CURT Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch – Product Review

We needed a reliable and easy-to-operate 5th wheel hitch to tow our fifth wheel toy hauler and our luxury fifth wheel safely.  After several hours of research, we chose the CURT Q24 fifth wheel hitch by CURT Manufacturing to secure our truck to our Heartland Cyclone 4100 and Heartland Landmark 365.

CURT Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch
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There are many other manufacturers for fifth wheel hitches up to 20,000 pounds, but we felt we wanted a proven, reputable product that could provide a hitch that could tow over 20,000 pounds. The CURT Q24 fifth wheel hitch made sense to us.

“We’d rather have too much hitch than not enough to safely pull our 18,000 pound (gross weight) triple axle Heartland Cyclone Toyhauler (hitch weight 3000 pounds).”

Always On Liberty - Cyclone 4100 Toy Hauler

CURT Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch

Disclaimer:  This RV product review reflects only our opinion of usage.  We were not compensated in any way by CURT Manufacturing to write this review.


CURT Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch Features:

    • QUIET RIDE – The Q-series CURT 5th wheel hitch is engineered to promote the quietest 5th wheel towing possible. It features a patented, spherical axial bearing that allows the head to easily tilt in any direction needed
    • COUPLING INDICATOR – Built into this 5th wheel hitch is a 3-position indicator that shows the coupling status of the hitch and your trailer. It conveniently shows if the fifth wheel hitch is coupled, uncoupled or ready to tow
    • EASY OPERATION – The CURT 5th wheel hitch operates with a single, short-throw handle to promote ergonomic operation and easier coupling of your fifth wheel trailer. The handle is also lockable for maximum security on the road
    • SAFETY-TESTED – Tested and rated for 24,000 lbs gross trailer weight and 6,000 lbs. vertical load, the Q24 5th wheel hitch is capable of towing a wide variety of fifth wheels (limited to lowest-rated towing component). It tested to SAE J2638 specifications
    • VERSATILE FIT – This 5th wheel hitch fits any industry-standard fifth wheel base rails, such as CURT rails #16104 and #16204 (rails and brackets sold separately) (Not compatible with turret-style pin boxes, such as Sidewinder)

CURT Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch with Rails

Here’s a short video showcasing the CURT Q24:

CURT Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch Specs:

    • Ideal for towing fifth wheel trailers up to 24,000 pounds
    • Spherical axial bearing for unimpeded head movement and smooth, quiet towing
    • Dual jaws provide 360-degree kingpin contact
    • Three-position coupling indicator is clearly visible from truck cab
    • Self-aligning head offers a wide opening for easy coupling
    • Mounts to all industry-standard base rails
    • Operates using a short, lockable handle
    • Three grease fittings for easy lubrication
    • Includes a polyethylene lube plate to eliminate messy grease deposits
    • Meets proposed SAE J2638 testing standards
    • Protected by a highly durable carbide powder coat finish
    • Backed by a 10-year limited warranty
    • Fifth wheel hitch weight ratings are limited to vehicle manufacturer’s stated capacities
    • Includes fifth wheel legs, pins and clips

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The CURT Q24 is the heavyweight champion of fifth wheel hitches. With a gross trailer weight capacity of 24,000 lbs. and a vertical load limit of 6,000 lbs., the Q24 is capable of handling the heaviest of 5th wheel trailers, including deluxe RV and oversize campers.

CURT Q24 Fifth Wheel Hitch in Truck Bed

A great feature that sets the Q24 fifth wheel hitch apart from its’ competitive models is its’ spherical axial bearing. Instead of having a set of rods on which the hitch head can pivot, the Q24 uses a spherical bearing to allow the hitch head to pivot in virtually any direction. This means smoother turns, a quieter ride and less strain on your towing equipment and truck.

CURT Q24 Latching System

The Curt Q24 fifth wheel trailer hitch also features dual-locking jaws, a self-aligning head, single-handle operation and a three-position coupling indicator.

It comes with a durable carbide powder coat finish, a 10-year limited warranty and meets proposed SAE J2638 testing standards. This Q24 24,000 pound 5th wheel hitch comes with a set of standard 5th wheel legs that are ready to mount into your truck bed with a pair fifth wheel rails and brackets (sold separately).

Again, certain turret-style pin boxes, such as Sidewinder, are not compatible with CURT Q-series hitches and should not be used as they may create vehicle and/or trailer handling hazards. We highly recommend contacting the CURT Product Support Team directly for compatibility information.

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Our Review:

We ordered our CURT Q24 directly from Amazon.  We received the hitch three days later. The ruggedness of the hitch is impressive.  Equally, the fit and black powder-coat finish were outstanding. And the manufacturer’s literature to operate and maintain the hitch were thorough and precise.

We scheduled our fifth wheel hitch installation with a local trailer dealer in Lexington, Kentucky. Once installed, we patiently waited for delivery of our Heartland Toyhauler.

