20+ Genius RV Hacks to Organize & Store Things in Your Camper

RV hacks are inexpensive remedies by utilizing objects or ideas that are meant for other intended purposes in your motorhome or camper. These RV storage ideas are also creative ways to recycle items to organize your belongings, all the while, keeping your RV picked up and tidy. 

These brilliant RV lifestyle tips will help to make living in a motorhome or camper much simpler and more enjoyable! So, let’s check out these cheap RV hacks!

20 Brilliant RV Hacks

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20+ Genius RV Hacks Cheap Organization & Storage Ideas for Camper or Boat

Desiccant Packets

RV Hacks - Desiccant Packs

We travel throughout different parts of the country where there’s high humidity.

So, it’s imperative that we mitigate moisture issues before they start; inside closets, drawers and cabinets. Otherwise, we’d be dealing with toxic mold and mildew.

Desiccant packets, also known as desi packs, are a great way to keep contents inside your RV drawers, cabinets and compartments dry as a bone.

Desi packs come in different sizes to apply to different areas needed. We toss them wherever moisture may be present.

Places in your RV to put desiccant packs:

We also keep special larger desiccant packets in all of our RV’s basement compartments; including our RV house battery compartment.

These anti-moisture prevention RV hacks absorb any moisture before it gets to the items themselves.

Though the contents of the desi packs are non-toxic, each sachet does contain tiny pieces that could cause choking.

Therefore, do not break the packets open. And, keep away from children and pets.

Important Safety Notice!!

Desiccant packets contain either granular silicic acid, which resembles sand, or tiny gel beads. Keep out of reach of children or pets. Also, keep the packets intact. Loose granular may cause falls and injuries if they get on the floor.

✰ PRO TIP  Desiccant packs are just one way to help prevent moisture in your RV and small places you don’t want it, Read:  Stop Condensation in Your RV.

Cord Wraps

RV Hacks - Hair Bend Rods for Cord Wrappers - Always On Liberty

A cheap and simple way to keep electrical cords secure and organized is by using foam hair curling rods.

They come in different colors and thicknesses to accommodate all different size cords. You could even color code them for each member of the family.

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Command Velcro Strips

Command Velcro Strips are one of the best RV hacks to use inside your motorhome or camper.

You can use Command Velcro Strips to affix items to the wall without ruining the wall surface.

In our motorhome, we apply them to our wall art and picture frames, our pushpin corkboard map, our small plant sconces and wall mount organizers

We even attach small items to inside cabinet doors, etc.

Command Hooks

Similar to the Command Velcro above, another one of our favorite RV hacks are Command Hooks.

You can use them for hanging everything from towels and lightweight sweatshirts to ball caps and key chains.

And because they’re easily removable, they are useful for attaching holiday decorations, strings of lights, tinsel, etc. to even the outside of your RV. 

✰ READ MORE   For more suggested Command brand RV hacks and ideas: 30+ Command Strip Products for RVs, Campers & Boats.

Mounting Putty

Mounting putty is one of the best RV hacks ever! Also referred to as museum putty, mounting putty is a fantastic solution to keeping items on the counter from moving during travel.

To use, simply break off small amounts of putty and roll into tiny balls to make them pliable. Then, place each little putty ball under items you want to stay put.

Mounting putty acts like little grippy feet. And trust me, it works!

In our RV, we put mounting putty under small tabletop plants, our table lamp, soap dispensers, and small storage containers on our nightstand shelves.

I also apply mounting putty under each foot of our NutriBullet and air fryer so they don’t slide around on the counter while we’re driving down the road.

That way, we don’t have to stow them every time we relocate.

✰ PRO TIP   Place a small piece of mounting putty on the backside corners of your wall art so they don’t move around on the hook on moving days. No more tilted pictures!

Shower Curtain Tension Rod

RV Hacks - Shower Tension Rod

Since RVs don’t have much wall space to install clothing hooks, one of our best RV hacks is installing a regular shower curtain tension rod on the wall side of our shower.

For extra holding power, we put mounting putty between the rubber ends and the wall to keep it secure while rolling down the road.

We use shower curtain hooks to hang on the rod. This allows us to hang our wet bath towels, and rain coats to dry. We also hang our shower bag, loofahs and body scrubbies. 

Tension Rods

RV Hacks - Tension Rods in Refrigerator

Speaking of tension rods, small curtain tension rods are one of our favorite RV hacks. I use them to keep items secure in our refrigerator and kitchen cabinets.

