Free WiFi Guide for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads need access to WiFi for work and personal needs. While we have services through two major data providers, sometimes, the region where our WiFi signal is just won’t do it for us. So, we must relocate our little office to where we can gain access to FREE WiFi.

Back when we were homeowners, we had our data plan through our cable provider. We had a modem in our home and for the most part, our internet signal was constant, reliable and fast. However, things changed once we became full-time RVers.

Most RVers, boaters, travel gurus, WiFi is necessary for work and leisure. For example, though, I’m a professional content creator and influencer for a major corporations, we also need data to make online reservations. As well, we need a good signal to book flights and hotels. Research may be needed for a future destination. Or, Dan may need to order parts for our 5th wheel or truck. And, let’s not forget, we need the internet to communicate with our son’s family in Minnesota and friends and family all over the country.

So, you see the extent of needing data services. Life still goes on for us and today, being the digital age, communication and networking relies on WiFi accessibility.

If you’ve run into road blocks of finding alternatives, we’ve put together this guide to help locate FREE WiFI!

Where can I find FREE WiFi?

I told Dan just the other day the that I don’t feel bad about using libraries to get my work done because on my cellphone bill, there’s a line item charge that reads Library Fund. So, in that, I’ve helped pay for that access.

Its quiet and workspaces are set up nicely in libraries across the country. In fact, I blogged this particular piece right in the Williamsburg Public Library! The WiFi in libraries flies at lightning speeds. They are a great place to spread out with your material, research and work.

Additionally, this is a great resource for nomadic families who are schooling their children on the road. They can each work on their own computer. Bring their own bluetooth earphones so they can concentrate as well as be respectful to their neighbors.

So, coffee shops aren’t only for grabbing a cup of Joe and a muffin but they sure are a bonus! There’s some great ones that offer comfortable seating or tables to set up a small workstation. Just be appreciate that it may not be the quietest place to concentrate. Don’t forget your earbuds.

Most fast food restaurants have free WiFi. You may notice a small sticker on their entrance doors. So, head on over to the golden arches, the big 10-gallon hat, and the little red head girl’s dinner table to score some free fast public WiFi. We’ve found mornings after the rush-hour breakfast crowd or after-dinner munchers are the best times to go get some work done but avoid after school times when kids are flocking for their burgers and suck up the WiFi signal to catch up on their social media. Grabbing a beverage while you’re enjoying their WiFi is just good manners.

Whenever we’re near our friends or family, we’ll kindly ask if we could set up a small workspace so we can tag into their modems and routers to score some good smooth WiFi. This is actually one of our more preferred methods of WiFi connection away from Liberty because it’s private.

We are grateful when they trust us with their house keys allowing us much needed quiet time and space to spread out. Sure, we may be asked to feed their cat or take the dog out for a walk but hey, it’s a great to stretch our legs and power-think while we’re doing it.

Laugh, but it’s true! Try it! Go to a big parking lot and pull up on your electronics settings and try to connect. There! You’re welcome!

While its not the most comfortable to try to get work done sitting in your car, you certainly can do it if you’re in a small RV or overnighting in a parking lot (with permission of course!). Word of good stewardship though, it would be a fair gesture to go in and support the business who you may be pinging off.

Wrapping this up, just be aware that anytime you log onto any of these free public WiFi networks, any content is not and will not be secure. So, we recommend holding off to do your banking, taxes, filling out personal or private information for when you’re on your own secure server.

We hope this is a helpful guide. You may find some other alternatives out there. While WiFi may be free, its a nice gesture to support those who are providing it through patronage.

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2 Replies to “Free WiFi Guide for Digital Nomads”

  1. That’s so helpful… As we prepare to embark on our full time adventure I was honestly hoping I didn’t have to always pop into a starbucks to use some WiFi! LOL Thank you!
    Northern Star Travelers

    1. Rainey, Congratulations on your new adventure ahead of you! What an exciting time. Thank you for reading our blog about Free WiFi. Hey, we’ve found that if there’s a will, there’s a way. We always though, encourage patronizing those who offer free wifi. It helps pay their data plan so we can enjoy it. Best wishes out there on the road! -Dan & Lisa

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