RV MAINTENANCE: Window and Fan Screens

Window screen maintenance seemingly is one of the most forgotten or put-off chores even though we look at them everyday. When we lived in our S&B, we normally would clean them during our annual spring cleaning. However, in an RV, especially if living in it full-time, they will need more attention of cleaning and repairing. Depending if you have pets, kids, cook a lot or are in high areas of pollen and dust, it’s important to keep them clean and in working order.

Unlike a house where screens are typically mounted outside the window, in RVs, they are mounted inside the windows which enables easier access for removal and cleaning.

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Whether your RV is equipped with the newer double pane windows or the older style slide windows, screens are essential to opening up your RV to receive fresh air or let out the stink.


When we clean our screens, we carefully remove them from the window frame. However, its a good idea to remove and clean one at a time as to not get them mixed up as, in our experience, window frames may have shifted causing the ‘fit’ to vary.

Once we remove the screen, we have already set up our cleaning station; a bucket with hot soapy water (simple detergent is fine), soft brush, small clean cloth and water hose. Our preferred area to clean them is on a paved surface as to not get dirt sprayed onto the clean screens.

First, we rinse them off…

Then with our small brush and hot soapy water, we gently scrub the screens and frames…

Then we rinse them thoroughly.

While the screen is out of the window, we will thoroughly clean out the trough where the screen sits into. Its amazing what dirt, dust, dead bugs, and grit collects in them. Cleaning them with an old toothbrush, soft cloth, soapy water and a little elbow grease will get the job done.

We always make certain the troughs are dry before reinserting the screen.

Also, at the same time as our window screen maintenance, we also remove the screen from our Fantastic Fan. Actually, we clean and inspect the fan screen more often as it gets used more frequently.


Once our screens are clean, we will inspect the frame and the screening material. We look for holes, rips or tears, screening material pulling away from the screen frame and the frame itself.


RV screen replacement is expensive and can be time consuming if you must order them. However, with a little patience, ingenuity and a YouTube Video, you can repair your screen yourself.  For a worthy YouTube Tutorial from our friends at 2012Escapee1 on:

Fixing the Window Screens on My Full-time RV

Typically, RV screens aren’t much different than house window screens. They come in parts; frame, corner frame connectors, screening material and gasket. Also, some screens come with small aluminum brackets that allow them to be snapped into the window trough.

If we find a screen needs to be repaired, we will assess what supplies we need. We’ve yet to have to do this however, if we did, we’d have the appropriate tools and supplies to do the job.

In the event that we need to do such maintenance repairs on our screens, we usually try to situate ourselves near a hardware or big box home improvement store to buy our supplies or if we know in advance, we’ll order them on Amazon.

For temporary fixes…

Window Screen Repair Kit, 5″ x 7″ Patch, Charcoal

Window Screen Repair Kit, 2″ x 80″ Roll, Charcoal

For permanent fixes…

Make-2-Fit P 7541 Screen Door Repair Kit with Rolling Tool


If your RV window or fan screen is unrepairable, we recommend contacting your RV manufacturer, component manufacturer or an RV window replacement manufacturer.

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