Visit Roswell, Mexico: UFO Believer’s Destination

If you’ve never been to Roswell, New Mexico, you don’t know what you’re missing. This eclectic, extraterrestrial town taken in jest and is now capitalizing on the UFO landing controversy; the Roswell Incident! Come see why this place is a must visit U.S.  travel destination for your next road trip out west! Especially if you’re a believer in little green men!

Once we left San Antonio, Texas, we pointed our truck west to New Mexico. Carlsbad to be exact. What I didn’t know is when Dan was doing the trip planning, he had a hidden agenda.

Aside from visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park, he told me about this little town called Roswell. I’ve heard of it but nothing earth shattering for me to remember why. He said it was famous.

Famous for what?” I asked.

Always On Liberty - Roswell, New Mexico

Roswell, Mexico: Fun UFO Believer Destination!

We arrived at Carlsbad KOA for a few nights. Though it was a nice campground, needless to say, it was expensive but hey, when it’s the only game in town that will fit our big honkin’ fifth wheel toy hauler, we settled down for a few days so we could see the sights.

First on our agenda was we just had to go to Roswell, New Mexico. We were told (or warned?) by other RV travelers that Roswell is a crazy on top of crazy little town.

Always On Liberty - Roswell - Dan Aliens

And since Dan is a huge believer in UFO’s and little green men too (and Bigfoot too but that’s for another story), it was on his bucket list. Notice I said his and not our bucket list. And since we were just a stone’s throw from Roswell, why not? I needed a good laugh.

🚀🛸👽 What Roswell is all about? 👽🛸🚀

Roswell New Mexico Map

So, long story short, allegedly back in the 1940’s, some weird aluminum foil looking space ship crashed on a farm about 40 miles from Roswell, New Mexico. It was called The ROSWELL INCIDENT.

Now, from what Dan was telling me, it was kept all hush-hush because the government was involved and of course, then the media got involved. And well, that comes later down in this article.

So, we get out of the truck to walk through town and what do we see? Little green men everywhere in Roswell. I mean lurking EVERYWHERE! It was almost like watching the movie Gremlins.

Speaking of movies did ya watch that movie Signs?? That is one of Dan’s favorite movies.

Anyway, all these little green, skinny, bulging-eyed, extraterrestrials are on stores, hair salons, and Mexican Restaurants! We had just stepped foot into our own twilight zone.

They are plastered on vending machines, posed in front of tire stores, and even in the window display of the local security firm! Some are naked and some are wearing clothes. 

And then we saw this! Is that what I think it is? Alien blood spatter?  These green blood stains are all over town; on the sidewalks, in doorways and on building walls! I can’t make this stuff up. It really happened because there’s proof right there! Right?

🚀🛸👽 International UFO Research Center aka UFO Museum 🚀🛸👽

ADDRESS: 114 N Main Street, Roswell, New Mexico 88203
Open daily 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Roswell - UFO Museum

Our first stop was at the UFO museum also known as the International UFO Research Center. Dan mentioned it supposedly has all these news clippings, reports, crazy pictures and documented interviews, and yes, evidence that this actually happened.

Cynically laughing at all the alien propaganda, I felt like we just landed on a different planet and we just walked into the alien hall of fame

Once we paid our admission and entered this so-called ‘collection of artifacts and mystical information’, it took me a whopping five minutes to get from one end to the other, shaking my head of course (because I’m not a believer). 

Already bored out of my mind, I look over to Dan, and see he was really getting into this stuff. He was intensely studying every diagram, every photograph, every report and reading every word. Seriously, I would’ve rather watched green paint dry.

Wait, did I just say that?

But, he was in his little piece of heaven so I just left him alone with his bliss.

Always On Liberty - Roswell UFO MuseumRoswell UFO Museum
UFO Museum - Roswell NMUFO Museum - Roswell Incident

SO, what seemed to be like forever to finish up this painstaking tour, it was finally time to leave this spaceship. That’s three hours I’ll never get back. But hey, after all the times I’ve put him through taking me to Hobby Lobby and Michaels, I guess I was due.

Roswell Incident Information

All I have to say is thank God it only cost us each a $3 admission fee. I wanted to be at the bar trying to make these visions all go away. Of course, those little green men are probably are lurking there too.

But hey, if you’re into that kind of extraterrestrial, sci-fi, little green. men hype, don’t let me stop you. In fact, I’m hoping by you reading this, it will entice you to go visit this planet.

So, now that you read about our alien abduction tour, what really made Roswell more than a map dot in New Mexico?

👽 The Roswell Incident 👽

Roswell - UFO Crash Site

Supposedly back in 1947, an unidentified flying object crashed about 47 miles from Roswell near he town of Corona. Now why Roswell gets credit for this notoriety. Observers allegedly saw what they thought was a weird looking flying disc.

However, the U.S. Military debunked those reports by releasing a press statement that it was ‘just a weather balloon’. And of course, being that information came from the U.S. government means it’s true, right?

But of course, anything that the U.S. government touches doesn’t come without controversy. First, the military reported the crash happened in July, whereas William Brazel, who collected all the material reported that it actually crashed in June.

And of course, his first mistake was handing over the evidence from the crash site to the U.S. Government (well, first, the sheriff). He collected the remains of that so-called ‘weather balloon’ consisting of shiny paper with a few identification letters, fiber-optic cables, metal parts, sticks and other weird ‘out of that era’ type manufacturings.

But here’s where the fun “I believe” gets going in Roswell. The townspeople believed that the collection came from an alien spaceship. They also believe aliens were taken to Area 51 or Roswell to be inspected, dejected, rejected and injected with 8×10 glossy photos. But, those stories were soon forgotten (or purposely pushed aside?) until decades later when the media got involved. And you certainly know what happens when the federal government and the media get together on something. 

And that’s where all the speculation versus believing got intertwined. 🚀🛸👽

Today, Roswell has become a playful mockery mixed with a little hilarity. Because it is outlandish yet pretty funny. You know, the government telling people what they saw when those people knew what they actually saw.

There’s so much more to the story that would fill a book but I’ll just stop here. Roswell, New Mexico is a place you just have to visit and see for yourself.

🛸👽🛸 Roswell Wrap Up 🛸👽🛸

So, if you’re into extraterrestrial sci-fi whatever and little green men, unexplained sightings of funny lights in the sky, Roswell, New Mexico is YOUR place!

And, if you’re near Roswell in the summer, take in the UFO Fest! I kid you not, it’s an annual event the local believers take seriously.

Oh, and lastly, I deeply apologize for some of the tiny photographs in this article. Something mysteriously happened to them as I wrote this.

Always On Liberty - Alien Crew

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