RVer’s Thanksgiving Message

Its November; the month for giving thanks.  We are grateful for life’s rewards, the smallest of struggles and everything in between.  We feel its necessary to recognize those who have been a huge influence in our RV traveling journey for the past two years.

So, here’s our own RVer’s Thanksgiving Message:


All fifty of them!!  Without our great Country, the principle of our journey would be null.  We are thankful for the FREEDOM to travel, experience, see and do!  Our Country boasts so many different terrains and awesome geological and historical marvels.  As John Muir quoted, “The mountains are calling and I must go”…and rivers…and canyons…and caves…and…


We owe everything to our Active Duty, Reserves, National Guard, Retirees and Veterans.  They keep our Country’s doors guarded so we all may enjoy the freedoms they’ve earned for us.  We truly appreciate their willingness to step up to the plate and swing when needed.  We will never take for granted their and their families’ sacrifices.


Nothing political here.  We realize if it weren’t for our Government *gasp*, we wouldn’t have our beautiful National Parks, Monuments and Historical Sites, highways, roadways, bridges, tunnels, museums, etc. and those who work and volunteer.  Though we grumble about paying taxes, tolls, fees, surcharges, and such, we do understand their necessity.


We know what it takes to keep our National Parks systems running.  We’ve seen it first hand at Glacier, Rocky Mountain, Badlands, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest, Carlsbad Caverns, Wind Cave, Devils Tower and Scottsbluff.  If you think Federal Employees are highly paid, please think again.  We know differently; most are not, especially in the service and hospitality divisions and departments.

We especially want to thank the unsung heroes who clean the toilets, pick up litter, empty the trash cans, keep trails trimmed back, cleans up after vandals, gives tours, mans admissions booths and information desks, minds the gift stores, etc.  We appreciate their patience and guidance with each visitor or guest that comes in.  They work hard to make us happy so we can enjoy our stay.  Each cancellation stamp we put into our NPS Passport book reminds us of… THEM!


Their trails are awesome, camping facilities bring families together and their are located in some of the greatest places in our Country.  Thanks to those who keep them running so all may enjoy; even for us out-of-staters.


We all whine and complain about road construction and the headaches that push us into traffic jams, unexpected slowdowns, bumpy road grades, blinding flashing lights, etc.  Without them though, our travel ways would be difficult.  We appreciate them filling in the smallest of potholes to building huge roadway marvels.

A huge thanks for working in the blistering heat on hot black asphalt, standing in the bitter cold directing traffic, driving loud beeping machinery, and most of all, putting their lives on the line to provide safe transportation roadways.  We will always ‘give them a brake’ when we see those orange barrels, bright yellow shirts and decreased speed limit signs.


Many thanks for keeping us safe, traffic control and ticketing excessive speeders that may potentially cause an accident, pulling behind a broken down vehicle and putting on their lights to alert motorists to caution and waiting for tow trucks to arrive.

We are grateful for them ‘getting the bad guys’ off the streets so we can enjoy their cities and towns safely, for being first on scene of an accident and treating the injured as they would their own families.  Oh, and lets not forget giving directions when we are in unfamiliar territory.  Their willingness to put your lives on the line ‘for us’ is immeasurable.


What can we say?  These Heroes are willing to go into burning buildings when everyone else runs out.  They rescue those in peril putting their lives before your own.  Bless them for what they do.  Its a personal calling which we truly understand and can relate to.  We will always pull over so they can get to their call quickly…and say a prayer.
We pray it will never be us.



These guys and gals are great!  The plethora of information they provide is outstanding.  Their pride in their state is immeasurable.  We are those RV travelers who love to visit and talk with them; asking where the best sights are, traffic and road conditions, etc.  We adore their welcoming smiles the moment we walk in and their eagerness to provide the best hospitality of their state.  We are grateful for the hundreds of brochures, maps, pamphlets we’ve collected and read through.

Be it known, we do not throw them away as most do.  We collect what we’ve finished and place them in club houses, laundry facilities and reading rooms of RV parks and resorts.  We want to share what they’ve provided us…and save trees…and carbon footprint.


We are extremely appreciative of clean restrooms, picnic areas and grounds.  On our travel days, we stop and have lunch at these facilities.  We love clean and sturdy picnic tables, manicured and landscaped grounds, and debris-free parking lots.  Though we are not dog owners, we really appreciate their dog walking areas so the pups can stretch their legs too.  We are grateful for their maintenance crews seeing to it that toilets, doors, lights, etc. are all in working order.  We know these don’t magically appear and stay maintained on their own.

We also wish to thank our families and friends; for understanding our quest to chase our dream (even though you all thought we were crazy in our heads when we announced it). We also wish to thank those businesses who allow us to lotdock while we are enroute to our destinations, when we were too tired to continue or were broke down.  We appreciate the donations of products and services from companies to try so we can test, review and share with others.
We are also appreciative of all of those RVers who have gone before us to pave the way making it a tad bit easier, less stressful and more enjoyable.  We learn from others who blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and partake in RV related online forums.  We couldn’t have even begun journey without your guidance.  There are so many to name that we’d be embarrassed if we left any out so if you’re reading this and have helped us along the way, whether it was recommending a resort or rv park, telling us of a less-visited cool place, sharing the best route(s), advising us of repairs and product recommendations, etc., we treasure you!
I know, I know, we sound like we’re at the microphone of the Oscars but seriously, this is what its all about.  We are so grateful to be able to gallivant all over our Country in search of the perfect memory, picture and story to share but we couldn’t do this alone.  SO, we tip our hats, give a salute, a handshake and a smile to show our thanks.
Keep up the good work!



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