When RVers Choose the Wrong RV park


Usually, we are more selective in finding a campground, RV park or RV resort that ‘fit us’.  Not this time.  We made the costly mistake of not making reservations back in the late fall.  Our fault…and we paid for it dearly.


One of the best pieces of advice we received from seasoned full-time traveling RVers when we started our journey is ‘that’s why they have wheels’.

Don’t like your neighbors?  Move.
Don’t like where the RV park?  Move.
Don’t like the weather?  Move.


Well, this is one of those times we are taking their advice.  Our reason for moving?  We’re BORED STIFF!  Here we sit at an undisclosed RV Park in Yuma, AZ and we are biting the bullet to leave. If we hadn’t already paid six Benjamins to secure our place in this little eighty by thirty foot piece of Arizona heaven for two weeks, we would have left much earlier to head for the hills and mountains. (Curse you, John Muir!!)


Humor me and picture this for a moment…



..adult-sized tricycles, shuffleboard, dogs in strollers, dogs being walked by elders riding their adult tricycles, etc.  Its actually quite the busy little place.  I walked in the craft room and was met with, ‘OMG, you look just like my grand-daughter!’  I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a compliment or what.  We have gotten stern looks like Howard Stern walking in church.


The grounds of this particular RV park are absolutely beautiful and very well kept and maintained.  They have three pools, hot tubs, activities out the wazoo that out-do any cruise ship but seriously, playing pinochle, shuffleboard and talking about high school sock hops from the 1950’s is hard…to…do. Heck, we weren’t even born yet.   We’ve always kept in the backs of our minds, ‘try it you’ll like it’ but seriously, we aren’t ready for this.


We are square people trying to fit in a circle. There’s nothing wrong with this place.  It’s ‘US’ who are wrong for this place.



Though we enjoy peace and quiet, we also enjoy a bit of chaos, crookedness, coloring outside the lines, and staying up past 8:00pm.  If it wasn’t for our day-trips to Mexico or to the Castle Dome Ghost Town…geeze, I don’t know!  Getting the Captain’s tooth pulled in Mexico was seemingly, the most excitement we’ve had there.



Please don’t think we are being disrespectful.  This is the perfect RV park
for much elder retirees looking for quiet and peaceful.  In fact, this probably is the place we will seek in about 20 or so years but right now, this surely isn’t the place for two active, outdoorsy, more rugged, adventuresome 50+ year olds.


Yuma is notorious for being the RV Snowbird Capital of the World west of the Mississippi.  We learned the appeal to Yuma is the geographic location to the very low cost dentists, prescriptions and shopping across the Mexican border.


Other than a visit to the local goat and sheep farms and to the Arizona
Marketplace, (which by the way, is an excellent place to buy ladies bird or flower bedazzled t-shirt with matching shorts) there is absolutely nothing inviting to ‘us’ to return.


Last night, we took a walk in the hood (the resort) and I swear its Christmas all year round with all the snowbird’s lights in forms of palm trees, flamingos, etc.  There are pink lights, purple lights, lime green lights; it feels like we’re at Taco Bell.



Most of the snowbirds have tiny little figurine gardens with metal frogs, plastic flowers, ceramic dogs, a dozen solar walkway lights and LED rope lights outlining their site like runways at an airport….oh, and their handcrafted, wood signs with Elmer & Elsa, their dogs Fido & Fifi with their hometown in Montana, Canada or some other frozen tundra place.



We hope you appreciate we’re being playfully honest.  We’ve met some
great folks here and seen some beautiful coaches.  The staff are cordial and friendly.  The grounds are exceptional and the sites where we are bigger than most (that we’re paying dearly for)!



But even our fuzzyhead nomads were bored too.


So, we’ve put this one on our list of Top 10 Places NOT to Visit. We’re not going to publish ‘this’ place but will keep it in the backs of our minds.  But, we are laughing at ourselves on this one.  We thought we’d fit in anywhere but quite the contrary.  In a few days though, we will resume our dirty, fly-by-the-seat of-our-pants, much faster paced, rugged life.  We will be rolling out early to ‘go be with our people’.


We want to go where we can ride our mudpuppies in the desert because we surely can’t ride them HERE!

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3 Replies to “When RVers Choose the Wrong RV park”

  1. As always you keep the travels fun. Keep the blogs coming for you guys are living the dream that the rest of us can only watch. So glad I met you both. Take care and safe travels,
    Becky Henning

  2. Haha. This was funny. We are 53 and 55. Find some same issues. We belong to a Goodsam local club of Houston. Next older couple is late 60's quick to 80. My wife is the life of the party there, she gets them all motivated.

  3. I hear ya! I'm a young active 62 girl married to a very young 56 boy in a park with 70-80 folks! Very nice people but we hear all about their medical issues & broken body parts!
    We're fulltimers & just bought TT which I think will help! Keep us inform!!

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