Waterless Wash Wax ALL for RVs, Boats and Automobiles

How do we keep our fifth wheel and motorhome exterior finish looking like it just came straight from the RV showroom? Well, we’ve discovered Waterless Wash Wax ALL is the best RV exterior care product that requires no water, no ladder to climb on and is super easy to get on the road. But wait! We’ll also will share more of their product line we use for both, our RV interior and all of our RV’s exterior!

RV Maintenance and Exterior - Wash Wax All - Always On Liberty
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What kind of RV cleaning product(s) we were looking for

One of the deciding factors in purchasing our Heartland Landmark luxury fifth wheel and now our Winnebago View Class C motorhome are the gorgeous, high-gloss, full body paint exterior finishes.

But, to keep our RV showroom shine, we were destined to find a product that would meet our high standards:

      • Not damage to RV’s finish, paint, chrome or rubber components
      • Must be environmentally-friendly
      • Not harmful to our or pet’s health
      • Made in the U.S.A.
      • Affordable
      • Easy to purchase and ship
      • Store easily in all temperatures
      • Not require water

Landmark Sunset Reflection

Sounds like a tall order and a lot of demands, huh?

Well, after a bit of research and experimenting with several products, we found one that met all of our requirements (AND expectations!) listed above.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and see what RV cleaning products we use on our fifth wheel and now, our motorhome and why we chose this product line!

Waterless Wash Wax ALL from Aero Cosmetics

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Product Line - Always On Liberty
Photo by: Always On Liberty

RV Interior Care

First, let’s talk about what we used to clean the inside of our fifth wheel and now, motorhome. Aero Cosmetics has several formula applications that we use throughout our coach’s interior.

Leather Care

We use their leather care kit product line to clean and condition all of our leather furniture; even the fake leather junk. In our fifth wheel, we had two recliners and matching sleeper sofa constructed of that plastic leather (fake stuff). And in our motorhome, also made from similar covering, we have our two cockpit chairs, dinette cushions and sofa.

We will first use the leather cleaner to remove oils, dust and dirt first. Then, we follow with the leather conditioner which conditions and preserves the leather leaving it soft and supple. We simply spray each separately on the cloth and wipe.


For our windows, we use the Waterless Wash Wax ALL formula which is safe for glass and acrylic windows and mirrors. We use strictly clean Aero Cloths when cleaning our acrylic windows to avoid contaminants from scratching the surface.

Interior Cleaning

For all other interior surfaces, we use their Interior Cleaner for our RV kitchen countertops, table and cabinets. But also, it’s great for cleaning upholstery fabric and carpet.

It gently cleans carpets, fabric upholstery and pillows, and leather without residue. It removes body oils, makeup, lotion and oils, and beverage spill stains. And, though we can’t really prove it (yet), they claim it cleans fabric headliners.

To clean fabric or carpet:

      1. Take two of their microfiber Aero Towels and fold them each into thick quarters. 
      2. Wet one with fresh water and wring it out until only damp.
      3. Spray the area to be cleaner with Interior Cleaner.
      4. Rub or gently blot the area with the damp towel, unfolding the square to expose clean sides, until the towel shows no signs of dirt.
      5. Rub or gently blot the area with the dry towel.

We use the Aero Towels for all cleaning products and applications in our RV interior.

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RV Exterior Care

Degrease and Bug Removal

First, we use their mild Degreaser to removes bugs and road grime from our fifth wheel’s front cap and now, our motorhome’s cab over. It leaves behind a beautiful shine. We apply the degreaser with their Aero Scrubber

Tires, Slide Seals and Rubber Components

For both of our RV fifth wheel and motorhome tires, we use their Tire Soap and Degreaser to scrub the road grime, brake dust and oil off.

We then follow up with  Rubber Care as a protectant for not only our RV, Ram truck and Jeep tires but also our slide seals and any rubber gaskets. It helps keep them supple and from cracking. We also use the Rubber Care on our Ram truck and Jeep tires.

But, say you want a one-stop-shop for all of your RV exterior care, there’s the Waterless Wash Wax Mop and Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop Kit.

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Kit
Photo courtesy of Aero Cosmetics

It contains everything you need to keep your RV shiny and looking new.  Aero Cosmetics’ Wash Wax All is a great substitute to mobile RV washes and can be used for cleaning and preserving multiple exterior surfaces. In our opinion, their protective solution product line ranks second to none.

Wash Wax ALL Banner 3 - Always On Liberty-3

You can get Wash Wax ALL in a gallon size to refill your spray bottles. But it also comes in a concentrate for smaller storage compartments like in our motorhome. We just add a small amount to our Wash Wax ALL bottle and just add water. 

