Our 5th Wheel RV Interior Makeover

So, you’ve been to the big RV Super Shows. What did you think? I’m sure they all had gorgeous new RV paint schemes, new floor plans, cool tech options, state of the art lighting, amazing new fixtures, etc. But what did you think about the RVs’ interior design?

 It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice the one thing all RVs have in common. All of the interior colors are brown, tan and bland. In other words, they are blah, blah and more blah, right? In addition, they have awful outdated tapestry fabric window treatments and dark cabinets. I mean, who THINKS this is a good idea for such small space living?


However, not taking sides but really, do you think manufacturers will be able to please everyone’s decorating tastes and preference?


Please don’t misunderstand me; some are awesomely beautiful and our manufacturer (Heartland RVs) did an exceptionally beautiful job in the Landmark 365’s, however, it’s just NOT US.

Here are the before pics.

They are SO BROWN, DARK and look like Rockefeller’s personal library, don’t you think?

As an artist, being gifted with an eye for detail and design, I’m quite familiar with how the color wheel works, how to coordinate textiles, hardware, flooring and other elements to make one pretty (or handsome) package. Also, living full-time in an RV, I know what works and doesn’t work for wear and tear.

Oh, and just because most of us don’t have a piece of paper with letters at the ends of our names, it doesn’t preclude any of us coming to the conclusion that RV interior colors…well…just…plain…SUCK! (sorry RV manufacturers, nothing personal, just being truthful *wink*). 

So, with much ado, here’s our finale!



WOW, what a difference, huh?

Pinterest, Planning and Palette…

When we bought our brand new 5th wheel in December of 2016, it didn’t take me long to start perusing the Pinterest boards to get ideas. However, all I was seeing is the ‘white trend’; cabinetry, walls, mouldings, furniture, etc. Even the bedding and throw pillows are white. White, white, white…everywhere.

DUDE! Do these people LIVE full-time in these? Do they not camp in the dusty desert or muddy midwest? Do they not have pets or children? Do they not cook like a Swedish Chef of red sauce splatters, etc.?

While yes, hands down, they were beautiful. However, in a practicality sense, ‘oh hell no!’.

So, we went COM-PLETELY the other end of the spectrum. We searched for splashes of color…lots and lots of color and I’m not talking pastels. Since we couldn’t find what we were looking for on the Pinterest boards, we just fell of the deep end and started to create our own.  I had the vision of a ‘Key West Cottage’ for our interior.

Funny, it all started with a simple 99 cent dish I picked up at WalMart. I loved the pattern and the colors were bold, bright and cheery. They spoke to me. The colors danced before my eyes doing the Cha Cha and Tango.

Those silly plates picked my palette for me. So, four plates and four bowls danced their way right into my shopping bag and off I went.


When I got home, I excitedly unpacked those plates and bowls and held them up in front of Dan (my soon-to-be Grunt Man) not saying a word. He asked, “what am I looking at?” I responded, “our new RV interior”. Like any typical man-guy, he rolled his eyes and trotted outside muttering “whatever dear”. I took that as my cue that he was okay with it (not like I ever have to ‘ask permission’).

So, that’s how our idea was born.

So without me going into all the details, this is just our results. If you want to know more extensively, please feel free to click on the links in this blog.







Coming soon!

Wall and Ceiling Preparation and Painting…

And here’s our end results..

Interior Furnishings…


Our new chair…covers!  They look awesome, don’t they?
And, we found cool pillow covers that offered a unique design. They coordinated perfectly and added a splash of extra bold color and design.
Oh, and check out that beach mat throw rug!


THIS is our favorite part of our makeover!!

Our original backsplash behind our cooktop in the galley was the same material and blah-blah color as the Corian countertops. Since the backsplash is the first thing we or guests see when entering our interior, we wanted it to be welcoming and inviting.

We went from BLAH…

To YEAH!!!

We think it’s absolutely AMAZING and get tons of compliments on it. That bold splash of orangey-peach color behind all the wood and stainless appliances was just the ticket.



