RV Fifth Wheel Bathroom Makeover: RV Interior Renovation Tips

If you think remodeling a fifth wheel bathroom is easy and less time consuming because it’s small, think again! Our RV bathroom was actually the most challenging because it involved working around the toilet and tight corners. But the question remains, would we do it again? 

After giving Dan a much needed break from completing our main living area and RV kitchen remodel project, it was time to crack the whip and tackle our fifth wheel bathroom.

As you can imagine, the rustic cowboy theme just wasn’t going to cut it with our new Margaritaville and Key West motif. 

So, I took down all the six shooter, stars and spurs and packed away the towels and yelled, ‘Giddy Up! This horse just up and left!’

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RV Renovation: RV Fifth Wheel Bathroom Makeover

Planning our Bathroom Makeover

Our Heartland Landmark fifth wheel bathroom has a split bathroom.

The shower is on the left side of the hallway. The water closet (commode and sink) are in an enclosed room opposite on the right side.

Our fifth wheel bathroom separates the bedroom from our RV kitchen and living area.

In keeping with our Key West tropical beach theme, I continued it into the hallway, bathroom and eventually into the our fifth wheel bedroom.

Since it’s the bathroom, I wanted to incorporate fish and water into the tropical design. I also wanted the bathroom to resemble the beach. My thought was blue water on the bottom and yellow sunset sky on the top.

So, I opted to go with two different beautifully complimenting colors; Glidden’s Sunny 45YY77/424 and Marine Blue 88GG 33/346.

Since there was already a chair moulding, it already served as a dividing point of my colors.

The wall space above the chair rail moulding was to be yellow. Below the chair rail was to be a turquoise blue.

I wanted the chair rail painted the same white as the ceiling. Yes, we painted the dull tan colored ceiling.

In the water closet (commode room), Dan removed the cornice board window valance so I could recover it. I chose a simple white and gray ticking fabric to finish off a clean appearance and to resemble a cloud in a fun sort of way.

The gray strips are the same tint as the gray fish on the shower curtain.

And finally, my plan was to bring the same flooring upgrade we installed in our fifth wheel kitchen and  main living area up the steps into the upper level bathroom and bedroom for a smooth transition.

So, that’s the planning part of our fifth wheel bathroom remodel. Now, it’s time to change into work clothes and get busy.

Prep, Prime and Paint

Just the same as our fifth wheel’s kitchen and living area, Dan prepped and primed the ceiling and wall surfaces in the bathroom of our fifth wheel. He included the same process as the chair rail moulding. 

Allowing the primer to cure and dry completely, Dan painted the walls above the chair rail moulding with the yellow. He left the chair rail white.

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Textured Wall Treatment

After Dan completed all of the priming and painting, it was my turn to do the next step since this part was my vision.

Let’s go back to the planning stages of our RV bathroom makeover for a minute. My vision was to create a unique design for the lower half wall space to resemble the blue water.

So, instead of painting the wall with a simple flat color, I wanted to find a unique wavy textured surface.

After a bit of research, I found exactly what I was looking for on Amazon. It’s a wavy pattern textured decorative thermoplastic vinyl panel system that can be used for backsplashes and wall treatments.

It’s perfect for DIY Renovations. The 5-piece set (covers 15 square feet) I bought was more than what I needed. Each panel adheres to the wall surface with a strong tape.

Once our panels shipped in, I went straight to work. Since we were at an RV resort, I asked the maintenance manager if I could set up my project in his workspace which he gladly obliged.

I set up my project space to not make a mess; using plastic tarps.

Step 1: I primed each panel with the same primer we used on the walls since we had plenty to spare. I rolled two light coats on each panel; allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

Step 2: I painted two coats of the Marine Blue paint; also allowing each coat to dry throughly. I allowed the top coat to dry a full 24 hours before proceeding to the next step.

Step 3: I moved my project outdoors since this part was going to be a little messy. Using a sponge sanding block, I distressed each panel but only sanding the raised texture until I could see the metal finish underneath.

Step 4: I wiped off each panel throughly using a tack cloth.

Step 4: I coated each of the newly painted panels with satin finish spray polyurethane. Moving the panels back inside the workspace, I allowed each of the panels to dry thoroughly for 24 hours.

My part of the labor was complete. The panels were ready for Dan to install.


The next day, Dan removed the toilet to make our textured wall treatment installation easier. But also, he could also the new flooring.

Fifth Wheel Bathroom Makeover - Wall Treatment

First, Dan dry-fit each panel and then cut according to measurements. He used the prescribed two-sided adhesive tape made for this product.

