How to Replace Your RV Door Window on Your Camper

If you need to replace your RV door window or want to update the look of the door on your RV or camper, there’s a 3-step installation process to ensure your window won’t break or fall out of the door. We’ll show you how to replace your camper’s door window in 3 easy steps. This installation is so easy that even a caveman can do it!

If you’ve owned your camper for awhile, you may find your RV door window may need replacing. Or, you may just want to customize your new camper with a stained glass window made specifically for your RV door.

But, do you know how and what tools you’ll need to do this small RV renovation project? So, let’s see how to replace your camper door window just like we did!

Replace RV Door Window DIY Guide - Always On Liberty

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How to Replace Your RV Door Window

Camper Door Window Installation Guide

Who doesn’t love gazing through a stained glass window when the sun shines through?

I remember when I was a little girl staring at the stained glass windows in church instead of paying attention to the gospel and readings. I’d study every color, every soldered line of the biblical Saints. While I couldn’t tell you what the gospel was about, I could surely describe the stain glass windows in church down to every colorful detail.

So, when I saw a vendor selling stained glass window inserts for RV doors, I instantly became a little giddy.

Not that we want our RV to look like a church but adding an artistic touch to our fifth wheel RV door gives it a custom look.

The original RV door window was translucent (frosted). While it does allow light from the outside still enter the room, objects on the other side are blurry. We didn’t want a totally clear window but we still wanted a way to see what was on the other side.

So, when we saw other fellow Heartland owners  installing stained glass windows on their RV doors, we were more than excited at changing the view; inside and outside!

Now, before I go on, I need to preface by saying this particular window replacement is intended for the towable RVs. Motorhome door windows vary and installation is very different. 

Where can you get a stained glass window for your RV door?

We got our stained glass window panel in Los Algodones in Baja California, Mexico. If you’re RVing in Yuma, you can park in the lot at the border and walk across to Los Algodones.

In one of the interior stores in town, there’s a vendor who sells these stain glass RV door panels as well as other colorful glass panels.

The Stained Glass and Lamp Shades Shop.                                                         Plaza Alvaro 2nd St. Suite B-68                                                                                      Los Algodones, BC Mexico.

You can also email him at to see if he has the motif you’re looking for. I’m not certain about communication so there’s that.

The shop vendor has quite an array of different window designs and motifs to choose from. He has everything from lighthouse and beach scenes, desert landscapes, wildlife, sports team logos and even military branches! (Don’t get me started on why he didn’t have the Coast Guard. But hey, that’s for another day.)

Now, being our RV fifth wheel exterior is white with cherry red, black and light goldish tan swishy graphics, we wanted to keep the same color scheme when picking out the perfect stained glass window.

Well, it didn’t take me long to find one that caught my eye when I saw it. The colors were vividly perfect and the motif was just what I was looking for; a beautiful Arizona desert scape!

And to ensure the window was going to work, he fit the glass panel into a standard RV door window frame. It fit perfectly!

Now, I do want to share that you can negotiate the price in Mexico at the markets.

So, after a few seconds of dickering down, we paid $70 cash (2018). He then packaged it up with cardboard and tape to protect it during transport.

Now, if you’re not going to visit Los Algodones anytime soon, you can also find RV door window stained glass inserts at some RV shows or RV rallies.

Just prepare for much higher prices; even double. But, you get satisfaction in knowing they are made in the U.S. and are usually handmade by a fellow RVer.

Where can you get a regular replacement window for your RV door?

RV Door for RV and Camper

Now, what if you’re really not interested in stained glass but you need to replace a broken window in your RV door? 

There are a few options where you can acquire a regular window made exclusively for camper doors.

For newer RV models, you can contact your RV manufacturer to get a replacement window.  Remember, you’ll need your VIN number as well as year, make and model of your camper.

It’s best to take exact measurements to get the best fit window. Most RV door window ensembles are a standard 12″ x 21″. The replacement inner & outer radius RV entry door window frames come in either black frame or white frame based on the exterior color of your RV.

However, make sure your frame color matches the rest of your windows should you need to replace both, the entire frame and window.

Now, if your camper is an older model with a slightly different size, you may have to get your RV door window replacement at an RV supply store like Bontrager’s Surplus in White Pigeon, Michigan that’s near Elkhart, Indiana. (OMG! You gotta GO to that place!!)


So now, let’s see how to install a window in the door to your camper!

It’s important to complete this install on a warm, dry day to insure proper installation and set. We installed our stain glass window when we were in the desert southwest at Gila Bend, Arizona in the winter. It’s best to do this installation when it’s between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

You’ll want to set up your workspace by laying out a soft blanket or towel outside on your campsite picnic table or camp table. This helps to protect your glass panel and makes it easier to pick up and set down.

Carefully unwrap your new door window. Make certain you inspect it for loose solders, solder burrs, glass chips or cracks.

Once you’re satisfied with your glass insert, lay out your tools on your workspace so everything is easily accessible.

