Changed our name but not our stripes…

For the information of All Hands…

If you’ve noticed (we hope you have!), we have converted from our free blogspot to our own domain.  Our new blog website address is:

We are still ‘Liberty’ and she’s still our Land Yacht.  We just needed an ‘identifier’ for networking and social media.  We will continue to use the same format (for now) as its what we are comfortable with.  As well, with our professional blog writing and other submissions (yes, we have jobs!), we are already incredible busy.  We’d rather go out and FIND cool stuff to blog ABOUT than sit in our Land Yacht Liberty making our blog all nice and pretty.  Its what works for us.  In the next few months though, we will be tweaking to include more:

  • Product Reviews (Sharing our experiences with products used in/on Liberty)
  • Galley Recipes
  • Main Control (Maintenance and Modifications on Liberty)
  • Grog & Grub (Pub & Restaurant Reviews)

We are always up for requests and suggestions to make our blog more appealing to not only RVers, but travelers (no matter which mode you choose) and those who wish to live vicariously through our experiences and stories.  We also vie for a following from school-age children and teachers as we blog about the cool places we’ve visited and their history, geography, geology and other goodies to enrich their minds.  We hope also, to be an inspiration for others who may want to throw their own caution to the wind and follow suit.  Whichever it is, you can email us at, or Facebook private message us at Always On Liberty.

We are always up for finding new places to visit and see friends and family.  That’s why we have wheels!  Do you have a clean, level spot on your property to accomodate our 42′ fifth wheel, our dingy (small tote that holds our dual sport motorcycles) and Captain America?  We’d love to come visit!  We are becoming more self-contained and self sufficient. Or, if you’re close to an RV park or resort that can accomodate our size, we would love to come visit (when its warm and sunny outside LOL).

So, we are grateful for all of our followers!  It shows us that you are interested in what we are doing and where we are going.  Did you know you can ‘subscribe’ to receive notifications via email anytime we submit a new blog story?  Up there in the top right of our blog is where you submit your email.

Finally, NONE of our travels would be possible without the support of our friends and family; even though when we came clean with our idea, they thought we were crazy in the head!  We appreciate all of those who cross our paths with insight, advice, suggestions, and a helping hand when we needed it.  We always ‘have our ears on’.  Likewise, we are always eager to helping others whom need our weak minds and strong backs (or vice versa!)

Until our next blog entry…fair winds to you all.

— Captain Dan, Lisa (Navigator, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer) and our Nomad Cats, Krissie and Kandi

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