GlowStep Revolution RV Steps – Product Review

Recently, we looked into acquiring a better and more attractive set of entry steps to replace the ones that came on our 2016 Heartland Landmark 5th wheel. Unfortunately, the manual pull-out steps appropriated for our 5th wheel were rapidly degrading and looking deplorable.

After only a year and a half of ownership, the step’s black powdercoat paint was peeled, rusted and faded. Sadly, they cheapened the appearance of our high-end luxury 5th wheel coach. Oh, and when we stepped on those with our bare feet in the hot sun, COWABUNGA!!! We gave Navy sailors a run for their money in the swearing department.  Among the previous, these 75 pound pull-out steps were getting more difficult to deploy and stow even after attentive lubrication and careful use .  Considering they only had a 1-year warranty, this left us doing research on what to replace them with because we certainly didn’t want to replace them with the same steps.

We researched extensively and read reviews that pointed us to Torklift International’s GlowStep Revolution.

A week after providing the necessary information and measurements to Torklift International, we received the big box at our mail center box in San Antonio, Texas.  We only had a week left so we had to get them installed quickly.


Included with our GlowStep Revolution were the installation and shim kit for our particular Landmark year and model.  Dan laid everything out and took inventory as well as read the instructions three times over before getting started.  We noticed the shims had adhesive already adhered to them making installation much easier and less time consuming.

Tools needed:  Socket and ratchet

He removed the old steps which were wicked heavy!
(Click on photos for a better view)



Once they were off, he placed both steps side by side so you can see the difference.


And then, THIS happened.  We got a good look at the housing box underneath where the steps were and saw the rust and corrosion.  Sorry for the photo quality but you can get an idea of what we were faced with.

He cleaned it up and sprayed primer and new paint to the steel housing box.
(Click on photos for a better view)
After about a half hour of allowing the paint to set and dry, Dan proceeded with the installation of our new GlowStep Revolutions.  I told him to hurry because I had to pee.
Dan measured…and remeasured 3x after because well, that’s just the way Dan is…


Fit them in…


and bolted them in according to the instructions provided…

He reinstalled the fascia plate (he removed it prior so he didn’t get primer/paint or knick it during installation)
Installed more nuts and bolts… (click on photos for better view)
Finishing nut and bolt installation…
and VOILA!!
After installation was complete.. By now, I really REALLY had to pee so I asked him to deploy them…quickly! Deploying them was as simple as 1-2-3!  So here we’ll show you in slow motion…

Proper Operation of the GlowStep Revolutions

1…Unlatch the steps.
2…pull the steps out in an accordion-like fashion.


3…adjust them to be level with their adjustable feet to the ground.

…and DING, fries are done!!  We were stylin’ and profilin’!  We were happy campers with our new steps!  I was telling him to get the heck out of the way because I needed to use the head!  Oh, and now our little resident mousers can walk down the steps without burning their little piggies.
To stow the steps for transit, you do the opposite; making sure to latch them. There’s even a sticker above the top step with directions if you forget or have someone unfamiliar deploying or stowing them.
After we evaluated the installation, we’ve admitted that even a Caveman could install them.  No, seriously, they were THAT EASY!  No weird tools or engineering degrees needed.  It took no more than two hours (the extra hour was because of the priming and painting of the step housing box).  This definitely is a one-person installation so no need to have your buddy assist you or wife handing you the wrong tools (because you only need one!).  Torklift’s directions were spot on and easy to understand.
We’ve had the GlowStep Revolutions  for over a year and absolutely love them more than whipped cream on a hot fudge sundae! The steps are made of a lightweight, rust-free aircraft grade aluminum with treads to alleviate foot slippage.  They do not hold water in troughs like our old ones.  They are easy to clean with a simple spray of the hose.
Most importantly, they are more stable when you step on them with no bounce in our coach.  We couldn’t be happier.  Even I have no problem deploying and stowing them to their transit position.  They can be deployed on any surface or terrain.  With only 5 minutes of direct sunlight, their ‘glow’ decals on the edges of each step make them easier to see in darkness.
We would highly recommend these GlowStep Revolutions to anyone who is looking for not only more attractive step system but a more efficient and lightweight step deployment and stowing.  There are other accessories you can purchase such as a GlowGuide handrail system, Dirt Destroyer mud remover, and even a Basement Camper Step.
They also have other products even for Truck Campers.  It’s a worthwhile investment not only for aesthetics but also for safety.
For more information on the GlowStep Revolution step systems, you can visit their website: GlowStep Revolution – The Ultimate Step System.

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  1. I would caution people to look carefully at there existing steps ! Ours were welded to the frame of our 5th wheel , fortunately I have a friend that is an excellent autobody guy and we were able to torch and air chisel the old steps out . Installation of the Forklift steps was relatively easy . We are really happy with the new steps.

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