We chose the table over a desk so we can pull it out and seat 4-6 peeps for meals, games or puzzles or leave it tucked in the back to allow me ample room to spread my work out AND fit both little cat beds for our resident mousers. And yes, they nap in the while I work.
Oh and we secured the table to the back wall with hooks/straps so it doesn’t end up in the bathroom when we stop.
Is our workspace just fabulous?
We finished off with either refinishing or buying new accessories. This cabinet was originally black. Look at it now! Marina Blue! Those rattan baskets just pop and give that island feel.


We prefer interesting art and accessories. What better than to decorate them with pieces of art and trinkets throughout our travels.


I love all of our little accents that make your eyes wander around the room.

I also picked up a few other pieces that are perfect home decor accents to complete our tropical Key West tropical theme.

And, who doesn’t like a flamingo?


Finally, we polished off our remodel with cabinetry hardware! It took several weeks to finally decide on which we liked. We replaced our generic polished-nickel knobs with some unique pieces like these little guys. However, we did not apply the same exact knobs to every cabinet door in our galley and den space. We wanted it a little whimsical.
We also installed the white knobs in the kitchen and the margarita lime green in the living area.
But, we did something really cool that you’ll just have to read about in our Hardware Upgrade blog (coming soon).

Interior Makeover Project complete!!

 WHEW!! So, did you get all of that?
Let’s just get this all out now…this WAS NOT EASY, especially for my Grunt Man as he completed all the hard labor and I owe the man a bottle of Kentucky’s finest bourbon next time we are in the Bluegrass State.
We chose to do the complete remodel in Pahrump, Nevada because of moderate climate and temperature with zero humidity. There was also The Home Depot a few miles away.
This project required a vast amount of research, planning, ordering, labor, sore arms, hands and knees and countless trips to buy and return merchandise not to mention, keeping up with grog rations as his rewards at the end of the hard days. The manual labor part of this remodel, start to finish, took us…er…my Grunt Man, two months.

If you enjoyed this blog and would like to learn more…


No part of this interior makeover was donated nor were we compensated in any way by any of the product manufacturers I linked to or any retail outlets. Every bit of this interior upgrade came out of our pockets so those links used are simply to give you an idea of what we used and how.
Every part of this interior makeover is/was what worked for US in OUR RV based on our research, design strategy, capabilities, and our personal level of product wear and tear. Products, labor, installations, applications and results may differ from yours if you choose to use any of the products we showcased or the installation methods we used. We will not be held liable for any miscalculations, representations, product or installer ineptness and applications, including RVs. In other words, any and all of your purchases and installations are your own ‘buyer beware’.


21 Replies to “Our 5th Wheel RV Interior Makeover”

  1. Ya know, before we purchased our 5er…we went to so many dealerships and RV shows, researching. There was so much black, brown and beige. It was depressing! At one show, I asked why the manufacturers use those colors. He told me that's what customers like. A lady in the room asked, "Where did you get that information?" I told him to go online and see all the renovations people are doing in their RV's. We went with an older 2009 model, because I couldn't deal with living in all that darkness. Your redo is awesome!

    1. Yes, we totally agree but can see why they don’t customize RV’s. Everyone has such versatile and different tastes in decor and color. But, you will have a ball redoing yours! Please come back and comment your URL reveal so we can see! Best wishes and safe travels, Pam!

    1. Awwww, thank you Hugh and Pam! We love it. We hope to see you guys in our travels soon. Can’t wait to see the day when you pull up anchor and head out to sea! Looking forward to reading your blogs!

    1. We are so glad we got to meet you guys at Q! Thank you for the compliment. We absolutely love the brightness and amazing feel it gives. Hope to meet up with you guys soon! Safe travels to you!

    1. We understand the colors aren’t everyone’s forte. It’s okay though, at least we’re not boring. Thank you for reading. Safe travels!

    1. We’re glad you found them helpful. Do you have an RV also? Would love to see how you do yours, if you do! Thank you for reading! Your comment made our day!