Always On Liberty - Heartland Cyclone 4100 Toy Hauler

Four months later, upon accepting delivery of our Heartland Cyclone, we began using our CURT Q24 fifth wheel hitch to practice pulling our fifth wheel toy hauler before hitting the road. The Q24 worked flawlessly and was easy to grease and maintain.

The CURT Q24 fifth wheel hitch has two unique safety features that instilled our confidence in the hitch.

First, the hitch lever assembly window shows green when the hitch is ready to pull. If it shows yellow, that means the jaws are not properly locked. And, when it shows red, that tells us the hitch is not ready to pull.

Sometimes, this happens if our trailer is canted or our truck and trailer are on uneven surfaces. We simply disengage and start again. Sometimes, all it would take is for us to manipulate our forward leveling jacks a little to put it more in line with our fifth wheel hitch.

Second, there is a locking arm that clips and pins over the handle assembly to ensure the hitch remains securely locked for safe towing. This was our tell-tale sign that we’re ready to go. And, anytime we’d stop, we’d always check to ensure those were in place properly.


Approximately 18 months after installing our Curt hitch we noticed the hitch becoming difficult to latch and release. We disassembled the hitch head in accordance with CURT’s well-written instructions. After removing the Q24 from our Ram’s truck bed, we cleaned and greased the entire assembly. But even after, doing this did not make the hitch function as well as when it was new.

So, we placed a phone call to CURT Manufacturing’s home office.  After discussing our hitching and unhitching procedures, CURT’s customer service deduced that the hitch head was failing. They asked where we were going to be in the next three days as they were going to ship us a brand new hitch head assembly.

We provided CURT with our proof of purchase; when and where we purchased it. Their only caveat was we needed send the old hitch assembly back to CURT Manufacturing so they could troubleshoot the failure points. They provided a return shipping label and instructed us to send the malfunctioning Q24 in the same box the new one came in.

Immediately, we uninstalled the broken hitch head and replaced it with the new hitch head. And now, we are back to flawless hitching and unhitching.

WHAT? No more fifth wheel toy hauler?!

Only eighteen months later, we decided to trade in our 44′ Heartland Cyclone 4100 Toy Hauler in for a 41′ Heartland Landmark 365 which is more conducive to full-time RV living.

We didn’t have to do a thing to our Q24 fifth wheel hitch in our Ram’s truck bed. In fact, we rarely even realized we were pulling our 18,000 pound loaded trailer.

Always On Liberty fifth wheel

Our Fifth Wheel Hitch UPDATE:

Through towing our fifth wheel with our 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 DRW (dual rear wheel), we found ourselves needing a couple more inches of clearance between the truck bed’s top side rails and the bottom of our fifth wheel cap. (Note: Not a hitch discrepancy. This is a known issue with new(er) Dodge Rams like ours).

So, we contacted CURT to see what we could do to add more clearance. We explained there were several times when our fifth wheel would actually connect with our truck bed top side rails.

They highly recommended getting the CURT fifth wheel roller system for short bed trucks rated for 24,000 pounds. Though our truck has an 8′ bed, it still would accomplish what we needed:

    • TURNING CLEARANCE – It’s designed to provide a 5th wheel slider hitch solution. It provides 12 inches of rearward travel for additional turning clearance with short-bed trucks (and even long bed like ours)
    • EASY TO INSTALL – This 5th wheel roller installs easily on any industry-standard fifth wheel base rails. They allow you to maximize the functionality of your truck bed, dropping into the 5th wheel rails
    • VERSATILE – This 5th wheel roller is compatible with any CURT industry-standard fifth wheel base rails and most CURT 5th wheel hitch heads (sold separately)
    • SOLID STRENGTH – This fifth wheel roller is rated for 24,000 pounds gross trailer weight, allowing for a wide variety of towing applications (limited by lowest-rated towing component)
    • DUAL-COAT – For dependable weather-resistance in your truck bed, this fifth wheel roller features a dual-coat finish of rust-resistant A-coat and a tough carbide black powder coat.

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Because of CURT’s expedient action, we were not inconvenienced while waiting for the replacement hitch head. But also, when we needed to further protect both of our investments (our truck and both of our fifth wheels), CURT’s product team was incredibly helpful in finding a solution and noting it for future customers who may have the same issue.

We are super impressed with CURT Manufacturing’s customer service, product satisfaction and guarantee. They truly cared about our safety on the road. Which, in turn, exemplifies CURT Manufacturing’s Tested. Proven. Safe. motto.

Other fifth wheel towing products we purchased to ensure safe towing and security:

Fifth Wheel Pin Lock

Additional Fifth Wheel Replacement Pins and Clips

5th Wheel Hitch 12″ Lube Plate

5th Wheel Base Rail Lock

BetterWeigh Mobile Towing Scale


Always On Liberty Landmark 365

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Disclaimer:  This review reflects only our opinion of usage.  We were not compensated in any way by CURT Manufacturing to write this review.

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