20 RV and Camper Hacks on a Dime

We’ve all heard of the word ‘HACK’. Just about everything has a hack these days; even RV’s. Hacks are inexpensive remedies; utilizing objects that are meant for other intended purposes.  We’ve put together a comprehensive list of cheap hacks, tips and ideas to make living in an RV or camper simpler.

20 RV and Camper Hacks


They are annoying yet genius hack in the same sentence. They come in almost anything that’s packed in a box for shipping or packaging; new small appliances, electronics, etc. We stow these smaller anti-moisture packets in our silverware drawer, pill storage box, camera equipment pouches, small purses or bags.

And for our cookware drawer, cutting board storage, herbs/spice cabinet, big camera bag, luggage and totes, tool box, battery storage containers, clothes and shoe storage, closets, fishing tackle boxes, and our house battery storage compartment, we place bigger anti-moisture packets. They have been the perfect answer to moisture issues in high humidity regions of the country.

Warning: DO NOT OPEN PACKETS!  Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 2


We call them cord bendies.  We’ve seen these in stores that are sold as a hardware/home item but they are expensive. We found them in the hair care section for a just a buck a pack!  When they wear out, just toss and buy a new pack.  They have a foam outer with thick wire inside.  Wrap them around electrical and electronic cords, etc.  These hacks come 5-10 per bag in different gauges and lengths.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 3


We install these tension curtain rods in our cabinets and refrigerator on moving days. They can extend according to the lengths you need and have grippy rubber ends to keep them in place.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 4


We saw this cool hack on Pinterest and immediately started using it. What are they?  Simple garden flag holders.  They have two prongs that stick in the ground near the picnic table or just outside your basement/storage compartments. We even stick it in the ground near the truck when Dan’s working under the hood. Great picnic hack!

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 5


We have a bunch of these for storage purposes.  These gadget storage boxes  store everything from batteries, Command Strips and hooks, small hardware pieces, etc.  Label each to identify the contents on the ends and stack them in a cabinet. You can use this hack in every room of your RV.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 6


We cut small squares and put them between dishes, inside pots and pans to protect the cooking surface while in transit and in cabinets so things don’t shift or slide around. They are placed under DVD players and electronics inside cabinets, underneath small indoor mats and rugs. We cut them the same shape as lamp or canister bottoms so they don’t slide around on the counters.  They can even be cut into a small square to use for opening new jars of pickles.  They also are great for putting under Krissie and Kandi’s pet beds so they don’t slide off the furniture.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 7


We already had these cool drawer sets from our former S&B so we just brought them with us.  They are lightweight and can be stacked. We have stacked under the sink in the bathroom that has all of our first aid supplies and one in the bedroom that has all of Lisa’s cosmetics, nail care, travel size toiletries, etc.  We put the above rubber shelf liner (above) under them so they don’t slide during travel.  We use an extendable curtain rod vertically to keep the drawers from opening while in transit.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 8


Being prior military, we are so organized that we are borderline compulsive.  The first time we transitted, we opened a cabinet and had a bunch of stuff fall on our faces.  We remedied that by buying tons of baskets; ones with handles.  I took measurements of each cabinet, stored them in my phone and carried a small sewing tape measure to have when I went shopping.

We like baskets with handles for easy grabbing.  If we need something out of the cabinet, we simply grab the whole basket without having to rifle through the cabinet.  Nothing gets pushed in the back.  We use them in almost every cabinet in our RV. They are in the pantry and living area cabinets. We store maps, books and guides, motorcycle wear and gear, office supplies, small gifts and souvenirs. In the bedroom, we have them in our clothes closet that store ball caps, scarves, sandals, rolled t-shirts, etc.  Most of our baskets were found at Ross’s Stores; keeping them the same style for a cleaner and nicer appearance that we can show off when opening our cabinets.

