10 Colorful Ways to Brighten Up an RV Kitchen

You’ve no doubt, seen a trend lately in RV upgrades. Everything is WHITE; walls, cabinets, textiles, window shades, etc. And we get that, its certainly a personal choice. But, in all-things-decor, its a trend that will change; whether it takes weeks, months or even years.

So, perhaps you’re one of those RV owners that just doesn’t want to paint the cabinets in your RV. We get it! We are one of them. (We did paint our walls and ceiling though!) We didn’t want to alter the beautiful wood finishes. Its timeless and will go with any color we decide to accessorize with.

We went from this…

…to this!

So, don’t think you’ve got to go out there buying a whole mess of primer, paint, rollers, or sanding blocks to brighten your meal prep area. There are other ways to spice up your RV kitchen by throwing in splashes of color that will accentuate the positives…and the negatives. So, here’s what we’ve done in our own fifth wheel to make your own happy place.

Cooking Oil Bottle

There are a million different cooking oil bottles but this EVOO Dispensing Bottle was exactly what I wanted. We had them in our sticks and bricks but in a different color. For our RV kitchen, we chose the amazing limey green which is a nice burst of color in front of our orange backsplash.

Colorful Countertop Appliances

I’m sure everyone has either a coffee maker, Instant Pot or even an Air Fryer. Well, these appliance manufacturers have caught up with the times and realize their users leave them sitting on the counter, so they’ve designed them with color. Hence, look at our bright red GoWise Air Fryer! It’s a fun and bold red that doesn’t just ‘sit there’. We use it!

Faux Plants

Plants, whether real or fake, add life to any space. A simple small plastic or silk plant that sits on the counter is a nice accent. We have a similar set like these sporadically placed all over our fifth wheel interior. I’ve set them on top of a couple window valance boxes, on the dining table and even in the bathroom; either in a group or singly. Oh, and none of these green succulent artificial house plants need water. To clean, I just dust with my Swiffer.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Everyone needs S&P shakers so why not find a pair that are functional yet attractive and fun?! They come in every shape, theme or size. We found a Flamingo Salt and Pepper shaker set similar to these cute little guys in our travels to go with our tropical Key West decor theme.

But, if you’re searching for a little plainer or more contemporary, non-themed look, this Fiesta Salt and Pepper Set is perfect because they come in a huge variety of colors! Oh, and they’re small enough to store in a drawer during transit.

Spice Containers


If you’re any kind of cook, you need at least a few containers to store your herbs and spices. In our RV, we already had plain stainless steel spice tins however, these magnetic spice tins come in these cool colors!  You don’t have to hide your seasonings when they are bright and cheery.  And, these won’t take up valuable cabinet space because they can be displayed on metal magnetic surfaces. Ours are displayed on our refrigerator. They are accessible, easy to identify because of the little windows and keep our spices dry.

Tea Kettle

When I saw this beautiful aqua blue whistling tea kettle, I grabbed it because it reminded me of the Gulf of Mexico in which we sailed on many years ago. It adds a splash color to the stainless gas cooktop at the same time, is used daily to heat water for tea.

Cooking Utensils

Whoever thought cooking tools can be fun?! I found ones similar to these and love them because not only are they kind to our cookware, they are all bright colors! This cool set cooking utensil set comes in this color assortment! Even when they are out when I’m cooking or preparing our meals, they just make me smile!


I admit, I have a dishtowel hoarding problem. I will never run out! I can’t resist them; especially really cool ones in tropical colors. And, you can even call me a dishtowel snob when I look for the loop to hang on a hook or cabinet knob. I just love these absorbent waffle weave dishtowels that come in an 8-pack. We got red and we still use them after four years!


Like dishtowels, I love to change out our place mats. Its an easy and inexpensive option. I mix it up throughout our coach with solid colors, stripes to patterns to incorporate interest. I also get different shapes to add interest to the table and counter top surfaces. These colorful lightweight braided woven round placemats are so cute and what’s even better is we can also take them out to the picnic table. so we don’t have to worry about how many we have (within reason).


How fun are these?! These are multi-functional silicone hot pads and trivets. Put these under your hot dishes to set on the table or to keep plates from sliding. They are also cute and colorful to even hang in plain site to throw a little brightness to your backsplash or walls.

So, to wrap this up, did you see how we took our RV kitchen decor to a new level of fun and interesting with simple multi-functional accessories? Seriously, you don’t really need to spend a whole heck of a lot on painting or major renovation to spice up your kitchen!

4 Replies to “10 Colorful Ways to Brighten Up an RV Kitchen”

    1. Hi Marie, thank you for reading our blog! We got our plates at Pier 1. I searched high and low for decorative melamine red plates but didn’t want to pay $40-50 for a set of four. Went into Pier 1 in Minnesota and saw they had all different colors for $5 each on sale! SCORE! Hope you find yours! The rack, we bought at Hobby Lobby. -Lisa & Dan

  1. Where do you store your “on the counter” appliances, etc when traveling? Can you do a blog on how you “batten down the hatches” when it is time to hit the road? Or maybe you have and I missed it. hehe

    1. Hi guys! Thank you for taking interest in our blog. We only have one ‘on the counter’ appliance which is our Air Fryer which sits on a rubber mat that keeps it from shifting or sliding. We have the Landmark Ashland that has incredible pantry storage (2 of them!) that I store our instant pot, Ninja, Soda Stream, toaster, hand mixer, and other stuff.

      Your suggestion of that blog is a good one. Be looking for it soon!

      thank you! Be safe on the road! -Dan & Lisa

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