On travel days, we extend them to fit snuggly inside our upper kitchen cabinets and inside refrigerator to keep contents from falling out when we open the doors. 

They easily extend according to your cabinet widths. Their grippy rubber ends help keep them in place.

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Rubber Liners

RV Hacks - Rubber Grip Shelf Liner

We custom-size rubber shelf liners to place in several different locations throughout our RV.

They protect breakables as well as they keep certain items from shifting or sliding around.

Other useful ways to use rubber shelf liners:

Place rubber shelf liner pieces between each of our dinner plates and bowls to keep them from chipping or breaking.

Put them between each of our pots and pans to keep them from clanging together.

They are great for keeping ceramic bakeware from scratching the one beneath each other.

Use to assist opening hard-to-open jars or bottles.

Fit in our cabinet and drawer bottoms to keep contents from shifting or sliding around on travel days.

Great for placing underneath DVD player or other electronic consoles to keep them from falling off a shelf or inside a cabinet.

Keep underneath all indoor mats and throw rugs to keep them from sliding on the floor.

Good for placing under pet beds to keep them from sliding off the slippery furniture.

Awesome solution to keep your CPAP device from moving around.

Glass Bottle Sleeves

One of the best RV hacks I’d like to credit for; using foam koozies to protect our wine and liquor bottles from getting broken.

Simply cut the bottoms off to create a sleeve. Then stretch the sleeve over each bottle to cover the widest part (some bottles have weird shapes). Use one or two depending on the size of the bottle.

Now, your booze and wine bottles won’t clang down the road. Or worse, break and make a mess! And, even my favorite Tervis tumblers will continue to look new without scratches.

But, another option is you can get actual bottle protectors instead.

Glass Stemware Protectors 

Another RV hack we use is using cheap socks to slide over individual glasses when they are not in use. The socks keep our glasses from clanging together or getting broken.

But, should one get broken, the broken glass will remain inside the sock. So, no glass shards to cleanup.

And, since the socks are cheap, I don’t mind just throwing the broken glass encased into the whole sock away.

However, after using them for awhile, I then found bottle protectors (above) that I also use on some of my tumblers that I don’t want scratched.

Plastic Drawer Organizers

Plastic Storage Drawers

We already had several different plastic drawer organizers when we transitioned from our home. So, we just brought some of them to our RV to organize our cabinets and closets.

Plastic drawer sets come in all different sizes and are comparatively lightweight. And they can stack onto each cabinet accordingly.

I’ll just use a small amount of mounting putty under each corner where one nests atop the other and press into place. This way, they won’t slide off each other during transit.

We stack some under our bathroom sink to keep first aid supplies, small toiletry items and my cosmetics.

We also keep a bigger set of plastic drawers under our kitchen sink to store cat food cans and treat pouches, store-bought spice and rubs, cleaning cloths, and even those tiny liquor bottles.

To keep the plastic drawers from sliding under the cabinets, we custom size that same rubber shelf liner and place it directly under the drawer set onto the cabinet shelf.

We also install spring rods vertically to keep the drawers from opening on travel days.

Lazy Susan Shelf Organizer

RV Hacks - Clear Lazy Susan - Cabinet Organizer

We learn that we can’t store medicine bottles, lotions and oil loose in the medicine cabinet. Because, once you open your medicine cabinet, you’ll know why I say this.

After doing a little research, I found this clear lazy susan that makes a fantastic shelf organizer. Needless to say, you can see why I’m so enamored with it! With a quick spin, I can grab whatever I need.

When it comes to travel days, no more messes falling out when I open the cabinet!

Multi-Purpose Storage Boxes

Craft Storage Box

When you live tiny in an RV, boat or even tiny house, it’s important to stay organized and tidy. So, to keep small pieces of hardware, screws, nuts and bolts organized and easy to get to. 

But we also use a few of these multi-compartment storage boxes to store anything and everything!

Those compartmentalized craft boxes also hold my daily supplements, over the counter blister pack pills, jewelry, small cosmetic and perfume samples. 

Once they’re full of contents, I use my label maker to identify what’s in each box on the ends.

That way, when we stack them in overhead cabinets or inside drawers in our RV, we can pick out exactly what we need without guessing what’s inside them.