Disclaimer: I can’t find these below however, I linked some other ones that may help with your cabinet organization.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 9


When I saw these clear storage containers I ordered a ton because I knew I’d use them.  We store our jars and small things in the refrigerator.  In the food pantry, we store gravy and soup packets, dip mixes, oatmeal and hot cocoa packets and other small items.  These hacks keep everything orderly and easy to see the contents.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 10


We had all of our small medicinal and prescription bottles on one of those tiered shelves in the medicine cabinet.  After our first transit, I opened the cabinet only to muttering words a salty sailor would be proud of. Then, while shopping for something on Amazon, I found these! I fell in love! Needless to say, look at the photo below why I’m so enamored with them!

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 11


Velcro aka ‘hook and loop’ fasteners are a necessary expense in your RV or Camper.  We attached remote controls near the recliners, the outdoor tv remote to the inside compartment, small wall art and picture frames to walls, items to inside cabinet doors, etc.  Command Strip Velcro now come weight rated on the packages. Even our LIBERTY quarterboard is attached to the outside of our 5th wheel and is easily removeable for underway days.

TIP: Be mindful with how much weight is put on them though as to not have the hook pull the wall paper away from the bulkheads.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 12


These are for attaching things more permanently.  We use them for attaching hooks.  We use the Command Hooks for attaching temporary decorations, strings of lights, etc. Great wall hanging hack!

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 13


We learned this little trick from other seasoned RVers when we first began our on-the-road travels.  Amazingly, most knick-knacks won’t move while in transit.  We’ve applied this mounting putty under the feet of our tea box and faux flower pot on our buffet counter. We love this stuff! It won’t damage your surfaces either.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 14


These are awesome to install on the wall side of the shower and adjust it to rest on the upper edge of your shower stall.  We hang wet clothes or towels on our tension shower curtain rod to dry.  We also hang our bathhouse shower bag, loofahs, body scrubbies, etc.  For extra holding power, we put mounting putty between the rubber ends and the wall.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 15


We just open the top of the new bag, slide it in this dry pet food storage container and seal.  No bugs or stale pet food.  What’s cool is it has a flip-top pouring spout. You can even store small bags of charcoal in it too!

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 16


This door pocket organizer fits perfectly on the door of our laundry/utility storage closet in the galley area. We keep bear spray, sunscreen, bug spray, cat brush, lint roller, flashlights, shopping tote bag, packing tape and markers, etc. in it’s pockets.  There’s no limit to this cool must-have for an RV or camper.  Just don’t overload it to affect the sway of the door or to put stress on the hinges.  We put little pieces of adhesive moleskin on the backside of the hooks as to not mar the door finish.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 17


One day, we grabbed a bottle of wine out of the liquor locker cabinet and a dozen Koozies fell on the floor.  It dawned on us that if we cut off the bottom and slid it over a bottle like a sleeve, they won’t clang together or break during transit.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 18


Oh, these little LED lights are awesome! Simply cut off the strap, attach museum putty to the backside and stick one  to the underside of a shelf in the pantry cabinet to light up the shelf below.  We put them everywhere; one inside our gauge and control panel, under the cabinet that lights up the commode in the middle of the night, in cabinets, inside drawers, etc.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 19

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 20


Don’t worry, they’re clean…and new!  We bought a multi-pair pack of the cheapest ankle socks to slide over our glassware when they are not in use.  And even if they do break, the broken glass will remain inside the sock.

Always On Liberty RV Hacks 21


This frame had a generic cardboard picture in our bedroom when we bought our RV.  We converted it by mounting 1/2″ foam rubber, adhering fabric to the board, and hanging the frame back up. Never had a single earring come down during transport and necklaces hang without coming off the pins.
Always On Liberty RV Hacks 22


So, those are our Top 20 RV and Camper Hacks on a Dime. You probably have some of your own that you should share; anything to make it easier for others who come after us.