Tools for your RV door window installation:

Tools for RV Door Window Replacement - Always On Liberty
Image by Always On Liberty©

Step 1 – Remove existing window

Removing window frame on RV door - Always On Liberty
Image by Always On Liberty©

As Dan did, you’ll need to adhere your clear shipping tape over a small portion of the existing window to the exterior frame of the door. This helps to hold the frame in place while removing the inside frame and frosted glass window.

Then, remove the screws from the inside frame and set them aside on your work space. Remember to keep all of your supplies on your workspace so you’re not losing anything in the process.

Carefully pull the inside frame away from the frosted glass window pane. Once you remove the glass from the frame completely, set it aside out of the way on your cushioned work space.

Step 2 – Clean and caulk

Applying Clear Sealant Caulk to RV Window Frame - Always On Liberty
Image by Always On Liberty©

Using your putty knife, clean out all of the old gunk from both, the exposed door frame itself and the plastic frame that holds the window in place.

Then wipe everything clean with a small cloth with alcohol to remove any existing residue and allowed it to dry thoroughly. This allows proper adhesion of the new caulk.

Once clean and free of debris, apply a bead of silicone in the track of the outside door frame where the putty adhesive used to be. Make certain there are no breaks in the caulk line. You don’t want any air gaps in the caulk. Don’t squeeze out too much that would cause oozing outside of the frames.

Then, allow the caulk to set to a tacky consistency for about 3 minutes.

It’s important to follow this step as you don’t want the caulk to be slippery or runny when mounting the window and frame.

Step 3 – Mount the new window

Setting stain glass window in RV door - Always On Liberty
Image by Always On Liberty©

To mount your RV door glass window, carefully insert it into the frame onto the tacky silicone while slightly running your finger along the edge of the glass insert. Do not press on the edges to squeeze the caulk out.

If silicone does ooze out, carefully and quickly wipe it off before it dries.

If you prefer to not to use silicone on the inner edge of the outer frame, you can use Butyl sealing tape in its’ place. However, be very aware. Butyl tape is very sticky and hard to remove once you adhere it. So, you have to be totally sure about first placement.

Then, quickly mount the window frame over the glass pane and screw the interior frame to the door. (photo below)

Replacing RV door window - Always On Liberty
Image by Always On Liberty©

Once your new RV door window is newly installed, we highly recommend abandoning door operation for at least a few hours.

Go out exploring or shopping, stay inside to watch a movie or work, or take a nap. In other words, do not open and close your door until after the silicone has had ample amount of time to set and dry.

As a last step, the next morning use a small amount of clear silicone to seal the edge of the outer trim to prevent water intrusion.

And THAT’s how you replace your RV door window!

Stained Glass RV door window replacement - Always On Liberty
Image by Always On Liberty©

As you can see, our stain glass window a beautiful accent to both, the outside and outside of our coach. It’s absolutely gorgeous anytime the sun shines through it.

But also, at night when looking at it from the outside, the interior lights show through the motif giving a unique glowing presence.

Not only does it improve the look of your coach’s door, but you also have a wonderful souvenir that tells a story. In fact, we’ve received many compliments on it.

Wrapping Up

RV door window replacement - stained glass window door replacement window - Always On Liberty
Image by Always On Liberty©

Our new stain glass RV door window was one souvenir we didn’t mind buying. Each time we look through it, it reminds us of the fun we had in Los Algodones, Mexico.

Unfortunately however, when we traded in our Heartland Landmark to downsize to our Winnebago View, we forgot to change out the window again so we could have our stain glass window. But, at least we have the awesome memories and photos here to look at.


If your original RV door window panel is still in good shape, tape cardboard to both sides of the window pane and store it under your RV mattress. Well, unless you get a little too ambitious doing the wild thing, you may need a few more layers of cardboard!

MUST READ DISCLAIMER: Always On Liberty and persons will not be held responsible for your installation, products used, stained glass or window replacements, doors, etc. and/or injury that may result during and after installation. It is up to each RV owner and installer to thoroughly research and take every safety precaution to insure proper installation.


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RV Door Window Replacement Guide - Always On Liberty

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  1. Having taught stained glass for many years- if possible to put a thin sheet of acrylic in front of glass it will protect it from stones and keep the solder from getting that crusty white film over time. They do this on church windows to protect from vandals and weather

    1. Robin, thank you for taking the time to read about our Stained Glass Window Installation Guide. We don’t think that there is ample room to add another layer between the frames to fit in the RV door correctly and securely. But we understand how the plexiglass would protect our art investment. We will look into this to see if it can be done. -Dan & Lisa

  2. I have tried to email several times with no response. I am interested in a stained glass panel for the entry door.
    Are you certain this is the correct email??? Any other contact information I might try? How about another vendor?

    1. Hi Sarah, sorry you haven’t received any response. They are located in Los Algodones, Mexico. Aside from actually visiting (we saw him this past winter when we visited), I don’t know how else to contact him. There are other stain glass artists that make them in the states though. You might be able to find them at the big RV manufacturers rallies. Hope that helps.

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