5 Reasons You Should Join Your RV Manufacturer’s Owners Club

We’ve owned two different 5th wheels since we’ve been RVing.  We’ve also been a member of the manufacturer’s owners club; ours being Heartland Owners Club (both or our coaches were/are Heartland RVs).  As members, we’ve attended three National/North American Rallies and several Regional and State Rallies!

Not only are the rallies fun but they also are educationally gratifying and we are opportune to witness how our RVs are manufactured. But they’re more than that, hence, the reason why we’ve put this blog together.


We’d like to share 5 reasons why we think you should become owners club members and participants of your RV manufacturer.


Many manufacturers have their own online discussion forums. Most are private and require you to sign up but once you do, there’s a plethora of departments and topics in which you, as an owner,s club member can ask or answer.  To become a member of the discussion forum, usually, one does not need to be a ‘club member’, however, after joining the forum, why wouldn’t you?


Many manufacturer owners clubs host their annual or biannual National Rally.
To participate, most likely, you will have to be a club member. Often, they will be near the manufacturer’s location. The Owners Club President (title may vary) is usually the one who organizes it with the assistance from the manufacturer and club leadership.  A National Rally lasts approximately three, five, even up to even seven days.  A good National Rally will have so much going on that you will barely have enough time to sleep.

During a jam-packed fun rally, there will be a great assortment of RV related presentations and workshops led by RV component companies talking about their products or services. Most likely, there will also be classes on RV maintenance, troubleshooting, renovation or remodeling ideas as well as  lifestyle classes (jewelry making, essential oils, cooking, etc.).  But there’s more than just classes and workshops at rallies.


Additionally, there may be Vendor tables from RV component manufacturers, RV products and services, and lifestyle products and services of owners club members (ie. MLM, handcrafts, etc.).  

There may be catered meals as well as outside tours and dinners.  This is a great opportunity to network with other owners club members and exchange travel and business cards.



At the National Rally or manufacturing factory site. Owners Club members get to see some of the new(er) models as well as take a tour of the factory.  You can see what the manufacturer is doing to improve, add to, as well as witness the start-to-finish assembly of how your coach are  manufactured.  These tours will give a more comprehensive understanding of the engineering, build quality, etc.

Regional and state rallies are smaller than a National Rally and are easier for those who are unable to bring their RV cross country. They generally include one or more class/workshops, have an evening of entertainment, catered meal and door prizes. Region rallies tend to be held annually and cater to members within a geographic region as well as club members who may be traveling in the region.

Chapter rallies are smaller than a Region Rally.  Those venues tend to be smaller and more intimate.  Chapter rallies generally include potluck meals, a presentation or two, games, campfires and door prizes. Chapter rallies tend to be more fellowship driven.


Like most any owners club membership, there may be a manufacturer’s members only discount for ordering parts and accessories.  There
also may be time sensitive incentives for new product purchases at different
times of the year or at rally times.


This is probably the best part of becoming a club member. Members who are active participants in their RV club will have a better understanding of the RV industry, manufacturing and why the owners club exists. A lot of members become lifelong friends and coordinate trips and stops to meet up with each other.


5)   COST

The cost of a magazine subscription is mostly all that will it will take for you to join most RV manufacturer club memberships.  With your membership, you will no doubt, get a packet with all of the informative benefits, decals and/or plates for your RV, and perhaps other swag goodies.

Now that you’ve read all the benefits, what’s holding you back from joining your RV Manufacturer’s Club?  You’ve really nothing to lose and so much to gain; friendships, knowledge, and fun! We know clubs aren’t for everybody but thinking about the wealth of information alone and the sense of belonging should be your invitation.  Memberships are what you make of it.  Some things, you just can’t put a price tag on.

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