RV Interior Upgrade: Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Do you have a love hate relationship with your RV kitchen cabinets? We did too until we configured a few different kitchen cabinet storage solutions that made our cabinet space more efficient.

Always On Liberty - RV Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

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RV Interior Upgrade: Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solutions

Don’t you wish RV manufacturers would actually pay attention to what RV owners really want inside their motorhomes and towable?

What they fail to appreciate or embrace is space is a premium to begin with. They don’t take into account the sizes and dimensions of kitchen accessories, food storage containers, and small kitchen appliances. They just throw up some cabinets and call it a day. But the inside proportions are either too short, too tall, too deep, not deep enough or not enough shelves. You can barely fit a box of cereal, bottles or even dry ingredient canisters in them.

Then it’s up to the new RV owner to completely dismantle and modify them to be functional. If only they would live in them for awhile like us to realize they need to design them better.

Pantry Kitchen Cabinet Storage Solution

We had one cabinet in our fifth wheel toy hauler that had one long cabinet door that had two tall and slender shelves that each were about 8″ wide and 24″ tall. It was also as deep as the slide (24″).

The only thing I could put in that kitchen cabinet were bags of chips or packages of hamburger and hotdog buns because everything else got lost in the back. It was a totally useless cabinet for us since we don’t eat either.

I grumbled about it for a few months until Dan did something about it.

After a few days of much research and taking measurements, Dan ordered supplies to create a sturdy pantry pullout.

Below is the schematic:

Always On Liberty - RV Kitchen Cabinet Upgrade - Schematic

The cabinet modifications were made by Rev-a-Shelf; customized cabinet drawers that we had in our previous Kentucky home.

It took a little modifying to fit into that fifth wheel kitchen cabinet. We needed to reinforce it to endure RV travel but the end result was exactly what I was yearning for!

I stored all of my dry foods and canisters in it. I didn’t have to dig for anything.

Always On Liberty - Kitchen Cabinet Solution - RV Upgrade

As you can see, we can now store more than potato chips and hamburger buns!

Always On Liberty - Kitchen Cabinet Solution - RV Upgrade


Kitchen Trash Can Cabinet Storage Solution

One of the first was the trash can cabinet in the island. Originally, the manufacturer just threw a 20 gallon trash can and called it a day. Though it was the perfect size trash can for our needs, it lacked stability for travel.

After a day of travel on the road, we’d open the cabinet door and #$&@#%!! The trash can would topple out all over the floor making a huge mess. That happened twice until Dan took my queue.

He went right to work with more research and found the trash can pull-out with a trash can that fit perfectly. He had to modify the floor of the cabinet and adjust the frame that it didn’t take up any more space that it needed.

And, here’s our finished project: (sorry about the photo being so small)

Always On Liberty - RV Kitchen - Trash Can Pull Out

Do know that it can be installed lengthwise like in the photo below:

Rev-a-Shelf Trash Can Pull Out

Now, no more trash falling out of the cabinet. The trash can is kept intact while rolling down the road. The trash can can be slid out when needed.

Stemware and Wine Glass Cabinet Storage Solution

Another upgrade I asked for was actually simple to install. I wanted stemware racks mounted inside my cabinet instead of under the cabinet. 

So, Dan installed two stemware racks on the underside of the top shelf inside the cabinet. By installing them inside the cabinet kept our stemware and wine glasses from falling off and breaking during transit.

Always On Liberty - RV Kitchen - Stemware Rack

That’s a Wrap

So, those are just a few kitchen cabinet storage solutions that made better usage of our kitchen storage space. Perhaps you have your own custom upgrades that make better use in your motorhome or towable trailer cabinets. We hope these give you some alternatives for more storage in your RV kitchen.

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