Suni Sands RV Resort – Campground Review – Arizona

Suni Sands RV Resort

Location:  1960 E. 32nd Street, Yuma, AZ 85365  
Phone: (928) 726-5941 or Toll Free 877-570-2267

Date(s) Stayed: 1/18/17-1/20/17
Length of Stay: 2
Site #: #A-5  Pull-Through
Cost per night (with taxes):  $34/night
Discount Used: N/A
Connections: FHU 
Stars: 4.00

We stayed at Suni Sands RV Resort for in mid January of 2018. Suni Sands RV Resort is an Encore +55 as well as Thousand Trails membership park.

Checking In…

We arrived with a caravan with three other RVs. We were greeted by a very friendly staff and presented with our welcome packet with rules, park map and local information in a cute little mesh shower bag. Our check-in experience was outstanding.

After  we finished with registration and check-in, we were led by staff in their golf cart  to our site. We found the roads were quite challenging to navigate due to being narrow with sharp turns, lots of obstacles (i.e. road signs, palm trees, utility boxes, boulders, etc.) on corners of the road.


Once we arrived at our site, we had to pull in and then back out to reposition because two palm trees were literally at the corners of our site which prevented us from normal pull-in parking procedures. We also had to deal with power pedestals and utilities that were really close to where our RV extended. The parking staff tried to assist however, we politely declined as we are proficient at parking and have done this before.

Though the roadway was paved asphalt but the sites themselves, consisted of pea sized gravel. Our site was level so we did not need to use leveling blocks.

This is one of those RV park/resorts where RVs are awning-to-awning; very tight with little to no personal space and RV real estate. If you look in the above photo below, you’ll notice there is an empty site between the Big Country and our Landmark which meant, if there was an RV between us, we would be slide to slide. The next site’s power pedestal was literally right next to our door with only inches within our door swing. We would not be able to put our awnings out which is a huge turnoff for us, personally. If anything, these sites were okay for transients for a night or two; which we were.

On a good note though, because the resort was not to capacity, they did not assign spaces immediately next to our RV so it wasn’t so tight. I don’t know if that was planned or by coincidence but we appreciated the less congested parking assignment strategy.

While we set up our utilities, the park’s sewer connection was clogged and full that we ended up having to hook our sewer hose up to the site on our door side instead. Within 30-45 minutes of reporting it, the staff repaired it and we were hooked up to our own sewer hole. The Suni Sands RV Resort Staff was amazingly courteous, sympathetic and understanding of our needs (we just came from two weeks of boondocking; our tanks were full.) and immediately took care of it.


We didn’t use any of the ammenities except for laundry which had multiple machines so we didn’t have to really wait for them. The laundry was clean with lots of toploading washing and dryers; washers on the left with big commercial dryers to the right. There was a good sized folding table . They could stand to facilitate or relocated it to a larger  room. With 3 other guests in there, it was a little tight sharing the folding table and moving around.

This photo was contributed and permission granted to use by RV Love.

The Resort was safe, quiet and posh; perfect for retirees and elderly. 


Suni Sands RV Resort is located right off of I-8 north side. It’s perfect for those +55 (or younger in certain cases) who are wanting to get their dental, prescriptions and eyeglasses at Los Algodones, Mexico.

Our Final Review:

Suni Sands RV Resort was very organized, meticulous, and well managed from our perspective. Our only issues were the tight sites and navigation through the park, otherwise we’d most likely visit again.

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