How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

Improvise and adapt; a common military phrase when you start with practically nothing or something less desirable and we make it great. The same holds true in our RV lifestyle.

Living quarters in RVs and campers are quite limited. But that doesn’t mean our world or journey is. We love to be outside, especially when the weather is kind to us. So, instead of sitting inside watching tv or working, we relocated ourselves to enjoy the outdoors. That means, we need to make an outdoor living space or outdoor living room. So, this is our way of improvising and adapting.

Our Suggestions How To Create an Outdoor Living Space…

Portable Folding Table with Grill Pull-Out Space

A portable folding table will be the hub of your outdoor living space kitchen area leaving the picnic table for dining and seating. The size of your table will be based on what is going to  be put on it and a work surface. Consider getting something like this one where you an put your grill on without melting your table. make sure you get one that’s portable and folding so you can transport it and stow it easily.

TIP: If you are going to place a hot surface or grill on your portable table, it’s wise to place a thick wood cutting board on top of the table before placing your grill.

Outdoor Picnic Table

If you’re like us, we’d rather eat at a table than eventually wear our food sitting in our camp chairs. This cool stowable table and benches is absolutely perfect for a couple or a family. Sit the kids down all together. Its also nice to have to play games at or just sit with some wine and cheese. Oh, and you can plop your laptop on it to work outside. Such a great multi-use outdoor living area item!

Tabletop Grill – Griddle

Most RVers love to grill. Unless you’re a weekender who loads the big honkin’ gas grill from home into the back of your truck, you probably want a more portable grill but what if it was also a griddle?.

Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly flipped pancakes after a night of sleeping beneath the stars. Make this delicious daydream a reality with this portable griddle. With a heavy-duty cooking surface and two independently controlled burners, it’s perfect for cooking everything from steaks to stir fry. This griddle is sure to become your go-to for all your outdoor living space cooking!

If you’re going to leave it outside, you may want to get this cover to keep it clean and more inconspicuous.



TIP: Never leave grill or hot coals unattended. or transport and stow your grill while it’s hot. Also, never leave burning coals on the ground unattended. Always douse with water completely until you no longer feel heat. 

Camp Chairs

Strongback Elite Folding Chair: We found these fabulous camp chairs to set out in our outdoor living space. Though a little pricy, they are beneficial to those with back issues or those who are conscious about their posture when sitting. Whether you’re watching a sporting event or sitting around the campfire, the Elite’s exclusive frame uses integrated lumbar support technology for superior back support and comfort – all while maintaining ease of use and portability. Save your back from the stress, discomfort, and pressure of standard portable chairs – sit in ergonomic comfort and health with STRONGBACK Elite. These are available in four color options to coordinate with your RV and outdoor living area accessories.

Small Cocktail Table

When we sit out under the stars or around the campfire, we like to have to small table between our chairs to put our drinks or small plates along with our Mosquito Repeller or small fan. This table comes in a variety of sizes and collapses flat for easy storing. Oh, it’s lightweight too!

Portable Collapsible Folding Wagon

We oftentimes may have to take a few bags to the trash dumpster. Or, we may have to load up what is in our outside living area and stow under our fifth wheel because of weather. However, we need to keep them easily accessible. We love our wagon. We also use it when we go to outdoor picnics, the beach or toting our laundry.


You’re going to need to keep your perishables cold. Unless you’re hooked up to electricity, you’ll need a good cooler. You don’t need to spend a boat-load of money on a decent cooler. There are several different options that will be efficient and do the job.

Just remember, the bigger cooler you buy, the heavier and more bulky it will be to lift and transport.

Condiment and Cutlery Caddy

I just love, love, LOVE this beautiful wicker picnic organizer !! Anything that I can’t stand is the minute I put the stack of paper plates or napkins out, the wind decides it wants to see how fast I can run to chase them down. This little beauty has everything in one place that holds our condiments, napkins, paper plates and plastic silverware.

Vinyl Table Cover

Cover those nasty germs picnic tables or just dress up your own tables with these adorable camp-themed vinyl table cloths. These are 100% vinyl with 100% polyester flannel backing. A patchwork tablecloth showing outdoor living such as trees, bears, moose, canoes and oars that gives adventurous camping feel to any room, area, camper, RV or campsite. Vinyl tablecloth allows for easy care – just wipe clean with damp cloth or sponge.

Buy an extra and cut in half lengthwise. You now have two cloths to cover the seats of the picnic table. No more splinters in behinds or sitting on wet surfaces.

TIP: Stop chasing after the tablecloth picnics and BBQs when you use tablecloth clamps. These rust-resistant stainless steel clamps keep the wind from taking off with your favorite table cover. They fit most table thicknesses and come in packages of six.

Trash Receptacle

You don’t need an extravagant trash can but you should always have a place to throw away all of your refuse. Make sure its sturdy so trash won’t blow out of it or one that critters can get into. The bonus in this trash can collapses down flat for storage!

TIP: Empty and stow your trash after every meal. Don’t allow it to accidentally tip over spilling everything out and always close the lid. Some trash can be detrimental to wildlife if swallowed or wrapped around their bodies.

Important Tip: Leave No Trace! Bring it in? Pack it out!

Paper Towel Holder

Don’t clutter your table with a roll of paper towels that’s going to end up falling on the ground or in the wet grass. A cool way to keep your paper towels accessible, clean and dry, get a garden flag holder. Simply stick it in the ground, slide the paper towels onto the arm and VOILA!

Collapsible Dish Pans

There’s no way around having to do the dishes. These two and a half dish pans collapse down taking up very little space. They also can be used for transporting or holding some of your kitchen supplies. These are 2.5 quart pans are big enough to wash  several dishes and large pans.

This list should help you put together your outdoor living space. Whether it’s at a campground, at an RV park or even at your own backyard patio, creating a cool outdoor living space will allow more time for you to enjoy the outdoors and your friends and family because you’re not inside doing your meal prep or cleanup.

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8 Replies to “How to Create an Outdoor Living Space”

    1. Hi John, thanks for taking the time to check out our blog. We enjoyed putting this one together. We think creating a nice outdoor space forces us to go outside. We love it when others bring their camp chairs over to join us. Our campfire chat in Wellington was the bomb! Because it was so freaking hot out there, we didn’t even bring our stuff out. Also, those storms and wind. We’re sure you understand. We hope you keep reading our blog. -Dan & Lisa

  1. Lisa –
    Using the garden flag holder as a paper towel holder is a great idea! That’s a new one to me. I’m definitely going to steal that one.
    Some of your other ideas are great too, but we don’t have the room to store that kind of stuff in our set up.
    Would love to make room for the Strongback chairs though…. 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading that blog piece, Cheryl! We can’t take credit for that but we surely love it too! Especially when BBQing outside. Miss you guys! Hope all is well with you and your journey. Sending much love! -Lisa & Dan

  2. I had never seen the table and grill attachment. Some of your other ideas are great too. Would love to make room for the Strongback chairs though. Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Lidia, those accessories sure are fun, aren’t they? They make camping life so much more fun if you’ve got good equipment and comfortable amenities. Don’t forget the Ribeyes!

      Happy Camping! -Dan & Lisa

    1. Hi Jerald, thank you for taking time to read our blog. Typically, we don’t bring them in every night. We do, however, keep our site tidy and secure. Some things of great value are stowed after use but for the most part, we enjoy just having an extended living space but out in the fresh air. -Dan & Lisa

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