RV Nomads Movie Cast Has Gone to the Dogs (and Cats!)!

Since we’re are cast members in the upcoming RV Nomads movie documentary, we’ve been getting acquainted with the other cast members behind the scenes and of course, this means reading and learning about and meeting their furry companions too. We couldn’t help not blogging about them…because we LOVE them.

Humans are not the only travelers meandering about the highways and byways of our Nation. It’s a misnomer that most every RVer has either a dog or a cat companion (or two…or more!). Most people who shop for an RV take into careful consideration the comforts of their beloved furkids; ourselves included. Whether if its ample floor space for mutts to lay or a high places for their kitties to slumber, we all calculate how to make it work in such small confines of an RV or camper.

So, let’s meet a few of the furry RV Nomads furry cast members!


Look at these little precious cuties! Trixie (left) and Gizmo (tiny chihuahua on the right) live on the road full-time with their mom, Kelly. They all travel with their 24’ Crossroads Slingshot travel trailer.  They’ve been full-time travelers for two and a half years and boondocking is their game. They have been enjoying fresh air and exploring the wide open spaces wherever they go since 2015.


Trixie, a 10+ year old pup, found her mom (Kelly) while running around a neighborhood. Kelly would reach down to pet her and then set her free. Trixie would chase after her and not relent until she brought her home.  No-one ever claimed Trixie but this little pup has never been happier and loves living life as a nomad dog!

Gizmo was caught up in a hoarding case with 96 other dogs. Kelly volunteered at the animal refuge and couldn’t resist seeing her adorable face. She adopted Gizmo and now loves her forever home with her and Trixie. Four year old Gizmo knows she has the best life ever! She may be small less than 3 pounds but she’s got the heart and soul of a big dog!


You can follow Kelly and her two little girls’ adventures at www.rvchickadee.com and www.campaddict.com

They also can be found on social media:


Sean, Julie along with their two senior dogs, Teddy and Barca, and their cat, Callie, have traveled and live full-time in their 2016 Heartland Cyclone 41 foot 5th wheel toyhauler since mid 2014.
Teddy, their soulful Chow Chow was rescued as a pup.  Teddy is a sensitive and intuitive creature and his beautiful expressive eyes tell of his emotions. Barca, their adventurous and loyal Dutch Shepherd joined their family after serving as a military working dog in the U.S. Air Force for eleven years.  Sadly, both Teddy and Barca passed within six months of each other during Sean and Julie’s second year on the road due to age complication. They may be gone but never forgotten. Their spirits still travel with them everywhere they go.
Callie, their lazy calico cat, still rules their rolling home.  She often feigns disinterest, but she’ll never admit loving the ever-changing views from her perch in their 5th wheel toyhauler.
You can follow their travels and experiences:



John and Laura travel with their three furkids, Socks, Bullet and Kimber, in their 2016 Cedar Creek 5th Wheel.  Their family of five has been full-time RVing since March of last year (2016) and have been on the road since the following October.
Socks, was the first amongst their three and currently their only traveling feline. She wants to be a full blooded hunter and tries really hard from the comfort of her bay window. Socks makes biscuits all day (kneads) and terrorizes Laura on a daily basis. She is quite particular about people and is a one-person cat. She enjoys her 26 hour cat naps (yes, you read that correctly) and practices her body burying techniques.  Socks favorites are chasing mouse pointers on computers.
Bullet is seven years old and weighs in at 100+ pounds! He loves to dine, enjoys long walks on the beach, hearing the word Florida in any context, and loves the water. He joined the family shortly after Socks, while he was still smaller than she was and still has not figured out why Socks is not so interested in snuggling him.
Kimber was adopted from the shelter Laura worked at. She spent an entire week courting Laura before she finally showed up as a “foster” in our home. Within about 24 hours after coming home with the Hebards, they realized what Laura meant when she said “foster until you agree that we’re keeping her”.
Kimber is the only halfway decent hunter of their pet family. She has eagle eyes and loves to herd Bullet while he plays. She is finally learning that tennis ball interaction can be very rewarding and frequently manipulates them to bending to her every wish. Though Kimber is incredibly clever, she’s overall sweet and loves to be held and fed cookies.  She loves the fan  blowing out her fluffy mane. Kimber is the easiest to travel with of their three.
To learn more about Hebards Travels, you can follow them on their blog Hebard’s Travels and on social media’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube “HebardsTravels”.


Our friends and co-cast members, Drivin’ and Vibin’s Kyle and Olivia, of the RV Nomads documentary are often seen on their YouTube Channel with their co-pilot and adventurous four year old Boxer mix, River Moon.  River Moon was rescued from a local shelter about six months before this couple hit the road and there’s no turning back.
These three were truly meant for each other. She’s been a part of their family for going on three years and has her own fan base on YouTube as well. River Moon loves to steal the spotlight any chance she can get. She brings so much love and joy into their lives and makes the best travel companion they can ask for.
Kyle, Olivia and River Moon full-time in their 1985 Fiber Stream Travel Trailer measuring at a cozy 16 feet! They all have celebrated their 2nd Nomadiversary late September 2017.
The Drivin’ and Vibin’ Crew can be followed on their blog: www.drivinvibin.com
and their social media venues:

YouTube: youtube.com/drivinandvibin

Facebook: facebook.com/drivinandvibin/

Instagram: instagram.com/drivinandvibin/


This amazing family of six (four humans and two felines) are ‘redefining the American dream’ on their own terms.  Robert, Jessica, Daniel and Nadia with their two cats, Bart and Tiki are experiencing life on the road in their 2016 Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer.
Bart and Tiki are 14 year old littermates!

