PRODUCT REVIEW: Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax ALL

We are often asked how we keep our RV exterior spotless, shiny and beautiful. We’ve even had other RVers reach out and literally touch because her finish looks and feels smooth as glass. They are simply amazed the product uses no water and no ladder! We found Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax ALL.

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What kind of product we were looking for and why…

One of the deciding factors in purchasing our Landmark 5th wheel was its’ gorgeous, high-gloss, full body paint exterior finish. But, to keep our RV looking pristine and that showroom shine, we were destined to find a product that would meet our cleaning standards and not cause damage to the finish or paint.  It has to be environmentally friendly and wouldn’t harm our health. But equally important to us, we needed to find a product that was formulated and made in the U.S. But it also had to be affordable and easy to buy and shipped to wherever we happen to be parked.

Landmark Sunset Reflection

Add to our long list of requirements and standards, we needed a product that didn’t require water. Sounds like a lot of demands, huh? Then we found a product that matched all of our requirements.

Waterless Wash Wax ALL from Aero Cosmetics

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Kit

ALL you need to get started with the New Waterless Wash Wax Mop and Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop Kit includes:

      • One 5″ wide Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop
      • One 15″ wide Mop head
      • Deluxe Mop Pole
      • Two (2) Microfiber Mop Pads
      • PLUS a pack of four (4) more Microfiber Mop pads
      • Two (2) Bug Scrubber/Mini Mop Pads
      • a pack of four (4) Aero Towels
      • a gallon of Wash Wax ALL
      • a spray bottle
      • 16oz Wash Wax ALL (Degreaser)
      • 1 Aero Scrubber Pad with Handle
      • Aero Bag.

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Waterless Wash Products

It contains everything you need to keep your RV shiny and looking new.  WashWax All is a great substitute to mobile RV washes and can be used for cleaning and preserving multiple exterior surfaces. In our opinion, it’s protective solution ranks second to none.

How to apply Waterless Wash WaxALL

Application of the Waterless Wash Wax All products are very easy to apply and the return is a beautiful shine that will make you the envy of every RV owner out there.  The final finish is streak free, incredibley smooth and resistant to dust.  The aero towels that come in the kit are very soft, lint-free and will not scratch like other towels or fabrics.

Wash Wax All How to use

The Waterless Wash Wax All telescoping extension Mop with Deluxe Pole is an innovative game changer that removes the necessity of using a ladder. The Mop Pole is easy to use and store. Before, we’d have to get the ladder out and climb up and down while it wobbled on uneven ground surface making the job an unnerving and tiresome chore.

Wash WaxAll Extension Mop Exterior RV Care

The Mop Head has been systematically labeled ‘wet’ on one side and ‘dry’ on the other.

The directions state to spray the Wash Wax ALL FORMULA on the ‘wet’ side on the mop pad, swipe over the surface and flip the mop head over to the ‘dry’ side mop pad to swipe over the surface again.  What used to take hours to apply and dry by hand has been minimized significantly by this innovative telescoping pole with mop heads.

Other Aero Cosmetics Products

Aero Cosmetics Wash Wax All Product Line

The other forumulas we bought are used throughout the interior of our coach.  The Leather Care Kit cleans and conditions Liberty’s leather furniture leaving them clean, soft and supple.

We also use the Interior Cleaner for the Corian counters in our RV kitchen, tabletops, and cabinet faces.  We use the Aero Towels for all applications.

The microfiber Aero Towels and mop heads are machine washable and specifically designed for Waterless Wash Wax All. We prefer to wash them separately to make certain no lint or grit embeds in their fibers. To keep them lint and dirt free, we keep them stored in sealed plastic zipper bags in Liberty’s cargo hold with the rest of their products.

Their Aero Scrubber in conjunction with their pink, mild Degreaser which removes the bugs and road grime from Liberty’s front cap leaving behind a beautiful shine.  We use the purple Belly Soap for removing road grime and grease below Liberty’s skirt.

The gray milky Rubber Care is used on our slide seals and tires. We we also use the Rubber Care on our truck tires.  We also use the Wash Wax All on our truck’s  body, chrome rims, and bumper to keep them shiny and looking new.

Here’s a more-detailed graphic guide on how to properly use Aero Cosmetics’ products.

Wash Wax All RV Use

We’ve found Aero Cosmetics’ products ‘does it all’. It won’t harm the environment as well as your own health while using their products.  There are no corrosive or caustic cleaners.  All of their products in their product line can be used on or in RV’s, aircraft, boats, automobiles, motorcycles and even inside your your home.



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