B’s Bakery in Frankfort, Kentucky

During our recent month long stay in Kentucky in May of 2017, we took a field trip to Lexington but stopped in Frankfort, Kentucky’s State Capitol. Frankfort has an array of historical and cool architectural buildings to see.  We were getting quite hungry as granola bars and coffee we had for our breakfast-on-the-run weren’t very sustaining.

As we were walking back to our truck, we noticed a hidden little piece of sweet heaven right on Main Street near the corner crossing.  This tantalizing shop B’s Bakery lured us in like little kids to a candy store!


We walked in and immediately felt at home. We were greeted by a warm friendly hello and the aroma of ‘Holy Moly, I’ll take them all’!  As we approached the glass showcases that reflected the light from outside, we saw ‘heaven on trays’…sweets…lots of perfectly displayed tiny cakes, pastries, cupcakes, pies, donuts and pastries; all homemade on the premises.


This little confectionery diamond even had homemade fancy decorated doggie cookies too!


Perfect little treats were housed in glass covered cake pedestals and cookies in huge glass covered jars that were waiting to be put in little white paper bags for later.

After what seemingly was a long deliberation, we picked out a few sweet vittles but then another welcoming distraction grabbed our attention; their hand-printed menu that had “LUNCH” menu items.  SCORE!!!  We decided this was just the ticket to have a sit down lunch in this welcoming adorable hometown bakery cafe.


Dan ordered the Italian Panini, his favorite with ham, salami, banana peppers, pepper jack cheese with Italian dressing and I ordered the Hot Brown, a Kentucky favorite with turkey, cheddar, bacon, tomato and mayo.  While they were being prepared, Dan and I took a seat at a window table that looked out to the street.  Though it was the lunch time bustle, that didn’t distract us from the interesting view inside.

The light and airy decorative scheme of B’s Bakery took us back to our Grandma’s kitchens.  Paint-distressed wood tables and chairs from olden wear reminded us of gatherings back when we were kids.  Old metal cake taker lids made into hanging lamp shades, familiar porcelain  bowls and colanders, old metal egg beaters, tin lazy-susan carousels holding coffee additions, and display shelves peppered throughout the cafe; all vintage originals.

After we munched down our lunch, I had a moment to talk to ‘B’ (Beth) the owner.  Such a pleasant Kentucky Belle, it’s no wonder she’s successful in her confectionery treats.  She was so sweet to add to our already-indulgences a box of samples to enjoy later.

As she was stuffing our box full, I couldn’t help noticing on the wall behind the counter, a 11×14 black and white photo as I was taking in every inch of this cool little sweet shop.  It was of her when she was a little girl licking leftover cake batter from the bowl.  This was her inspiration of her dream.  She used the same photo on her business cards (also handmade like her menus).

There is nothing replicating or usual about this Americana dining experience. THIS is what we seek for dining.  Hands down, chain restaurants and eateries will never hold a candle to this back-in-time simple Kentucky culinary treasure.


So, if you’re visiting Lexington or Louisville, Kentucky, a not-so-distant drive to Frankfort should be put on your list.  Plan for lunch and or a gourmet coffee and sweet treat from this vintage-y cafe, B’s Bakery on Main Street in Frankfort. Even if you can’t sit for a spell, have them pack you a ‘little white bag’ for you to take home.


When you visit, tell Beth (‘B’) we sent ya!

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