Glamping: Posh Camping While Enjoying the Outdoors

Are you up for a weekend getaway but you really don’t want to stay in some stuffy hotel? But you really don’t want to rough it in a tent on the wet ground either? Perhaps you and your honey want to go camping but don’t want to invest in an RV or a lot of camping equipment that you’re only going to use once or twice? Is there such a thing?

While hotels are luxuriously nice, they are just a place to sleep and get a long hot shower. Other than providing your own room locked in a multi-story cold stone building, hotels bear expense of having very little privacy. And, they offer very little beautiful or scenic atmosphere. There is no step outside to the wilderness vibe.

Hotels are most often are crowded with noisy kids running up and down the hallways or jumping on the bed in the room above you. Or, the No-Tell Motel motor inn off the beaten path has truly worn out it’s welcome with 30 year old mattresses and rust-stained sinks.

But say you do want a hotel in a highly scenic or tourist area close to hiking and outdoor recreation. Then, you better prepare yourself to fork out a few Benjamins per night in hotel fees just to have those amenities. But guess what? After enjoying that great day of paddling the river or hiking, you still have to go back to that cold stone building with the masses who are doing the same.

So, where can you wake up from a comfy night’s sleep in a real bed with nature right outside your door? Well, glamping getaways may be the answer you’re looking for. They are a great way to enjoy the finer side of camping but still be camping with campfires, lightening bugs and sleeping in.

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Glamping: Posh Camping While Enjoying the Outdoors


According to Forbes, Glamping is recognized as the 2020’s hottest travel trend. Glamping, short for glamorous camping, is a form of camping but with a the comforts of home; all while enjoying nature, literally, right outside your door. You get a bit of upscale amenities not typically associated with traditional tent camping without going overboard like stuffy hotels.

Glamping - HipCamp Cottage at Old Morro
Photo Courtesy of HipCamp – Cottage at Old Morro

In 2019, Kampgrounds of America (KOA) reported that nearly a third of North American travelers have taken a glamping trip. They claim that glamping frequency is highest among travelers who reside in the Western U.S. Interesting to note, the glamping trend seems to be fulfilling travelers’ desire for a unique vacation experience as 64% of travelers agree that glamping provides a unique outdoor experience.

These nontraditional camping alternatives may offer more comfortable mattresses, kitchenettes, private showers and bathrooms. And most have beautiful patio decks to enjoy your morning coffee alongside a lake or stream with glorious million dollar mountain views.

In other words, these type of Glamping experiences are a fun alternative to camping without waking up crippled from sleeping on the ground or getting dirt everywhere you don’t want it. 

So, where are these types of glamping experiences? Well, get your bags packed because we’re going to  go on a little trip and see!

Glamping - HipCamp Cottage at Old Morro 2
Photo Courtesy of HipCamp – Cottage at Old Morro

Type of Glamping Experiences

Glamping styles vary. Typically, Glamps are sturdy shelters that protect you and your family from the elements yet still give you that camping ambiance.

Campgrounds, RV parks and RV resorts have jumped on board in offering glamping experiences to traditional camping. While these glampgrounds still in the vicinity of those camping in tents and RVs, they are for those who want to share the same principle of peace. 

Country Living magazine even shares their 28 of the absolute must-see glamping destinations across the U.S. From geometric mountainside pods to decked-out shelters and charming getaways by the ocean, you’ll want to keep these venues in mind when you’re planning your next vacations. So, why wouldn’t you want to try this new form of camping?

Many campgrounds and RV parks now offer glamping options in cabins, cottages, and casitas. There’s even a sprinkle of campgrounds renting out yurts, tipis and room tents for a unique glamping experience! National campground chains like KOA and Jellystone Parks have cabins and cottages for rent.

And now, glamping is even reaching into the motocamping sector. In fact, we wish we would have known about this nontraditional camping when we were motorcycle nomads! They sure would have beat the expensive hotel lodging we mentioned in the beginning of this article. But, let’s not forget that these can also be sources to those traveling via bicycle or if you need a break while on your summer hiking adventure.

We’ve even learned that HipCamp affords members opportunities to search for and book glamp camps and more luxurious camping options such as cottages and cabins. They even offer camping in beautiful tree houses in the woods!

So, if you are looking for a nontraditional camping adventure, glamping getaways may be the answer to prayer!

And you know what the best part is? You don’t have to fork out a ton of money on an RV. And you certainly don’t have to spend a wad on camping gear and a leaky tent that you’re only going to use once.

Let’s see what those five glamping options that may interest you and your family.

Room Tents and Tipis

Glamping - HipCamp Newtons Nook
Photo courtesy of HipCamp

Glamping Room Tents and Tipis? Did you even know there was such a thing? For those who still want the feel of tent camping but want the comforts of a real bed and mattress with a coffee pot by their side, this is tent camping…I mean tent glamping at it’s best! 

These livable tents remind me of the tents used in the Civil War reenactments. But today, they have more modern amenities. Room tents are typically less expensive than cabins as they don’t have a kitchenette nor bathroom.

So, if you’re going to rent one, our advice is to make sure it’s within comfortable walking distance to the campground bathroom.

But hey, these glamping tents are intriguing, aren’t they?

Jellystone Park – Pigeon Forge – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Glamping in Idaho


Glamping - Pocahontas State Park
Always On Liberty©

Cabins are great glamping options if you’re more into the camping seen. They are typically a small wooden house situated in a more naturalistic campground. They typically have a small kitchenette and small bath with a shower. Cabins most often, consist of a bedroom or two. Some may offer multiple bunk beds for big families. and seating area.