  2. Lisa, fantastic blog post. I loved it! Your and Grubt Man Dan’s makeover presentation at the Xscapers event was fantastic but it’s so great to read it here in the blog post with all the detail and your humor! Thanks for sharing all the info with us / I am sure you will inspire MANY to revamp their RVs and make their house on wheels a real home that truly reflects their lifestyle and personality. Yours is one of my favorite RV blogs to read – always so entertaining and helpful! It would be great to see the total makeover cost at the end of the post, I did a quick add up and it seemed to come in just short of $2,000 ($1,845?) if my math is correct. Amazing value for the complete transformation! Congrats again and thanks for sharing!

    1. They are so cheerful and bright, aren’t they? We love them as they greet us as we come down from our slumber. Thank you for reading!

  3. Your work station is great. I’ve been struggling with the whole desk thing or table. I think you just solved it for me. Where did you get your table from? Thank Jean

    1. Hi Jean, we’re so excited that our makeover has given you ideas! We absolutely LOVE it! We can work while looking out at the mountains, deserts, lakes, oceans, etc. We got our table from Ikea! They are sturdy and simple; which we like. But not too heavy for our RV. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and please, share a photo when you’re finished! -Dan & Lisa

  4. I could NOT stand that either. All those dark and dreary……depression going to happen in those RV’s…yeah most people going to be outdoors anyway I guess they are thinking….lol
    I went with an older model and much better built RV, I ain’t taking that dark in my life…no sireee…?

    1. CC,

      Thanks for following along our blog. Yeah, we’re not into the brown themes and colors either; reason we went bold and bright. And let me tell you, it made a huge difference in our attitudes when we are in there even on dark dreary rainy days. We love our remodel and encourage anyone to not be afraid to paint and personalize their RVs.

      Be safe on the road! Happy Trails! -Dan & Lisa

  5. I’ve also been finding myself either bored senseless, or ranting about WTF were these designers thinking? BLUE LED ACCENT LIGHTING, and don’t get me started on the excessive use of almond and textured swirls and swoosh’s screaming, “LOOK AT ME….. ALL MY TASTE IS QUITE LITERALLY IN MY MOUTH! YAY!!”
    But that being said…….
    It’s important to take into consideration, the overall design style and what can be done to create a space where the eye is able to travel without being bombarded with conflicting design elements, overly loud patterns, and color schemes all in one tiny mobile box.
    Painting lower cabinets in a darker color than that of the upper, and using a mix of different yet complimentary items, like pillows, or lighting fixtures is a much easier and monumentally more chic way of creating a space that calms it’s inhabitants, whilst simultaneously showing their need for creative expression. That’s something I’m sure you’ve learned at some point during your matriculation at whichever art academy or design school you attended. If not through your own personal experience as a person with an “eye for design.”
    But to each his/her own.

    1. Beau, HAHA!! I know what you mean about those Blue LED lights…I don’t blame you. Thank you for your points. We chose not to paint any cabinetry because the wood is too beautiful to cover up and we really didn’t want to tackle that kind of prep and work. We agree, we all decorate to our own personal preferences and likings. Whatever makes each of us ‘happy’ is what counts. Our tastes may differ from others but then again, they’re not living in our home just like we won’t tell others how they should decorate theirs…well…unless they ask LOL. -Lisa

  6. Hi,
    We really were excited to find your Blog. We have the same Landmark 365 as yours; ours is a 2015. We too really love the rig but really don’t like the dark dark dark! Particularly were interested in how you painted the ceiling and that dark weird farming! (Have you done anything to the “canopy” in the bedroom?) Also replacing the flooring. We’ve been hesitant about doing them because of the possibility of affecting the slide-out operation! And the table/desk! What a great idea! Did you replace the induction stove with the propane stove top?
    We’ve also done several projects in ours but have gotten some real inspiration from you! My blog is: onajourney.blogspot.com We’ve been fulltiming for 25 years.

    1. Hi BJ, we’ve painted the ceiling the same technique as the walls. Yes, we painted all of the crown molding, ceiling moulding and canopy in the bedroom. You can find all of our tutorials and how-to-guides on interior modifications here —-> Always On Liberty Interior Modifications

      We replaced our induction stovetop with a Furion Gas cooktop – we had to hire a professional to extend the gas line to accommodate the new gas cooktop.

      Happy Trails! Thanks for following us! -Dan & Lisa

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