RV Kitchen Prep and Storage – Product Review


The very first thing RVers and Boaters must accept is kitchen prep and storage space and weight is at a premium.  Regardless if you’re a chef or cold sandwich maker, you’ll need to be creative and resourceful with your kitchen tools and gadgets. Oh, and everything must fit in those small cabinets.

Most RV cabinets are not standard sticks and bricks kitchen cabinet dimensions so nice, hand-me-down cookie batter bowl your grandmother gave you simply isn’t going to fit. It’s also not going to do you any favors as far as weight.

When we moved into our RV, we’d load up a box from home and take it to the RV in hopes of finding new homes for the necessities and niceties that came from our kitchens.  Then we’d laugh.  Then we’d cry.  Who would ever think one could be that attached to stuff from the kitchen.  *raising hand*  Well, if you’re a cook or chef, you have your favorites and oftentimes, finding those favorites took a long time to accrue.

In our case, I had to say goodbye to all of my Food Network, Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray cookware, colorful porcelain bakeware and shiny gadgets.  I LOVED them.  I ADORED them.  I remembered all the meals made in them.  They were lovingly seasoned.

After my cry session was over, I boxed them up and sent them back to our S&B to be put into storage later. So, what’s a girl ta do?  Well, what girls LOVE TO DO!!  GO SHOPPING!!

So, off I went to a nearby RV store to see what they had; thinking they would stock what ‘RVers want and need’.  I noticed a line of kitchen gadgets from ‘Progressive’.  I picked them up and played with them; popping them in and out from storage size to full size capacity.  I eyeball measured them.  Not only was size limitations in my mind but again, weight.

Then I’d think, how would I use this?  Afterall, when RV’ing with space being a such a prized premium, kitchen tools and gadgets must be multi-functional.

So later that evening, I logged onto Amazon and looked them up…and drank wine…and drank more wine….and ordered some…okay….ALL of them LOL. My man in those cute brown shorts (UPS man) was going to be my delivery time date….everyday!

So, what did I get?

I bought this cool Salad Spinner.  I use it for washing and spin drying all of my fruits and vegetables.  I LOVE this thing!!  Its multi use because I can use the bowl part separately as my salad bowl or the strainer part as a cold strainer for other things. It collapses to less than 3″ in height.



Oh, and look at this adorable small vegetable/fruit strainer storage container I ordered.  I love using this for my fresh herbs and bite-size fruits and veggies.  Isn’t it cute? It collapses to less than 2″ tall.



I got this dishpan/tub (My opportunist piece).  I actually got two! Why? Because since we planned on boondocking, I needed to be able to measure my water usage and consumption. Perfecto!!


This cute little blue strainer that fits over a can perfectly; great for dumping the water out of canned vegetables without cutting myself on the lid (OUCH!)!


I also bought a 10″ 2-quart colander. The pretty blue was just too irresistible anyways not to buy it. This piece collapses down to about an inch and a half tall.
…ooooooooh, and 10″ matching bow…same deal! They nestle inside of each other during storage.


I also bought a small berry strainer; enough to fit a quart of strawberries or pint of blueberries or rinsing a can of beans or rinsing shrimp or…but mine is lime green.  But who’s going to tell I stole their picture from their site?


These adorable smaller storage bowls for food prep and leftovers storage.


To say the least, I was on a roll!  Oh, there’s more that I would love for our kitchen but I dare not push that envelope.  Dan might think I’ve got something for the UPS man. Anyway, I’ve become the storage guru organizing queen in our RV kitchen.


So, if you’re in for trying to squeeze an elephant into a small cabinet, sorry, I can’t help you but if you’re trying to maximize your kitchen/galley space in your RV, Camper or Boat, check these out.  I’m telling you, these bad boys rock!!


Oh, and about that UPS man….


Disclaimer:  Progressive and Amazon didn’t pay me one red cent for posting this…or many red cents….but I’m okay if they want to…unless they want to send us free product to try, use or even giveaway! 



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