RV Interior Upgrades: Cabinet Storage Solutions

Sorry to say this but RV manufacturers haven’t a clue about what RV owners want inside their coaches. They don’t consider important factors about potential owners such as our height, practicalities and function. It’s because they don’t live in them.Galley cabinets are one of the biggest headache; especially for those of us who who put together the meals . The inside proportions are either too short, too tall, to deep, not deep enough or not enough shelves. It never fails, the crockpot won’t fit, the cabinet space is not wide enough to stack the dinner plates or you wish there was another shelf in the tall cabinet to put the cereal boxes on.

Kitchen cabinet dilemma in our toy hauler

We had one cabinet that had two tall and slender shelves that each were about 8″ wide but 24″ tall. It was as deep as the slide (24″). The only thing I could put in there were bags of chips or big boxes of dry food because everything else got lost in the back. It was seriously ‘lost space’ that could have been more efficiently designed. I grumbled about it for about there months into ownership. I kept muttering to my poor Dan, ‘if only manufacturers listened to the ladies”.Well, apparently he got tired of me bitching and did something about it.After a few days of research and measurements, Dan ordered this cool get-up. Voila! I had a sturdy pantry pullout. I absolutely loved it!


It’s made by Rev-a-Shelf; a familiar cabinet upgrade that we also had in our Kentucky S&B.
Below is the schematic:
It took a little modification due to it going into an RV that shook, rattled and rolled, but the end result was amazing!

Though the toyhauler is gone, we now have a lot more efficient cabinet space in our Heartland Luxury 5th wheel with pull-out drawers and sized appropriately to fit appliances, etc. We still have personalized with some upgrade features.

Trash can pull-out

One of the first was the trash can cabinet in the island. Originally, Heartland just stuck a 20 gallon trash can and called it a day. Though it was the perfect size for us, it lacked stability for travel. We’d open the cabinet door after rolling down the road and #$&@#%!!! The trash can would fall out at our feet with a huge mess that followed. That happened twice until I started bitching again.So Dan went right to work with his research and found the Rev-A-Shelf RV-814PB – Single 20 Qt. Pull-Out White Waste Container with Adjustable Frame.He adjusted the frame that it doesn’t take up valuable depth space.or, it can be installed the other way like in the photo below:Now, no more trash dump-outs. The trash can is kept cradled and can be pulled out when needed. For more information about the products, click on the photos or link above.

Another upgrade we made  was for my classy stemware. Though we don’t have a lot of glasses, we do enjoy drinking our wine and drinks out of stemware.

We installed two of these WALLNITURE Stemware Wine Glass Rack Hanger Under Cabinet Storage  to hold our wine glasses and other stemware. For more information, dimensions and installation, click the link.

So those are just a couple cabinet storage upgrades we made to our RVs that helped with efficiency and better use of the space.

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