Clear Storage Bins 

RV Hacks - Clear Refrigerator Storage Bins

Once we started RVing, I quickly learned that clear storage bins are perfect for organizing our refrigerator.

All of the contents stay intact during travel days; even the jars! So, no more spilled salsa on the floor whenever we open the door!

They are also great for storing our crab and tuna packets, shredded cheeses, lemons and limes, and condiment packets.

In our pantry, we use those clear plastic bins to store gravy and soup mix packets, dehydrated dip mixes, oatmeal packets and other small items.

And, since they are transparent, it’s easy to see the contents without having to rummage through them.

Pet Food Storage Container

RV hacks - Dry Pet Food Storage Containers

If you take your pets along with you on your RV adventures, you’ll need to carry their food onboard. Their dry kibble needs to be kept dry and bug-free.

Pet food storage containers with airtight seals will do just that.

First, you won’t have to worry about pest intrusion and your pets food will be safe from contamination.

And second, using airtight food containers will help keep their dry kibble from getting stale.

What’s cool is they have a flip-top pouring spout.

But say you don”t have pets in your RV with you, you can use them to store charcoal, wood grilling chips or campfire kindling.

What’s great about these containers is they stack and are on wheels so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting to move them from point A to point B.

✰ PRO TIP  To keep moisture out of any dry food storage, throw in a desi pack or two into the storage container or even the original package.

Cabinet Basket Storage

RV hacks - Soft Baskets for Cabinets

After our first day of pulling our fifth wheel down the road, we opened a cabinet only to have everything fall in our faces or at our feet.

It was such a mess that I had to figure something out to keep that from happening again.

So, I took measurements of each cabinet; taking into account the allotted space and hinges. I then found soft baskets that have easy-grab handles.

And the baskets fit in our cabinets perfectly!

They’re super easy to get in and out of our cabinets because of their handles. And because they are made of soft rope textile, they don’t scratch the cabinet edge when I pull them out.

Now, when we need something out of the cabinet, we simply grab the whole basket without having to rifle through the cabinet.

Also, nothing gets pushed in the back of the cabinets or drawers. Everything stays organized and secure.

We store everything from paper maps and guide books, GoPro camera and gear, small electronic gadgets, battery banks, cables, small USB fans, etc.

In our clothing closet, we store ball caps, scarves, bras, underwear and socks in them. I even sure my essential oils in a basket as well so they’re all in one place.

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Always On Liberty - Living the RV LIFE

Door Pocket Organizer

Door Pocket Storage Camping Hack

I found that a hanging door shoe organizer is perfect for keeping essential items easily accessible. Yet, everything is neatly stowed and out of the way on our fifth wheel laundry closet door.

It’s a great storage solution to keep many different things in their place until you need them.

There’s no limit to what you can put in this clever RV hack! 

Jewelry Organizer

Earring and Jewelry Organizer

I had to find a way to store my pierced dangle earrings. But didn’t want them tucked away in a box because then they become ‘out of sight, out of mind’.

And, having them easily accessible, I could quickly coordinate my jewelry with with my outfits without having to dig in a box.

To do this, I took down the framed wall art that was in our bedroom and converted it to a jewelry organizer.

After dismantling the whole frame, I cut and mounted craft foam onto the existing poster board using spray glue.

I then mounted large weave fabric using the same spray glue to the foam. After everything was trimmed and glued, I secured it back into the frame and VOILA!

To hang the frame, I used Command velcro to secure the entire jewelry display on the wall.

To this day, I’ve never had a single earring come off during travel days.

I also stuck a few corsage pins in to hang some of my necklaces and bracelets.

✰ READ MORE ✰  Looking for other ways to store or display your jewelry? Check out these Jewelry Organizers for RVs and Small Spaces.

LED Headlamps

Headlamp LED Light Camping Hack

LED headlamps are not only great for camping, walking or fixing this in the dark, they are also one of my favorite cheap but useful RV hacks!

I found a bin of them for a dollar each at Walmart. The wheels were turning in my head of how I could use them in our RV.

But, since they’re hard to find now (because people had the same ideas?), I did find some comparable headlamps on Amazon that work equally as good, if not better and for not very much money.

But still, headlamps are great to wear when doing RV maintenance projects at night or inside dark compartments.

They’re also fantastic for grilling in the dark or taking the dog out for a walk at night. They easily light the way leaving your hands instead of constantly holding a flashlight.

You can even attach one to your dog’s collar so he can be seen.

