Cool Camping Gear for Dogs and Cats

Throughout our RV and camping travel adventures, we’ve taken note of some really cool products out there for dogs and cats. They like to go camping or enjoy the great outdoors just like us so why not set them up with their own gear so they can go!

Here’s our hand-selected camping gear suggestions we’ve picked out just for your outdoor-minded dogs or cats…


Collapsible Pet Dishes

These are great for packing to take hiking or camping. They are BPA free, easy to store and easy to clean! Made of food grade silicon are dishwasher safe and won’t crack or dent when dropped. They come with carabiners to hook onto kennel doors, belt loops or their saddle bags.

Portable Elevated Dog Bed

We don’t have any pups however, we’ve seen these at campgrounds and RV parks all over. It only makes sense for your pet to not lay right on the grass or dirt where they can pick up ticks and fleas. It also is cooler or warmer depending on the weather. They come in different sizes so check them out by clicking the photo. This can be used for either, dogs or cats.

Dog Saddlebags

Dogs love to go! They like to go where you’re going and lots of ’em enjoy tagging along on a hike. But hey, they want to go…they gotta carry their own gear. These are great for holding their little trail snackies, their collapsible bowls (above) and a couple bottles of fresh water. They also can carry their leash and poop bag dispenser (below) and perhaps a small fetch ball.

Dog Leash & Poop Bag Dispenser

I know my opinion on this isn’t popular but well, here it goes. I despise those retractable dog leashes. We had one when we had our Corgi and it didn’t offer the same level of control as a good sturdy leash. Dog trainers worldwide will tell you that As well, they extend far beyond comfort levels of those who are walking their own dogs or walking bystanders. The bonus in this leash, it has a doggie poop bag dispenser! Save yourself from a big lawsuit and grief for less than a fast food meal out.

No-Pull Dog Harness

Dog harnesses are much better for your dog because it takes the strain off of their neck during training and walking discipline. You’ll have better control of your dog with a good harness like this one. Don’t forget a good strong leash for steady walks too!


Cat Screen Tent

We have one of these and our resident mousers just love it! They can be outside yet be restrained in a contained area yet be able to see outside. This screen tent can be used for both, small dogs and cats.

Cat Carrier – Pet Taxi

These are the pet carriers we use. We chose them because we can load our resident mousers into the top or the gate. This pet carrier doesn’t discriminate. It can be used for small dogs or cats alike.

Cat Indoor Teepee

This is absolutely the most awesome little camping tent for your indoor cat. He’ll feel like he’s camping but in the comfort and safety of his own familiar home. Don’t be surprised if he orders up some sushi while he lounges in his comfy tent. If you have both dogs and cats, you’ll need to buy one for each!

EZ Mount Window Sill Kitty Bed

Living in a small camper or RV disallows big cat towers or climbing posts but that shouldn’t mean your kitty can’t enjoy watching the birds and squirrels outside. Its perfect for them to take their naps in the warm sun or just to lounge around. Get a couple for different windows so they have different views!

Cat “Escape Proof” Harness with Leash

Don’t leave Fluffy back in the RV when you’re headed outdoors. Now your kitty can go hiking with you when they wear their harness. It comes with a leash so double bonus! This is a ‘uni-pet’ product too. It can be used for both dogs and cats.


So, as you see, pet supplies for dogs and cats have come a long way for them to enjoy being outdoors or go camping. When you outfit them right, they’ll be excited to jump right in the RV or truck to go! There’s lots of other cool camping gear out there!



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