RV Interior Design and Decor: OUR BATHROOM MAKEOVER

One would think the bathroom being the smallest room in an RV would be the easiest to remodel and be the least time consuming. It was actually the most challenging because it was such a small space. It also involved temporarily removing the toilet to do some modifications. But it was worth it because our makeover was a resounding SUCCESS!

After giving my Grunt Man a break from all the priming, painting, and floor laying in the main living area and galley, I put him back to work to continue into hall and the bathroom.


Our fifth wheel bathroom has a split bathroom; meaning the shower is on the left side of the hallway and the commode and sink in an enclosed room on the right side of the hallway. It separates the bedroom from the galley.

In keeping with our Key West tropical beach theme, I continued the design into the hall and bathroom.  My goal was to create a ‘fish out of the water’ motif.

I opted to go with two different colors. I decided on Glidden’s Sunny 45YY77/424 and Marine Blue 88GG 33/346. (Note: Colors on your computer screen may differ from actual color)

The wall space above the chair rail moulding was to be yellow (resembling the sun) and below the chair rail moulding (moulding that divides the wall horizontally) to be a turquoise blue (resembling the ocean). The chair rail was to be painted the same tint as the ceiling.

I wanted to incorporate fun fish decor that was carried from the hallway shower curtain that I purchased at Target.

For the window cornice board, I chose a simple white muslin fabric with gray stripes (called ‘ticking’) to finish off a clean appearance. I chose the gray strips to coincide with the gray fish on the shower curtain.

The flooring was going to be the same as what Grunt Man installed in the living area and galley and be carried up to the hallway and into the bathroom and bedroom.


Grunt Man prepared, primed and painted the ceiling, wall and chair rail moulding the same as I mentioned in our RV Interior Design and Decor: Preparation and Painting blog.

After he was finished with all painting and priming, it was my turn to do a little of the labor. Yes, I had to do some grunt work myself.


I wanted to create a unique design concept for the lower half wall space; envisioning a unique ‘wavy’ textured wall surface below the white chair rail moulding.

While we were at The Home Depot picking up our paint colors, I meandered over to the small display of faux tin panels that we used in the galley and found these cool textured panels. It was exactly what I was looking for.

While Grunt Man was doing his end of the remodel, I primed, painted, distressed and coated with polyurethane the same as I did with the kitchen backsplash panels in Our RV Interior MAKEOVER.

We blogged about this in our RV Interior Design and Decor: Textured Wall and Backsplash Panels.

The next day, Grunt Man had removed the toilet so we could install the wave panels but also the new flooring. This particular tile design was not as easy to install than our galley backsplash. It took a little more ingenuity to line up the panels without having too many seams.

It took us a few hours to complete the installation. We stood back and just said, ‘WOW’! Again, it’s exactly how I envisioned.



After Grunt Man finished installing the wall panels, he installed the same Allure GripStick Resilient Vinyl Plank “White Maple” flooring that we used in the main living area and galley up into the hallway and then into the bathroom.

The flooring installation didn’t take very long as the area was small however, he did have to cut a circle where the toilet hole was.

Being our coach was two years old at the time of this renovation, it was a good idea for him to replace and inspect the plumbing parts. He also installed a shutoff valve right at the toilet that wasn’t installed before.


The window cornice board that hides our MCD day/night shade was small and easy to recover.


We replaced all four of the plain faux brushed nickel knobs with this beautiful set of four cabinet pulls that I found a couple years ago at the Christmas Tree Shop in Kentucky. They coordinated perfectly with the colors and design I was vying for. They are white ceramic with hand-painted designs on them.


Accessorizing is one of my favorite things to do when designing any room or project. As mentioned earlier, I wanted an ocean fish theme to be carried from the hallway shower area into the bathroom. I found these little guys at Hobby Lobby. We strategically mounted them onto the wall.

Speaking of Hobby Lobby (my favorite home decor store), these awesome decorator towels in the seasonal section were jumping in my cart. They were actually labeled as kitchen towels but in the design and decor world, who cares? The color was absolutely perfect and the style was perfect for my ocean theme. They look like little beach blankets or mats. However, they are only for aesthetics.

Further, I found a pack of four gray and white pinstripe cotton dinner napkins that are our fingertip towels. We hung one on the rod with the two decorator towels and the remaining three, we folded and stacked them on the counter for everyday use.

I found this cute little two-bucket galvanized aluminum bucket at Hobby Lobby We use it for our Q-tips and makeup remover pads. Also, in the floral section, I found these cute little plastic sprigs of lavender that added a little femininty. The blue spray bottle is our homemade essential oil air freshener. These completed our bathroom remodel project.

As you see, though it’s a small bathroom with very little real estate, it still took as much time to complete the remodel project as our larger rooms.

We absolutely LOVE our bathroom. It’s bright and interesting. Not that we spend a whole heck of a lot of time in there, it is pleasing to the eye and totally custom.

So, when other Landmark owners say, “Oh, I have an Ashland (model)  just like yours”, we quickly reply back with a smile, “Oh, no you don’t”.

Now for the legal garb because we ‘have to’…


No part of this interior makeover was donated nor were we compensated in any way by any of the product manufacturers I linked to or any retail outlets. Every bit of this interior upgrade came out of our pockets so those links used are simply to give you an idea of what we used and how.
Every part of this interior makeover is/was what worked for US in OUR RV based on our research, design strategy, capabilities, and our personal level of product wear and tear. Products, labor, installations, applications and results may differ from yours if you choose to use any of the products we showcased or the installation methods we used. We will not be held liable for any miscalculations, representations, product or installer ineptness and applications, including RVs. In other words, any and all of your purchases and installations are your own ‘buyer beware’.

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