Cool Camping Gear for Dogs and Cats

Throughout our RV and camping travel adventures, we’ve taken note of some really cool outdoor and camping gear for dogs and cats. They like to go camping or enjoy the great outdoors just like us. So, why not set our furkids up with their own pet accessories so they can go and explore too!

Here’s our suggested camping gear made just for dogs and cats. We’ve carefully picked out these pet essentials that are perfect for our four-legged campers and hikers!

Cool Camping Gear for Dogs and Cats

Camp Accessories for Dogs and Cats - Always On Liberty

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Camping Gear for Dogs

Collapsible Pet Dishes

Collapsible Pet Dishes

These easy-to-clean collapsible pet dishes are great for packing to take hiking or camping. They are BPA free, easy to store and come in fun colors! These bowls are made of food grade silicon, dishwasher safe and won’t crack or dent when dropped. The bowls come with carabiners to hook onto kennel doors, belt loops or their saddle bags.

Elevated Dog Bed

Elevated Camping Dog Bed

We don’t have any pups however, we’ve seen these cool elevated dog beds at campsites everywhere!

These raised beds are better for your dogs instead of them laying on the mud, gravel or grass where they can pick up ticks and fleas. They also allow circulation underneath to keep your dog cooler in the summer.

These camping dog beds come in different sizes so check them out by clicking the photo. The great thing is they can be used for both dogs and cats!

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Dog Saddlebags

Hiking Dog Saddlebags

Dogs love to go everywhere; including the hiking trails! So, why not have them carry their own gear (food, water and their bowls)?

Keep all your dog’s gear in one place including their collapsible bowls (above) and a couple bottles of fresh water along with their food and snacks.

They also can carry their own leash and poop bag dispenser (below) and ChuckIt.

Dog Harness

Hiking Dog Harness

Most campgrounds now have leash laws. But also, it’s just good pet etiquette to restrain your dog in populated places. This is to ensure the safety of people and their pets but also for your dog as well.

A good quality, sturdy dog harness is much safer and healthier that relying on a dog collar.

You’ll have better control of your dog and a dog harness helps take the strain off of your dog’s neck while walking, training, hiking, running or just hanging out at your campsite while being tethered or leashed.

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Dog Leash with Poop Bag Dispenser

Dog Leash with Poop Bag Dispenser

There’s no place on the hiking trails or walks in the campground for those retractable leashes. Especially for bigger dogs, you’ll need a much sturdier dog leash to keep total control of your dog. 

The bonus in this leash, it has a poop bag dispenser! So, no excuses for forgetting your dog poop bags!

Don’t forget to stock up on compostable earth-friendly dog poop bags while you’re shopping!

Camping Gear for Cats

Cat Screen Tent

Outdoor Cat Screen Tent - Camping Screen Tent for Cats

We have this fun cat screen tent for our two Maine Coons. Krissie and Kandi just love it because they can be outside without worry of getting away from us.

But also, it helps to keep your cat (or cats) safe from dogs or whatever might want to visit; including birds of prey (eagles, hawks, owls), large bugs or venomous spiders, and rodents.

This easy-to-collapse cat screen tent can be used outside or inside to confine your kitties. This screen tent can also be used for small dogs, rabbits, gerbils and other small domesticate pets.

However, please never leave your pet(s) unattended outdoors; even at your own campsite.

Cat Carrier – Pet Taxi

Travel Cat Carrier - Pet Taxi

These are the cat carriers we use. We prefer these top-loading pet taxis because we can load our kitty cats into the top. But also, we can stuff them in through the gate.

Of course, this hard-sided pet carrier doesn’t discriminate. It can be used for small dogs or cats alike.

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Cat CampTeepee

Camping Cat Bed Teepee

This teepee cat bed is the most awesome little camping tent for your indoor cat. He’ll feel like he’s camping but in the comfort and safety of his own familiar home.

Don’t be surprised if he orders up some sushi while he lounges in his comfy cat tent. But if you don’t have a camper kitty, your little dog will think it’s cool too!

RV Window Sill Kitty Bed

Window Kitty Bed for RVs

Our two kitties used to have a tall cat play tower. But, it took up too much space in our small RV. That doesn’t mean our kitties have to give up people watching or chattering at the birds.

Since cats love to look out the window, this cool window sleeping pod allows them to enjoy watching the world go by outside.

And when they get tired or bored, they can just lay back and drift off to dreamland in the afternoon sun in their window cat bed.

Why not get a couple for different windows so they have different views!

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Cat Escape Proof Harness with Leash

Camping Cat Harness with Leash

You don’t have to leave your kitty back in the RV when you head outdoors. Take them with you!

But, it’s important to keep your cat safe from anything he can get into. Because we all know, curiosity can kill a cat like rattlesnakes, spiders and God knows what else!

But also, if you’re walking your cat, you can keep him close and yank him up should a dog or other animal want to meet him.

Now your kitty can go hiking with you. But he’ll need the cat harness to keep him right by your side. This awesome cat harness comes with a leash too!

This harness can be used for both dogs and cats.

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Check out our video How We RV with Cats. We share great tips from where we put the litter box in our RV to our cats’ medical care on the road

Pet Food Storage Container

Dry Pet Food Storage Container
As anyone who camps knows, it’s important to keep you pet’s dry food dry. And most places you may camp are damp which can present unhealthy mold in your pet’s dry kibble.

So, a good airtight pet food storage container is key to keeping it dry and palatable.

But that’s not the only reason to keep your dry dog food or cat food in a sealed container. If they’re hungry, they’re apt to eat through the dog food or cat food bag.

And last and extremely important, you need to keep all food, including you pet’s food in sealed containers when you’re camping in bear country.

Wrapping up these recommendations of camping gear for dogs and cats

As you see, these outdoor accessories for dogs and cats has come a long way! Fido and Fluffy can enjoy the outdoors, camping and RVing with you. And, when you outfit them with the right pet supplies, they’ll be excited to jump right in the RV to go!

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Dog Camping Gear - Always On Liberty

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