Another RV hack using these headlamps is to cut the strap off of each light. Then, secure the light under a cabinet or underside of a shelf using fun tack.

We also mounted one under our medicine cabinet to give just enough light for middle of the night bathroom visits.

Now, with a push of a button, these cool little LED lights light up our RV’s control panel, inside cabinets and basement compartments.

We even keep a couple inside our toad in case we break down in the dark.

Dan can just slip one on his head and look under the hood without having to again, hold a flashlight while turning wrenches or screwdrivers.

Outdoor Paper Towel Holder

RV Hacks - Outdoor Paper Towel Holder Hack

We certainly can’t take credit for this clever and innovative RV hack. However, it’s definitely worth sharing because it’s one of the coolest things we’ve seen!

A simple garden flag holder makes a great paper towel holder.

Just stick its’ two prongs anywhere in the grass or dirt; at your outdoor kitchen, near your grill or picnic table. You can also keep one by the water spigot for when you need to wash your hands.

But, what if you don’t have grass or soft ground to install it into the ground? Or, you’d like for your new paper towel holder to be mobile?

You’ll definitely want to get a garden flag stand base. Then, you could place your paper towel holder anywhere.

When you’re finished using it as a paper towel holder, simply replace your paper towels with your favorite camping garden flag.

And you can hang a plastic throwaway trash bag on the hook right next to the paper towels.

✰ PRO TIP ✰  Every RV and Camper should have certain tools for maintenance and repairs: Top 10 Must Have Tools to Keep in Your RV Tool Kit

Recycled Wrapping Paper 

RV Hacks - Recycle Paper Bags for Wrapping Paper

We love to send our Grandson gifts and souvenirs from all the cool places we go too. He especially loves getting our packages from National Parks!

But, instead of buying expensive rolls of wrapping paper, we recycle paper bags instead just like the old days!

I also keep a small roll of jute twine (they come in different colors!), white butcher’s string or fun baker’s twine (comes in a variety pack) to tie them up for a nice touch.

I also recycle used padded envelopes and small boxes too!

Until I need them, I collapse them down and store them under the mattress or loft of our motorhome.

I’ll use a big sharpie to block out all previous shipping information on the envelope or box.

Disinfecting Wipes Container

RV Hacks - Disinfecting Wipes Container - Always On Liberty

Anything I can can’t stand is leaving cleaning supplies out because they’re so ugly.

But, I found a way to make my disinfecting wipes container actually look cute enough to stay out on the counter.

I slit the plastic label up the side and carefully removed it from the container. Then, I layed it flat and traced it onto a sheet of vinyl adhesive sheet.

After, I carefully separated the adhesive from the sheet backing and worked the vinyl around the circumference of the container.

Those adhesive sheets come come in different patterns, glow-in-the-dark galaxy theme, metallic solidsholographic or glitter, or regular solid colors to coordinate with your interior decor theme or colors.

Oh, and another RV hack, I decorated an empty container and use it to store our toilet brush in.

To keep the container stuck on the floor, I just used a few more pieces of mounting putty on the bottom and stuck it to the clean floor surface in the corner by the toilet.

And, these cylindrical disinfectant wipes containers make perfect little trash cans to keep in the cockpit of your motorhome or car dash. 

It’s just a cool way to dress up those ugly yet useful plastic recyclable containers, not limited to just these disinfectant wipes recyclable containers.

Wrapping up our list of helpful RV hacks

As you see, you can apply these innovative and clever RV hacks almost anywhere in or outside of your motorhome or camper, boat or really, anywhere!

These simple hacks and storage ideas make RV living easier so you can enjoy the ride without worrying about all of your belongings arriving in once piece at your destination!

Do you have any RV and camping hacks not mentioned above? We’d love for you to share them in our comments!

And lastly, check out RV Love’s book “RV HACKS” that has over 400 ways to make living on the road easier, safer and tons more fun!

Always On Liberty - RV Hacks Book

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  1. Thank you!! Thank you for an article that was actually helpful. We’re new at RVing, and I’m already using a couple of these, but these are all ridiculously useful hacks that I will most definitely be using.

    1. Kristen, as silly as some are, THEY WORK! I’m sure you’ll find a few on your own. We all just have to find things that work. Even after four years on the road, we’re still learning. If you notice on our Facebook page that you may be in the same area as us, please holler. We love meeting up with other cool RV Peeps!

