RV INTERIORS: Backsplash and Textured Wall Treatments

RV Interiors - Backsplash

We hope you’ve been enjoying our RV Interiors blog series. In the past six months, we’ve been remodeling and personalizing our fifth wheel RV.. We’ve researched many different products that made ours a little unique than standard 5th wheels.

When I started the design process of our RV’s interior. I wanted to design something unlike what others were applying to their own RV and Camper remodels and renovations.

Product Requirements…

All of the products used in our RV remodel had to fit the criteria below. Our galley backsplash and wall covering in our bathroom was no exception.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible to withstand road movement
  • Withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations
  • Affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Not require expensive or additional tools to install
  • Customizable

I looked extensively at what other RVers and Designers were using however, they weren’t satisfying my craving of creativity and uniqueness. I’ve looked at those ‘smart tiles’ or  peel and stick tiles but they just weren’t going to do it for us and our design.

They weren’t colorful or unique and they still had that generic look. Additionally, I’ve read negative reviews of them shifting, breaking and coming unstuck. I had to look elsewhere.

Then, I found my answer!

The Product we chose…

This product is manufactured by Fasade.  They are decorative thermoplastic panels made for ceilings, walls, and backsplashes. We found their small kiosk in The Home Depot near the flooring and tile department.

The display kiosk was very small and extremely limited in design and quantity; not indicative to the selection they really have online or what you could order.  However, once I thumbed through their brochure and visited there website, I was chomping at the bit to add these to our design concept.

Fasade has 19 different metallic-colored finishes, 16 18″x24″ backsplash designs, 28 4’x8′ wall panel designs and 26 2’x2′ ceiling tile designs. The manufacturer also has moulding for edges and corners.

Fasade also manufactures rolls of specially made two-sided tape for these panels. I’ll explain why you will need this further down in this blog.

Since the kiosk display only stocked a few of the backsplash panel designs, I didn’t have much to work with. Because of time restraints, I didn’t really want to special order and wait for it to arrive (3-4 weeks) so I just picked out one that was available. We chose panels that were in stock for both our galley backsplash and our bathroom wall concept but that was still fine. I would have chosen those designs anyway even if they were all available at the store.

They are easy-to-manipulate, flexible, plastic embossed panels.  Each panel costs about $20 plus tax. A two-pack of the recommended adhesive tape cost about $10 plus tax.

Where to find them…

Fasade products can be purchased in the United States at Menards, Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Ace, Do it Best, Marvin’s, 84 Lumber, Sutherland’s, True Value, United Hardware. In Canada, you can find them at Home Depot Canada, Lowe’s Canada, Rona, Home Hardware, BMR, Kent, Patrick Morin, Castle and Timber Mart.

Product Information…

I was going to write out this whole blog paragraph answering questions when I noticed on their website that they’ve listed them all. So, if you’ve got questions and inquiries about the product, here’s the best place to get them answered: Fasade FAQ’s

Now, onto our designs…

Galley Backsplash…

I chose the Traditional I design in pewter finish however, our plans were not to keep it in as it looks in the photo below. I had an awesome idea of adding a splash of color.

Prior to purchasing the product, we measured the area we were wanting to transform and figured out how many panels we need to buy. We went to The Home Depot and bought three panels and a single two-roll pack of the adhesive. Once we got back to our RV, Grunt Man dry-fitted the panels and marked them  what sequence they were to be mounted. With heavy duty scissors, he cut the tiles where they were going to be fit under the cabinets and convection microwave. Once he finished his dry-fitting, he handed them to me to do my part.

Since we were at an RV park, Dan set me up a work table away from other RVs. The first thing I did was peeled off the plastic protective sheeting off. I then, evenly spray-primed the front of the panels; allowing them to dry for about two hours in the warm Nevada sun.

After I was satisfied that the primer had dried, I rolled two coats of Glidden ‘Orange Slice’ in a matte finish; allowing two hours between coats to dry in the sun. I let them dry thoroughly overnight.

The next day, I distressed them. With a block and medium grit sandpaper, I lightly sanded the raised portions of the embossed design. I sanded heavier on some areas and lighter in others to give it an uneven distressed appearance. Sometimes, I would knick and scrape the areas with small rocks at my feet for added texture.

Once that technique was complete, I wiped the panels down completely; making sure there was no paint dust left behind on the panels. Again, at my workspace away from the RV’s, I sprayed two coats of matte finish polyurethane coats; allowing an hour to dry between coats. I let them dry overnight.

The next day, Grunt Man took over the project by installing them. Because he dry-fit them previously, they were a breeze to install.