Both kitties are rescues who were adopted when they were two weeks old. They were handled and bottle feed just like little babies. Bart and Tiki have been with Robert and Jessica since the beginning of their marriage.

Bart is a chunky brown tabby (left) and loves to show his appreciation and affection for humans by grooming them.

Tiki, a small tortii is curious and adventurous. If they aren’t in bed by a certain time, she goes looking for them and won’t let them be until they are all snuggled together.

They claim having these kitties definitely adds to the coziness of their 32’ travel trailer. Bart and Tiki have been RVing with them since they started their adventure in October 2015.

This awesome and adventurous home-schooling home family can be found at:


Tom and Cait Morton travel with their two dogs, Mocha and Bella.  Both are female mixed breeds from the humane society.
Caitlin adopted Mocha as a puppy about 12 years ago and was technically the “family dog”.  She and Caitlin had bonded so much that Mocha went with her to college and beyond. They think she’s a mix of border collie, shepherd, and husky. Mocha loves holding as many toys in her mouth as possible and absolutely loves playing in the water.
Bella is a small golden dog who they adopted as a 2-3 year old after being abandoned and tied to a front porch. Now she is about 10 years old, but you won’t believe how many times people mistake her for a Golden Retriever puppy! Both are long-haired dogs but they trim them both in the summertime. Bella hates water but loves boat rides, can jump really high and loves getting dirty.
Tom, Cait, Mocha and Bella RV in their 2005 Mobile Suites 33’ 5th Wheel. They started their road journey in mid September of 2015.  You can read their blog at Mortons On the Move and keep up with their travels on their social media venues at:


Camille and Bryce, along with their two cats, Parker and Bianca, traded in their corporate jobs to explore new places, people and possibilities. They sought new business ventures on the road while traveling in their 34’ Tiffin Allegro motorhome together as a nomad family.

Parker, their ginger boy, was discovered living in a garage with thirty other cats.  Camille and Bryce saw his photo on Facebook just before animal control was contact and took him home.  Parker’s first few weeks didn’t go as well as planned as he hid in a basket and only came out to poop on the couch. As time went by, Parker gained trust in his new family and put on his charm as being the perfect love-bug and lap cat.  He loves life on the road and enjoys his outdoor walks.

Their other kitty, Bianca, was the lady in charge. She was abandoned in a park with her mother and two brothers. A park ranger found her and posted my photo on Facebook, which is how my humans found me. Apparently, Bianca’s adorable personality swayed them to pick her. Unfortunately, Bianca is no longer traveling with Parker and her humans as she escaped for different pastures.
To read more of their loss…Lost Cat Found the Kindness of Strangers
You can follow Camille, Bryce and Parker’s adventures at More Than a Wheelin’ and their other social media venues:


We along with our two Maine Coon cats, Krissie (age 9) and Kandi (age 7) began our full-time adventures in April of 2014 and finally set out on the open road that following Thanksgiving in our Heartland 5th wheel.

Krissie, our nine year old ‘its my way or the highway’ Torti, was a humane society rescue as a kitten. A couple months prior, Dan was involved in a motorcycle-deer collision that kept him home on convalescent leave for several months while he was Active Duty military. I returned back to work after being his caretaker but had this incredulous worry of him being lonely while I was at work. I thought there should be another heartbeat in the house so what better than to get him a little kitten as a puppy would have much more difficult for him to care for. During Krissie’s growing and Dan’s healing, they became best of friends. Krissie is also known as our ‘diva cat’.


In July this year (2017), Krissie was diagnosed with Feline Diabetes and was a sick little girl. Her care started with insulin injections but as this blog is written, she is now ‘off the juice’ and her diabetes is controlled through diet and nutrition. Krissie loves playing with her wire fishing pole and chasing red dot. She’s also a very demanding lap cat and she always wins at her game.

Kandi is our adorable and sweet loving fluffy and ‘big girl’ Calico.  She’s ‘all’ Maine Coon with every characteristic they are known for. Kandi is our little ‘clown’; always putting on a cutesy show for anyone who will watch. Kandi is a food grazer but is always hungry for treats. Her favorite spot in our RV is the back picture window where we attached a hummingbird feeder to the window. We call it her ‘cat tv’.  She also sleeps with us every night on our bed…crosswise. Kandi is our special needs cat; diagnosed with Feline Hyperesthesia which is treated simply by diffusing essential oils.

Look at that face!!  I mean, LOOK at that face!


Krissie and Kandi have been traveling with us with our 41′ Heartland Landmark 365 5th wheel for over three years. You can follow us on our social media venues:

So, as you see, these RVers love their furry nomads so much that taking them on the road was an easy decision. When the RV Nomads movie documentary is released (don’t worry, we’ll post it!), be sure to look for them! Most likely, it will be them who will be stealing the show!

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