While some cabin rentals may provide bedding and towels, most require you to bring your own sheets, blankets, pillows and sleeping bags.

Glamping - Cabin at Uchee Creek Fort Benning
Always On Liberty©

Cabin rentals can be found everywhere. For example, KOA campgrounds and Jellystone RV Resorts have their signature log cabins peppered throughout their campgrounds nationwide. Both make fantastic glamping getaways for families to make great vacation memories. You can rent a cabin with one bedroom to several depending on your family’s needs and wishes.

We’ve also notice them available to rent at various State Parks as well as private campgrounds. While they are still offer a similar camping experience with chuck wagons, campfires, pools, and scavenger hunts, they offer those homey amenities without worrying about waking the couple sleeping in under your room.

Affordable cabin glamping getaways opportunities:

Carlsbad KOA – Carlsbad, New Mexico

Elkhart Campground – Elkhart, Indiana

Pocahontas State Park – Virginia

U.S. Army Fort Benning Uchee Creek – Georgia (Military)

Glamping Getaways - Yurt Glamping
Always On Liberty©


Yurts have existed for thousands of years in Central Asia, in virtually the same form as they exist today. They are ideal dwellings now for outdoor recreation and camping. These round tents are a fun camping, more traditional camping alternative but without being bound by four hardwood walls of a cabin. You still can hear all the sounds that go bump in the night or crickets that serenade you to sleep.

Glamping Getaways - Yurt Glamping
Always On Liberty©

yurt is a circular heavy-duty tent of felt or skins on a collapsible framework that’s still used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia, and Turkey. Today, these camping alternatives have become quite popular in the United States. Yurts typically consist of a single room that includes bed, a sleeper sofa and seating areas.

We’ve noticed that yurt glamping has become quite popular in state parks and campgrounds all around the United States.

Glamping Getaways - Yurt Glamping

Cool Yurt Glamping Getaways:

Pocahontas State Park – Chesterfield, Virginia

Lake Raystown Resort – RVC Outdoor Destination – Pennsylvania


Cottage Glamping Getaways - Live Oak Landing
Always On Liberty©

Camping meets tiny house! Cottage glamping is stepping it up from the traditional cabins found in campgrounds. Now, RV resorts have caught on that not everyone wants to own a $300,000 RV to enjoy the posh life in resorts.

These cozy cottages are glamping getaway favorites for younger couples and small families. They are typically under 400 square foot but with all the amenities of a home; including the coffee maker, crisp white linens and comfy couches to enjoy an evening movie.

Newer cottages like the ones above at Live Oak Landing in Florida are trailered in like an RV with all the hookups but with the appeal of a home. Their are set on blocks on a site with utilities hooked up underneath. These tiny house cottages may have short lofts; perfect for little ones to camp out upstairs or play quietly while Mom and Dad sip coffee or wine on the outdoor deck.

Cottage Glamping
Wine Ridge RV Resort – Pahrump, Nevada -Always On Liberty©


Casitas are typically a southwest form of hospitality venue. They include a small bedroom and kitchenette. The main room is living quarters by day and turns into a bedroom at night.

Wine Ridge RV Resort Casitas
Wine Ridge RV Resort, Cottages and Casitas – Pahrump, Nevada

Casita glamping is more of a rendition of a studio apartment bound by four walls of a separate home-like dwelling. They are generally found arranged in uniform rows at RV resorts or higher end campgrounds.

They have their own driveways that lead onto a small patio deck made into an outdoor living space.

Casita Room
Wine Ridge RV Resort, Cottages and Casitas – Pahrump, Nevada

Read your contract

As well, just like any lodging rental, they may have holiday, weekend and seasonal rates which are usually higher. Usually the full amount will be required at the time the reservation is made for reserved stays during a federally recognized holiday or holiday weekends (U.S.).

Also keep in mind that most glamping destinations require a minimum of a 2-night stay; especially during high seasons and holidays. And they typically don’t allow pets except for ADA compliant Service Dogs. That said, if they do allow pets, guests may incur an additional pet charge.

Oh, and since we’re full-time RVers, we want to share this cool tip with you. If you wish to have your family or friends meet with you at a cool destination,  these glamp lodging options are the perfect venue. They can have their own comfortable space while still enjoying being near you!

There are great more rustic sleeping quarters at KOA (Kampgrounds of America) and Jellystone RV camping resorts that have cottages and cabins. As well, many State Parks may offer cabins, cottages or even yurts to rent. In my opinion, they are far better lodging alternatives than staying in some roach motel or stuffy high-priced hotel that sits on a concrete slab.

Glamping - HipCamp Huttopia White Mountains

Wrapping Up Our Glamping Getaway Ideas

So, what do you think about all of these non-traditional camping alternatives? All of these glamping getaways can be rented out just like a hotel, campground or RV site.

I hope by showing you these unique alternatives to nontraditional camping, that you will get you out to enjoy nature without the hefty hotel bill or sleeping in a bag on the ground in a tent. Not that tent camping is a bad thing but when you’d prefer a little more comfort, these are great places to relax in the outdoors. To be quite honest, glamp camping in its’ own sense is more peaceful. Isn’t that the point of glamping?

Glamping Experiences-Always On Liberty

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