RV Packing Tips for Road Travel – How to Stow Your Stuff!

Pulling your RV or camper down the road can shake things up a bit inside our RV. Thus, it can result in a whole lot of messy cleanups once we get to our destinations. We had to learn to pack our cabinets and refrigerator as if we were driving through a tornado. So, we learn quickly how to stow and go! Here, we’ll share some Rv packing tips that will save you from heartaches, headaches and your wallet.

I’m sure many RVers can relate to those messy accidents. From that jar of salsa flying out of the refrigerator to boxes of pasta tumbling down at our feet from the pantry. These RV packing tips will help keep all your kitchen and bathroom accessories safe and sound.

RV Packing Tips for Travel and Camping Trips

Always On Liberty - RV Packing Tips


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Storage baskets

In our pantry, we have small pantry baskets that we store bags or boxes of non-perishables in. Everything stays in its place, even when transporting on the bumpiest roads. They are great for storing gravy and dip packets, small soup boxes, pasta packages, etc. You can never have too many baskets and organizers in the cabinets.

Storage Baskets

Dish Protectors

When you’re rolling down the road in your RV or pulling your camper, you’re dishes, pots and pans will clang and rattle and possibly break. We found these awesome felt dish and pot separators that keep our plates and pans from vibrating or damaging them. They’re fun because they come in bright and bold colors. And, they come in gradient sizes to separate from small to large. These felt separators are a necessary RV packing commodity in stowing your kitchen wares. Oh, and if you’re not an RVer but want to gift one, they also make a fun gift for your favorite RVer, Camper, Vanlifer or even Cruiser!

Bottle Protectors

RV Packing Tips - Bottle Protectors

We all know that wine and booze is not cheap! And who wants broken broken bottles of sweet schnapps or your favorite bourbon spilled everywhere? So, why not protect your bottles of wine and spirits with these cool mesh bottle protector sleeves?

These thin mesh sleeves fit perfectly over your bottle to create a protective buffer that prevents the glass-on-glass action that causes breakage. You can even use these on your glass drink ware, cooking oils and vinegars bottles. Son not only will they keep your glass bottles or glasses chattering down the road, but also protect them from breakage.

Spring Rods

RV Packing Tips - Spring Rods

If you’ve been on the road awhile, you’ll know to be really careful when opening any of your cabinets; especially those overhead. We’ve bought a bunch of cabinet spring rods to expand and insert inside each cabinet to prevent the contents from falling out when we open them. We recommend measuring the insides of your cabinets to make certain you get the correct size.

We also use these in our RV refrigerator! In our clothes closet and cabinets, we install them vertically to keep our stacks of sweaters and slacks on the shelves instead of tumbling down into a pile on the closet floor. You’ll definitely want to add these to your packing regime.

Temporary Barriers

Sometimes, we need a solid surface blocker to insert inside our cabinets to hold back tall household items. I place our plastic cutting boards vertically inside my upper cabinets to hold everything inside; especially the tall stuff. They are perfect because though they are made of a thick plastic and they are flexible to bend slightly to place. No more stuff crashing on my head or face when I open the cabinets after a bumpy ride.

Clear Storage Containers

RV Packing Tips - Clear Storage Bins

Our first RV trip was an utter disaster! Ketchup, salsa and a dozen eggs literally  fell to my feet when I opened the refrigerator door. I needed to find a way to keep our refrigerator contents organized and secure. I found these awesome refrigerator and freezer stackable bins.

Now, all of our condiment bottles and jars, packets and small food containers are kept intact when we go down the road. To make certain they don’t slide around, I covered the shelves with this grippy refrigerator shelf liner.

By the way, we also use these same clear storage containers in our RV kitchen pantry as well. We keep our gravy and seasoning packets, small jars and even individual snack packages contained and organized. When we want something, we simply pull out the whole bin and then return it to it’s rightful place.

Drawer Organizers

When you’re driving your motorhome or pulling your RV trailer down the road, you’ll notice that stuff in your cabinets and drawers may slip and shift. Our remedy is this rubber shelf and drawer liner.

It’s a non-adhesive shelf liner that features a non-adhesive grip top and bottom. It is ideal for under electronics, small appliances or accessories, or inside shelves, drawers, placemats or coasters. This rubber shelf liner has a consistent uniform pattern and offers more cushioning. It’s easy to cut to size and install and is washable. We also use it under trays, our air fryer, and lamp to keep them from sliding.

Wrapping up our RV Packing Tips for Travel

We hope you find great RV packing tips will help keep your stuff stowed. They surely make RV life easier knowing all your belongings aren’t going to tumble out of the cabinets or refrigerator causing injury or hit you in the wallet.

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Always On Liberty - Packing Tips for RV Trips

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