Our Alien Adventure at Roswell, New Mexico

Once we left San Antonio, Texas, we pointed our truck west to New Mexico. Carlsbad to be exact. But Dan had a hidden agenda. Aside from visiting Carlsbad Caverns National Park and Guadalupe Mountains National Park, he told me about this little town called Roswell. I’ve heard of it but nothing earth shattering for me to remember why. He said it was famous. “For what?” I asked.

HA! Talk about an out of this world experience!

We arrived at Carlsbad KOA for a few nights. Though it was a nice campground, needless to say, it was expensive (well, aren’t all KOA’s?). Anyway, since there was nothing else that could handle our big behemoth toy hauler fifth wheel, we hunkered down there so we could see the sights.

First on our agenda was…OMG, we just HAD to go to Roswell, New Mexico to see the freaking aliens. We’ve heard from other RV peeps that this is crazy on top of crazy little town. And since Dan is a huge believer in UFO’s and….well…little green men too (and Big Foot too but I digress), it was on our itinerary while we were in the Carlsbad area. Like listening to a little kid on Christmas Eve, Dan was roaring with excitement to go to this place.

Off to see the little green men!

And so we went to Roswell to go to the UFO Museum that he read about somewhere. I was constantly reminded this was payback from all the times I dragged him to Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.

So, long story short, allegedly back in the 1940’s, some weird aluminum foil looking “space ship” crashed on a farm a few miles from Roswell, New Mexico. It was labeled The ROSWELL INCIDENT. Now, from what Dan was telling me is it was kept all hush-hush because the government was involved (Haha! If you can’t laugh at THAT…)

So, this UFO museum had all these news clippings, reports, crazy pictures and documented interviews, er…..evidence that this actually happened. Being a skeptic, well, you know where I’m going with this. Oh, and did I mention he also believes in Big Foot too?. Anyways, since there was nothing else to do, I went along for the ride….and humor. I mean, if ya can’t laugh at this stuff, right?

No kidding! No sooner we get out of the truck to walk through town and what do we see? Little green men everywhere in Roswell. I mean lurking EVERYWHERE! It was almost like watching the movie Gremlins. OH, and speaking of movies did ya watch that movie Signs?? That is one of Dan’s favorite movies. Moving on…

They were on stores,

hair salons,

and even Mexican Restaurants!


Oh, and they plastered on vending machines,

posed in front of tire stores,

and relaxing in store windows of security firms. They look realistic, don’t they?

And then we saw this!

Now, that’s not green paint. Or, at least thats not what this crazy iconic town wants you to believe. But they couldn’t fool me. It was paint, plain and simple. I’m an artist. I know what paint looks like. And further, how do they know aliens bleed green anyway?

International UFO Research Center aka UFO Museum

Then, we come to this place; Dan’s little alien hall of fame, full of heavenly bodies freak show. All I have to say is thank God it only cost us each a $3 admission fee. Otherwise, I’d be at the bar. Of course, they’d probably be lurking there too.

Once we were in the museum, it took me a whopping five minutes to get from one end to the other, shaking my head of course (because I’m a serious skeptic). I look over, because I was bored out of my alien-fearing MIND and I see he was really getting into this stuff. He was intensely studying every diagram, photo and reading every word. I mean…EVERY WORD! Seriously, I would’ve rather watched green paint dry.

Wait, did I just say that?




SO, what seemed to be like foreverrrrrrrr, finishing up this painstaking tour, it was time to finally leave. That’s three hours I’ll never gat back. But hey, after all the times I’ve put him through taking me to Hobby Lobby, I guess I was due.

So, if you’re into that kind of thing and you’re a true believer in aliens, little green men with geek wrapped all around it, look no further. This is YOUR place!

Oh and spoiler alert! Being a massive skeptic, I thought it was just a senior high school prank with a big wad of aluminum foil.

Oh, and lastly, I deeply apologize for the small photographs. Something mysteriously happened to them as I wrote this.

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