The hardest part was on the door side of the bathroom because the wall spaces were smaller.

Admittedly, this particular panel design was not as easy to install as our galley backsplash because of the seams in the corner.

And, as you see in the photo below, we had vertical seams which wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. But, since this was an inexpensive option, we made it work.

With a little leftover Marina Blue paint, I painted the corner with an artist brush. When the wall treatment was finished, we really couldn’t tell where the flaws were.

The actual installation took a couple hours to get it right. It took a little measuring and cutting the panels. 

We stood back and just said, ‘WOW’! We got the ocean water; just as I had envisioned in planning our fifth wheel bathroom makeover.


While the toilet was out, Dan went right to work installing the same underlayment and Allure GripStick Resilient Vinyl Plank “White Maple” flooring that we used in our fifth wheel’s kitchen and main living area.

He started with the stairs and hallway and then worked his way into the bathroom. That way, he could hide any flaws where we really couldn’t see them.

The flooring installation didn’t take as long since Dan was accustomed to the installation. He did have to cut and manipulate the flooring around the toilet hole.

Since we lived in our fifth wheel for two years, it was a good time to inspect and replace all of the toilet plumbing. While he was at it, he installed a shutoff valve behind the toilet.

Cabinet Hardware

The original hardware that came in our fifth wheel bathroom were plain faux brushed nickel knobs.

We replaced the original cabinet pulls with this beautiful set of four hand-painted ceramic and metal cabinet pulls I found at the Christmas Tree Shop years prior. They coordinated perfectly with the colors and design I was vying for.

Since it would be almost impossible to find those above, we’ve found some amazing options below.

Click on each for more information and dimensions:

fifth wheel bathroom - cabinet pulls 4fifth wheel bathroom - cabinet pulls 2fifth wheel bathroom - cabinet pull 3

Window Cornice Board

The window cornice board that disguises our MCD day/night shade mechanism was small and super easy to recover. I used the white and gray ticking fabric mentioned in my project planning section.

Check out our video on how to recover RV window cornice board valances:

Decor and Accessories

Accessorizing is one of my favorite parts of interior decorating. Mentioned earlier, I wanted an ocean fish theme.

Wall Art

For the life of me, I can’t remember where I bought the the galvanized metal BEACH plaque. However, there are other options that would fit this beach decor just nicely.

Click on each for more information and dimensions:

fifth wheel bathroom - beach wall artfifth wheel bathroom - beach wall art signfifth wheel bathroom - beach wall art 2

I found these little guys at Hobby Lobby. We strategically mounted them onto the wall.

Unfortunately, you can’t get them there anymore. But I did a little research and found these that would fit perfectly.

Click on each for more information and dimensions:

Fifth Wheel Bathroom - Distressed Wood FishFifth Wheel Bathroom - Distressed Wood Fish 2Fifth Wheel Bathroom - Distressed Shark

Shower Curtain

I then wanted to incorporate a fun fish motif that carries from the hallway shower curtain that I purchased at Target into the water closet.

Here are some other bathroom shower curtain options that may work as well:

fifth wheel bathroom - Shower Curtain 1fifth wheel bathroom - shower curtain 2fifth wheel bathroom - shower curtain 3


I wanted our hand towels to look like little beach blankets or beach towels. I think I accomplished that with these small Turkish hand towels. These are for aesthetics only.

Then I found matching Turkish bath towels. Since they pack down really small, I bought four bath towels.

Fifth Wheel Bathroom - Aqua Turkish Towel

Further, I found a pack of four gray and white pinstripe cotton dinner napkins that are our fingertip towels. We hung one on the rod with the two decorator towels and the remaining three, we folded and stacked them on the counter for everyday use.

Fifth Wheel Bathroom Counter Decor

I found this cute little two-bucket galvanized aluminum bucket at Hobby Lobby.

We use it for our Q-tips and makeup remover pads. Also, in the floral section, I found these cute little sprigs of lavender that added a little beach flower vibe.

The blue glass spray bottle is our homemade essential oil air freshener. 

That’s a Wrap!

As you see, though our fifth wheel bathroom takes up very little real estate, it still took as much time to complete the remodel project as our larger rooms in our fifth wheel interior renovation.

We absolutely LOVE our bathroom. It’s bright, unique and looks nothing like the average RV bathroom. Not that we spend a whole heck of a lot of time in there, it is totally comfy if we did.

So, when other Landmark fifth wheel owners say, “Oh, I have an Ashland (model)  just like yours”, we just reply back with a big grin, “Oh, no you don’t”.

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