatile Eva-Dry Mini dehumidifier efficiently absorbs excess moisture in areas up to 333 cubic feet. This portable, renewable dehumidifiers are made without toxic chemicals and are completely child and pet safe. Get rid of moisture and there are no cords or cables to worry about plugging into electrical. This little dehumidifier does require batteries. You can hang it from a hook or bar or set on a shelf. You can even place inside a basket or box. This little dehumidifier lasts up to 4 weeks before it needs recharging. Its’ sleek ergonomic design allows you to renew them anywhere. And their size is optimal for RV closets, laundry closets, safes, and even your RV’s basement compartments!

Eva-Dry Petite Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifiers - Eva Dry Petite Dehumidifier

The Eva-Dry Petite dehumidifier has whisper technology has a 9V 2.5A electric input. It has a manufacturer specified power draw of 22 watts. That makes it low on energy consumption which makes it perfect to use in small RVs. The water reservoir capacity is 16 ounces. While operating, we’d open our clothes closet to help mitigate mold and mildew on our clothes and shoes. Because of it’s compact size, it takes up very little space. The very lightweight and portable Eva Dry Petite dehumidifier is about the size of a shoebox. We use this compact dehumidifier in our fifth wheel bedroom and would also move it to the bathroom after showers.

Eva-Dry Mid-Size Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifiers - Eva Dry Mid Size RV Dehumidifier

The Eva-Dry Mid-Size dehumidifier is a tad bit larger than the Petite and packs a little more moisture extraction power for larger spaces. The mid-Size (yet still compact) portable dehumidifier, also with Peltier technology, is just as light and quiet as the EvaDry Petite (above). The only difference is that the EvaDry Mid Size works in areas up to 2200 cubic feet. And it absorbs 20.5 ounces of moisture in a 24 hour period with relative humidity of 80% at 86 degrees Fahrenheit. We use this one in the main living area in our 42′ fifth wheel.


portable dehumidifier for RVs

Yes, dehumidifier IS the brand name. Who knew? But, this little moisture absorbing appliance works quietly, less than 35 decibels due to it’s excellent Peltier Effect module. It  covers 300 square feet of living space or you can place it in your closet, bathroom or even basement compartment. The dehumidifier efficiently collects moisture from the air, gets rid of problems caused by high humidity. This modern style moisture extracting appliance is perfectly sized for a motorhome or camper. And, this little dehumidifier has 7 colors of nightlight, which brings the night more ambiance to small spaces. 

COLAZE Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifiers - COLAZE dehumidifier

The compact COLAZE dehumidifier adopts the latest semiconductor refrigeration plate technology, which has a more obvious dehumidifier effect than the traditional portable dehumidifier. Its’ 60 ounce water tank removes moisture in a space up to 480 square feet. When the COLAZE dehumidifier is running, seven different lights automatically flash in a loop, press the light button to choose one color you like. It makes a great nightlight!

PureDry Mini Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifiers - PURE dehumidifier

PureDry Mini dehumidifier is powerful enough to extract up to 300ml of water from the air per day, keeping harmful moisture at bay. It can also reduce musty odors. At just 2 pounds, the modern and stylish PureDry Mini dehumidifier is easy to move around in your motorhome or camper; extracting 10 ounces of moisture from the air where you need it most. The water collection tank holds 27 ounces so you can nearly get three days operation from the unit without having to empty it.

PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifiers - PureDry Deluxe dehumidifier

The PureDry Deluxe dehumidifier with mid-size 1.5L water tank will extract 500ml of excess moisture from your RV per day which makes it perfect for big rig RVs over 35′. It has 2 speed levels; high and low. The PureDry Deluxe has a safe auto-off timer that allows you to program the appliance for 4 hour and 8 hour timer settings that will shut off automatically to conserve power. It also has an additional automatic shut-off safety feature that turns the dehumidifier off when the water tank is full and to prevent overheating

Waykar Dehumidifier

RV Dehumidifiers - Waykar Dehumidifier

The Waykar dehumidifier will help eliminate odors and protect your RV or small space up to 1500 square feet. Though this moisture extractor is a little larger (and heavier) than the compact RV dehumidifiers listed above, the Waykar dehumidifier will improve air quality in larger motorhomes, fifth wheels and travel trailers to the ideal 45%-55% humidity. It comes with variety of functions; intelligent humidity control, auto shut-off/on with 24 hour timer, tank alarm and power outage restart. With the built-in air purifying system, it can reduce room odors, dirt or dust, etc, keeping the air clean from impurities, and bring you healthier, more comfortable RV living.

Closing thoughts on RV dehumidifiers

As you’ve just read, dehumidifiers are an absolute must if you’re living in, camping in the woods or traveling through humid climates. Having one or even 2 or 3 small portable dehumidifiers in your RV is money well spent considering what the result could be if you don’t have them. The small amount of money paid now for one of these moisture extracting appliances will be a huge amount of money saved later in mold and mildew mitigation and expensive repairs.

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  1. This is very timely advice as we are victims of "unexpected" leaking during recent deluge of rain (who really expects trouble?). Thanks so much for your review. I'm subscribing to your blog.

  2. i bought one love it works great one question is ti normal for the air coming out to be very warm? ty

    1. Robbie, thank you for reading! I’m not sure. Make certain you check the manufacturer’s manual and/or their website. -Dan & Lisa

  3. Absolutely love my dehumidifier. It’s a different brand, but the same size as the larger one, mentioned. Even with the a/c running, I have to dump it once a week. I also use the refillable damp rid containers, and the nonrefillable ones from the Dollar Tree. They work great in closets and other small areas.

    1. Rebecca, we love ours too! And yes, we have Damp Rids in the closets and some drawers. We even have one in the cargo bay to keep tools and important stuff from rusting. Thank you for visiting our blog. Please come back soon! -Dan & Lisa

  4. I have the 2nd one you listed. I have a tiny teardrop…. this summer it has rained ALOT…so the camper felt damp… this dehumidifier did the trick. I had to empty it twice on a 5 day trip..
    Worth the money.

    1. Pam, those dehumidifiers ROCK, don’t they? We love ours; especially in the more tropical, humid and damp zones. How do you like your little teardrop trailer? We are enamored with them! Please travel safe and enjoy your journeys! -Dan & Lisa

  5. I have a Solace Deluxe Motorcycle Camping Trailer 23 cu ft behind my 107 cu in Harley I just got and am very happy the small dehumidifiers is all I need I hope I will find out Thank You

    1. Gary, Wow!! We’re envious that you are traveling with your Harley. That’s what we started out with; a Softail Fatboy and Softail Heritage Classic when we had our Cyclone Toyhauler. However, as full-timers, we had to re-evaluate our travels and expectations as motorcycle and RV nomads.

      We are glad that our suggestion of the dehumidifiers will work for you. We love ours! Small but mighty. Ours work great. We love their portability and price.

      Be safe on the road and keep the rubber side down. Ride safe! -Dan & Lisa

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