      Stay cool this summer! It’s definitely a hot one!

      -Dan & Lisa

  2. Great suggestions. Most of the products needed can be found at Dollar Tree. Save quite a bit of $ buying there. Anything they don’t have then shop elsewhere. Can save quite a bit for the lazy Susan idea. Just buy 2 metal pie plates at DT and some deco marbles also at DT. Put marbles in one, place the other on top of the marbles and it spins like a lazy Susan. May not look as fancy but spending $3 is better than $15 any day.

    1. We agree to shop where its most economical. It makes sense (and cents!) to save money anywhere we can. We are always looking for great ideas to share. Thank you for sharing yours! -Lisa

    1. We love our Young Living oils, blends, cleaning and personal hygiene products. We also consume their supplements. We know we don’t have to worry about ‘additives’ or fake stuff in them. It’s a brand AND community we trust. If you’re interested in purchasing, our distributor # is 1495003 when you register. Email us if you’re interested in getting a 24% discount on your orders. Stay healthy! -Lisa

  3. WOW… retirement for us is 16 months away – we are doing our homework now and these ideas are informative as well as eye-opening to the real side of mobile living. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Hi Brenda! We’re so glad you took the time to read our blog(s). We try to give good useful information to everyone; whether you’re a dreamer, new RVer or Seasoned RV traveler. Keep poking around our blog. Lots of other amazing stuff in there! Best wishes on your journey! -Dan & Lisa

  4. We’ve been doing the paper towel hack for years now. First time a small breeze came through towels were flying!!
    Rubber band stopped that.

  5. This is the MOST helpful post I’ve ever read as we start our RV’ing life. I will copy you exactly!

    Thank you for making it.

    1. Thank you Rikke for reading this particular blog post. We hope others like it are helpful and will save you money and stress. Perhaps we’ll meet down the road sometime. In the meantime, travel safe and enjoy the sights! -Lisa & Dan

  6. Love all your ideas and plan on utilizing some of them. I’m blessed to be able to “retire” at 52 from healthcare. I already have my little piece of heaven in the NC mountains, now looking for that RV that I will make my permanent resident. Just me and a fur baby. I already live with the very minimal so just looking for the RV that feels right for me. I don’t like clutter so I love all of your ideas. Thank you for sharing. The few people that know my plan think I’m “crazy” ( not the safest for a single female) Of course they don’t “know” me. Didn’t plan on sharing all this info, just found your ideas great for me. Again thanks and happy travels!

    1. Kim, thank you for taking the time to read our blog post. We’re so glad our tips and tricks help make your RV Lifestyle worthwhile and fun. Keep on trucking on! Safe travels!! -Lisa

  7. I use a shoe organizer in the bathroom. Those medicine cabinets are pretty small. Bought a canvas one with mesh pockets. Very sturdy. Everything is easy to find and organized. I hung it on the inside of the bathroom door. I have also used the command Velcro. All my Knick knacks stay put during travel. Haven’t lost one yet. Thanks for all the great ideas.

    1. Bernie, thanks for taking the time to read and comment. Those are great tips as well! Thank you for sharing them! Safe travels! -Dan & Lisa

  8. Thank you for this article. I have been struggling to try to find a way to protect the wine glasses while travelling. Great idea about the socks.

    1. Hello Nancy, glad our tips helped! Some of our ideas are born through disaster and mistakes. And others, we catch it before it happens. Hopefully, by our sharing them helps save our followers and audience some money and headaches down the road. Safe travels!! Don’t forget to follow us on our facebook page too!! http://www.facebook.com/alwaysonliberty -Dan & Lisa

    1. Hi Donna, thank you for taking the time to read our article. We’ve used Command Strips for many years. They have to be taken off very carefully with two hands; one pulling the removal tab while the other hand pushes lightly on the top of the strip working it’s way down until the strip comes off. We’ve had one that did pull the wallpaper away by causing a bubble, but I repaired it by slitting the wallpaper and carefully working a little glue into the bubble and smoothing out until it was completely flat. I hope this helps. Sorry yours caused damage. YIKES!

  9. Question: I like the idea of the framed panel hanging on the wall to store necklaces & earrings. What type of hook is being used to hang the items? ( I can’t see them in the photo).

  10. There are some good tips I’ve never seen before. Foam curlers! Where have you been all my life? I ordered some immediately.
    I will keep this for future reference. Thank you for posting.

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