Aero Cosmetics Wet Wash Shampoo - Always On Liberty

RV Wet Wash Shampoo

We are happy to see that Aero Cosmetics recently came out with their high-foaming, gentle Wet Wash Shampoo. Its’ ultra-thick suds help lift-away tough dirt and road grime to leave your RV or vehicles clean of contaminants.


For all applications, we use the Aero Towels. To keep from mixing them up per formula, we simply allow them to dry. Then we stow them in separate plastic zipper bags with our Aero Cosmetics kit; keeping all of our cleaning supplies together.

To keep them free from lint, dirt and other formulas, we keep them stored individually in plastic zipper pouches. We store them in our RV basement compartment along with the rest of our RV cleaning gear.

The microfiber Aero Towels and mop heads are machine washable and specifically designed for Waterless Wash Wax All. We prefer to wash them separately to make certain no lint or grit embeds in their fibers.

Microfiber Towels

For all applications of our RV interior and RV exterior, we use the Aero Towels. The Aero Towels are all-purpose, reusable, microfiber detailing towels.

Aero Cosmetics Aero Towel - Always On Liberty

These high-quality towels used for surfaces that need to be treated with care. And, they do not have sewn edges that can scratch whatever surfaces you’re cleaning. Nor, do they leave lint or streak any of the Aero Cosmetics products on any surfaces. They are 16″ x 16″ square. So they provide ample coverage to clean and polish.

I want to insistently add that these Aero Towels are not your typical microfiber towels you find at big box stores or dollar stores. And, we highly recommend not cheating out on applicators you use on your RV or vehicles anyway.

The microfiber Aero Towels and mop heads are machine washable and specifically designed for Waterless Wash Wax All. We prefer to wash them separately to make certain no lint or grit embeds in their fibers.

To keep from mixing them up per formula, we simply allow them to dry. Then we stow them in their own separate zipper bags with our Aero Cosmetics kit; keeping all of our cleaning supplies together.


As we addressed earlier, we apply the Degreaser with their Aero Scrubber. The scrubber is a soft, non-scratching, long-lasting, reusable scrubber pad. It’s great on tough cleaning jobs such as fifth wheel caps, motorhome fronts and bumpers, wheels, and tires. The Aero Scrubber is safe to use on leading edges, paint, metal, plastic, and glass.

TIP: Spray Wash Wax ALL on bugs and let soak for 10-15 min. then respray and wipe off. This will make bug removal super easy!!

Telescoping Mop

Before, we’d have to get the ladder out and climb up and down while it wobbled on uneven ground surface making the job an unnerving and tiresome chore.

The Waterless Wash Wax ALL telescoping extension Mop Pole is an innovative, easy-to-use game changer.

The mop head has been systematically labeled wet on one side and dry on the other. Simply spray Wash Wax ALL on the wet side (labeled) on the mop pad, swipe over the surface and flip the mop head over to the dry side (also labeled) mop pad to swipe over the surface again.  

Wash Wax ALL Extension Mop Exterior RV Care - Always On Liberty
Photo by: Always On Liberty

What used to take hours to apply and dry by hand has been minimized significantly by this innovative telescoping pole with mop heads.

The chenille microfiber mop pads are completely reusable and machine washable and can be dried in the clothes dryer. They are specifically designed to fit the 15″ Wash Wax mop.

This telescoping mop removes the necessity of using a ladder. And, the complete ensemble collapses with just a twist to store in our RV basement compartment. 

Wash Wax All - Brochure - Usage Areas
Here’s a more-detailed graphic guide on how to properly use Aero Cosmetics’ products.

How to apply Waterless Wash Wax ALL

Waterless Wash Wax All - Always On Liberty usage
Photo by: Always On Liberty

Application of the Waterless Wash Wax All products are very easy to apply and the return is a beautiful shine that will make you the envy of every RV owner out there. 

Quite literally, application is not rocket science. You just spray the formula on one side of your Aero Towel, wipe the surface that needs leaning. Then flip the towel over to polish ever so lightly. That’s it! No hard buffing. The final finish is streak-free, incredibly smooth like glass and resistant to dust.

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax ALL - How to use
Photo courtesy of Aero Cosmetics



Our Review:

We’ve found Aero Cosmetics’ products seriously ‘does it all’. None of their product line will harm the environment as well as your health. And, their cleaning products are non-corrosive or non-caustic. All of their products can be used not only on or in RV’s but also boats, trucks, automobiles, motorcycles, and even aircraft!

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Waterless Wash Products
Photo by: Always On Liberty

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