About the adhesive…

We applied the adhesive on the perimeter edge of all panels. Once he was happy with placement, he then stuck them on. Be aware that once that tape sticks, it’s STUCK! It’s that effective. There is no ‘repositioning’ so be sure of where you want to stick it before pressing the panels on.

I’m happy to report they’ve not warped, melted or been affected by the heat. Everyone who enters our coach absolutely loves it. It’s become the focal point in the living area of our RV.

Moving onto the bathroom…

After seeing the beautiful results of the backsplash, I wanted to incorporate the same technique to the bathroom.

As you can see, our bathroom was brown brown with more brown! We wanted to redesign the look that splashed lots of color in there. So this is what we did.

Wavy Wall Treatment…

Being that I wanted to create an ocean visual effect below the chair rail moulding, I found “Waves” B65 backsplash panels at the same kiosk that I found the galley backsplash panels. The wavy textured panels mimic’d the ocean concept I was looking for. It was exactly what I had envisioned.

After measuring the space where we would be applying them, I bought six panels and another two-pack of the recommended two-sided tape.

This time, at a different RV Resort in Texas, I laid all of the panels on a large table in their workshop and peeled off the protective sheeting.

Instead of spray priming them like I did the galley backsplash, I rolled two coats of the same Glidden Gripper Primer Grunt Man used on the ceilings and priming the walls; allowing an hour between coats.

The workshop was exceptionally dry and warm causing the primer to dry almost instantly which enabled me to paint the color on the same day; hours between of course.

For the color, I painted with Glidden “Marine Blue 88GG/346”. Again, I used Glidden products (primer and paint) for optimum adhesion and results.

Making waves…

I rolled two coats of color; allowing an hour to dry between coats. I left them to cure overnight on the shelves in the workshop. The color exceeded my expectations.

I sanded them with medium grit sandpaper the next morning; wanted to sand off the raised embossments to give the waves definition and dimension.

Then, I wiped the panels off leaving no paint particles or dust after sanding. Once they were all clean, I took them back to the workshop to spray two coats of polyurethane; allowing an hour between coats to dry.

The next day, Grunt Man and I installed the panels. We used the same adhesive tape and method as we did on the backsplash.

One last installation note…

We did not use moulding in the corner where the panels met. We painted the corner crease the same color as the panels. It was a cheaper option and worked for that space.

Once the installation was complete, we stood back and stared at it…in awe, I must admit! We loved it! It was exactly how I had envisioned it. It added definition and character to our small bathroom.  Its a good thing we have no more wall space to come up with another design.

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Product manufacturers or retail outlets did not compensate us for any or all of this project.
Every part of this interior makeover is/was what worked for US in OUR RV based on our research, design strategy, capabilities, and our personal level of product wear and tear. Products, labor, installations, applications and results may differ from yours if you choose to use any of the products we showcased or the installation methods we used.
We will not be held liable for any miscalculations, misrepresentations, product or installer ineptness and applications, including RVs. In other words, any and all of your purchases and installations are your own ‘buyer beware’.


10 Replies to “RV INTERIORS: Backsplash and Textured Wall Treatments”

    1. Hi Joyce, we are glad our information and how-to guide was useful and informative. Is this something you will do in the near future? We love our new backsplash and wall treatments! Lots of compliments! Best wishes! Thanks for following along! -Lisa & Dan

  1. So far, you have provided the best info on what do with RV painting and ideas for backsplashes. I also liked the fact that you use easy to obtain paint and supplies. I am very familiar with Lowe’s and Home Depot so it is within my comfort zone. Thanks so much for sharing alternative, creative ways to use these ugly looking back splashes. I would never have thought to do what you did. Loved it!

    1. Rosie, that’s good to get feedback on. We try to ‘not make it harder than it really is’. Buying supplies on the road can be difficult but we try to keep it simple and use what’s easily available. Best wishes on your remodel!! Check back with us to tell how it went!! Don’t forget to follow us on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/alwaysonliberty -Dan & Lisa

  2. I think to choose the material to make RV interior walls and paint them are important things to have a good RV. Your post gave me some useful information which helped me easier to do it. Thanks so much and I will keep reading your posts!

  3. So glad to have found your blog! I also am not a big fan of the peel and stick gel tiles. I’m so excited to get started.

  4. Hi folks, it is great to see you again. As we all sit in lockdown we are all looking for things to do inside. You have given us all ideas for our own rigs. Thanks.
    That looks so good. You guys did a great job and your vision for the finished product was spectacular. I really think it enhanced the beauty of your rig and made more like home. Congrats!

    1. Thanks Wesley, and as we too are in lockdown social distancing, we are doing some much needed improvements to the inside of our Mini Moho – our Winnebago View. Nothing major; just adding a bit of color and personality to make it ‘ours’. We hope you’ll share your results on Facebook so we can see! Be safe out there.

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