RV SnapPads – Product Review

“Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!”  -Marilyn Monroe

While attending a few Heartland Owners Club Rally’s, we were intrigued by a new product out there.  We noticed on quite a few Heartlands, these rubberized, octagon-shaped “shoes” that attached to the underside of their leveling jacks.  After speaking with quite a few Heartland Owners who had them, we were hoping we’d win them as one of the big door prize drawings, but since we didn’t, we decided to just get them ourselves.

Jack Wood Blocks
Our old handmade leveling blocks
Now, as RV’ers, there’s no doubt that there comes a time when you’ll have to ‘blacktop boondock’ in a parking lot sometime or you’ll rent a site at a campground, park or resort that requires you to ‘use your leveling blocks’.  One of the biggest courtesy rules for RVers is never put your jacks down directly on the asphalt surface because they, depending on the temperature, could damage the asphalt surface and/or your RV.
But these help with that.  Also, when we’re on crunch time (quick setup and take down), we don’t want to be getting out and setting up our homemade or PVC grid leveling blocks if we don’t need to. Once they are installed, they are on.  You don’t need to take them off.

So, we went to their website to learn more about the RV SnapPads.
After which, I got a nod from Dan to order our  RV SnapPad Xtra.

Five things here that have grabbed our interest about RV SnapPads:

  1. The cost; seriously, for five pennies short of $150, this was easily doable for our wallet.  We looked at it as an investment.
  2. What they are made of; it’s a ‘green’ product meaning they come from recycled rubber.
  3. The fact that we essentially won’t need our homemade leveling blocks most of the time (unless we’re on a sloped site or terrain).
  4. Installation is a breeze!!  Simply push your self-leveling buttons and placement of RV SnapPads is all you need.
  5. They are MADE IN THE USA!!  This is incredibly important to us as consumers.  By purchasing their product, we know that money made from them is feeding an American Family.

A few short days after ordering them while we were parked in Pahrump, Nevada, we were eager to slip on our RV’s new shoes.  The box was rather heavy; came by UPS brown truck.



Because it was below 30 degrees, we decided to wait, not because of the product but we don’t like to do anything out in that kind of cold.  Once the days started getting over 50 degrees, we proceeded with the simple installation.
It actually took less time than we thought.  In the box, there was an
explicit sheet of instructions.  It’s important to follow them to a T for proper and safe installation…and we did.


Each pad withstands well over 10,000 pounds of pressure.  Being Liberty is 18,000 pounds gross weight, that’s more than enough to support our 5th wheel.    

Also, as quoted on their site:
“Current SnapPads will work for LCI’s (Lippert Components Inc.) ‘Level Up’ and ‘Ground Control 3.0’ with 9” round metal jack feet.  Unfortunately, there is
no master list of what leveling systems are on which RV’s.  We recommend you double check which system your rig has prior to purchasing.  Still
not sure?  Contact us and we’ll help figure it out.”
 Now, here’s the part that got us raving!  When we installed the second two (middle two jacks), the rubber cracked as the jacks slipped into the pads (shoes).  Dan threw his hands up in the air in frustration but I calmed him down and told him not to worry because I’ve read about this company’s reputation of making things right.
 I took photos with my cellphone and fired off a quick email to their customer service and I KID YOU NOT, not even a half hour later, I received an email apologizing and that there were two replacements being sent right away.
 Seriously, I don’t think it was 3 days that the replacements were waiting for us in the RV resort office.  So, we went through the installation process again and these two did just fine.
 Now our Heartland Landmark 5th wheel is stylin’ and profilin’!  Only a couple days after putting them on, we started getting visitors asking about them.  We gave them the information.
Even Liberty got to go to the ball with her new shoes!
Before we buy a product of any kind, we do extensive research on it.  We also look at the ethics of the company.  We are big into reading reviews; this being no different.  What really sold us on choosing this product was not only the product itself but the genuine caring the company puts out there.  They truly want you to be happy with your SnapPads.
Each Set of SnapPads come with thorough printed directions.

So, we’ve had our RV SnapPads since and LOVE them!!

UPDATE!!! RV SnapPads have manufactured products for Motorhomes.

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  1. Thanks for the review. We have considered these and we went ahead and a ordered. I put the code in for discount and it didn't reflect at the end of the order. I emailed them and within an hour I got a response that they would credit us for it. Love the quick customer service for sure. Can't wait to get them and try them out on our Road Warrior. Thanks so much for the review.

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