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18 Replies to “20 RV and Camper Hacks on a Dime”

  1. Thank you!! Thank you for an article that was actually helpful. We’re new at RVing, and I’m already using a couple of these, but these are all ridiculously useful hacks that I will most definitely be using.

    1. Kristen, as silly as some are, THEY WORK! I’m sure you’ll find a few on your own. We all just have to find things that work. Even after four years on the road, we’re still learning. If you notice on our Facebook page that you may be in the same area as us, please holler. We love meeting up with other cool RV Peeps!

      Stay cool this summer! It’s definitely a hot one!

      -Dan & Lisa

  2. Great suggestions. Most of the products needed can be found at Dollar Tree. Save quite a bit of $ buying there. Anything they don’t have then shop elsewhere. Can save quite a bit for the lazy Susan idea. Just buy 2 metal pie plates at DT and some deco marbles also at DT. Put marbles in one, place the other on top of the marbles and it spins like a lazy Susan. May not look as fancy but spending $3 is better than $15 any day.

    1. We agree to shop where its most economical. It makes sense (and cents!) to save money anywhere we can. We are always looking for great ideas to share. Thank you for sharing yours! -Lisa

    1. We love our Young Living oils, blends, cleaning and personal hygiene products. We also consume their supplements. We know we don’t have to worry about ‘additives’ or fake stuff in them. It’s a brand AND community we trust. If you’re interested in purchasing, our distributor # is 1495003 when you register. Email us if you’re interested in getting a 24% discount on your orders. Stay healthy! -Lisa

  3. WOW… retirement for us is 16 months away – we are doing our homework now and these ideas are informative as well as eye-opening to the real side of mobile living. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Brenda! We’re so glad you took the time to read our blog(s). We try to give good useful information to everyone; whether you’re a dreamer, new RVer or Seasoned RV traveler. Keep poking around our blog. Lots of other amazing stuff in there! Best wishes on your journey! -Dan & Lisa

  4. We’ve been doing the paper towel hack for years now. First time a small breeze came through towels were flying!!
    Rubber band stopped that.

  5. This is the MOST helpful post I’ve ever read as we start our RV’ing life. I will copy you exactly!

    Thank you for making it.

    1. Thank you Rikke for reading this particular blog post. We hope others like it are helpful and will save you money and stress. Perhaps we’ll meet down the road sometime. In the meantime, travel safe and enjoy the sights! -Lisa & Dan

  6. Love all your ideas and plan on utilizing some of them. I’m blessed to be able to “retire” at 52 from healthcare. I already have my little piece of heaven in the NC mountains, now looking for that RV that I will make my permanent resident. Just me and a fur baby. I already live with the very minimal so just looking for the RV that feels right for me. I don’t like clutter so I love all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing. The few people that know my plan think I’m “crazy” ( not the safest for a single female) Of course they don’t “know” me. Didn’t plan on sharing all this info, just found your ideas great for me. Again thanks and happy travels!

    1. Kim, thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. We’re so glad our tips and tricks help make your RV Lifestyle worthwhile and fun. Keep on trucking on! Safe travels!! -Lisa

  7. I use a shoe organizer in the bathroom. Those medicine cabinets are pretty small. Bought a canvas one with mesh pockets. Very sturdy. Everything is easy to find and organized. I hung it on the inside of the bathroom door. I have also used the command Velcro. All my Knick knacks stay put during travel. Haven’t lost one yet. Thanks for all the great ideas.

    1. Bernie, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Those are great tips as well! Thank you for sharing them! Safe travels! -Dan & Lisa

  8. Thank you for this article. I have been struggling to try to find a way to protect the wine glasses while travelling. Great idea about the socks.

    1. Hello Nancy, glad our tips helped! Some of our ideas are born through disaster and mistakes. And others, we catch it before it happens. Hopefully, by our sharing them helps save our followers and audience some money and headaches down the road. Safe travels!! Don’t forget to follow us on our facebook page too!! http://www.facebook.com/alwaysonliberty -Dan & Lisa

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