RV Bathroom Storage and Organization Hacks

Anyone who lives in an RV appreciates how small bathrooms lack space to keep all of their toiletries, towels and hygiene supplies put away yet easy to access. We’ve found some great RV bathroom storage and organization hacks that will help! They help keep all of your bathroom essentials organized, stowed and secure for those bumpy roads.

Always On Liberty - Bathroom Storage and Organization

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RV Bathroom Storage  and Organization Hacks

Corner Medicine Cabinet Organizer

Corner cabinets don’t have to be lost space or a challenge to find appropriate storage solutions. In our fifth wheel bathroom, everything came tumbling out each time we would open the cabinet after a day on the road.

So my storage solution is this clear lazy susan that kept all of my bottles, jars, and other goodies organized, easy too see and packed in tight. Not only is it perfect for keeping our bathroom supplies organized but they’re also great for your RV kitchen, art, office supplies, small maintenance supplies, etc.


Always On Liberty - Lazy Susan Bathroom Storage Hack

Other lazy susan RV bathroom storage for your cabinets and drawers. For size dimensions and addition information, click on each image:


Cabinet Toothbrush Holder

We bought this cool toothbrush wall mount holder and installed them inside the bathroom cabinet to keep our toothbrushes clean and out of the way.

The lid slide down over the toothbrushes keeping them germ-free. These can be mounted in the shower or on the mirror. They come with sturdy two-sided foam tape to adhere to most surfaces.

Multi-Purpose Essential Oils Holder

We’ve been using our essential oils for years. We bought this organizer and set it on a nonslip mat on our nightstand. But I also keep one of the same inside my kitchen cabinet to hold my culinary essential oils.

For size dimensions and addition information, click on each image:

They hold the 5ml and 15ml bottles and roll-on bottles just perfectly. Just make certain you verify dimensions of each organizer.

RV Bathroom Countertop Organizer

A great way to organize your RV bathroom essentials is with an unbreakable acrylic bathroom container system that comes with preprinted bathroom labels.

For size dimensions and addition information on these RV bathroom organization and storage suggestions, click on each image:


The thick and durable, firmed base construction are perfect for storing cotton swabs, cotton balls, makeup pads, jewelry, soap bombs, etc.  And, you can display on your bathroom vanity with a small rubber mat to keep it from sliding during transit. The jars won’t break or shatter, making them perfectly safe to use your RV bathroom or boat’s head.

Plastic Drawer Storage Unit

Stackable plastic drawer units are an RVers best friend when it comes to storage and organization. We have plastic drawer storage units throughout our RV fifth wheel and now inside the cabinets inside our small Class C motorhome.

Always On Liberty - Plastic Drawer RV storage

In our RV bathroom, we store all our first aid and beauty supplies in these stackable drawers under the sink.

We also have large size plastic stackable drawer units in our laundry closet that stores household tools, RV repair supplies, craft supplies, etc.

They come in several different sizes and can be stacked. The photo above shows three sets stacked on top of each other. Just measure the inside of your cabinets to find the perfect set(s).

Here are some great RV bathroom storage and organization drawer suggestions. For size dimensions and addition information, click on each image:

All-Purpose Suction Hooks

As you can see from the photo above, these all-purpose suction hooks can be used everywhere. The removable and reusable suction hooks will not damage your shower walls. And, steam will not make the hook falling down. Non-toxic plastic material, safe for using.

For size dimensions and addition information, click on each suction cup set image:

The can be applied to clean smooth surfaces like ceramic tile, shower stalls, glass, and smooth plastic. Oh and by the way, they can also be used for attaching to the outside of your RV to hang wet towels!

Wall Mount Organizer Storage Holder

How cool are these for your RV bathroom storage and organization? These cool hideaway wall storage solutions are dustproof, waterproof, removable, and easy to clean.

They can be adhered to the mirror, wall or cabinet surface with self-adhesive. You can also use them in your RV kitchen or boat galley too! Store and hide your little items easily.

Over the Door Organizer

Tangled cords and hard to find hair care tools become a thing of the past with this over cabinet door hair styling organizer.

Four compartments hold all the tools you need for a great hair day, while the basket helps to keep cords organized. The organizer installs instantly by hanging over cabinet doors. on the outside for instant access or on the inside for discreet storage.

The compact design lets you maximize your storage space without cutting into already limited bathroom space.

Under Cabinet Sliding Drawer Storage

You can organize and store a wide variety of items including bathroom supplies (i.e. toilet tissue, wipes, cleaners, toiletries, etc.) in these cool under-cabinet drawer systems.

This convenient 2-level basket organizer maximizes small spaces with sliding drawers for easy access and stowing items when not in use under the cabinet.

Over-the-Cabinet-Door Hand Towel Holder

These are a must for RV bathroom organization and storage because we are so limited on counter space. This over-the-cabinet-door hand towel holder just slips over the cabinet door top.

Bunched up towels simply don’t dry and can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold and mildew. They are convenient because even the kids can reach them. Get one also for your kitchen or galley!

Shampoo, Conditioner and Soap Dispenser

Shower Shampoo Soap Dispenser

The last thing you need while driving down the road in your motorhome or camper is all of your shower bottles flying around. You can totally eliminate shower bottle clutter by using a convenient shower mount soap, shampoo and hair conditioner dispenser.

This shower soap and shampoo wall unit installs in minutes without tools, using waterproof silicone adhesive and 2-way tape. Each chamber lifts off the wall for easy cleaning and refilling. It includes handy storage hooks for to hang razors, face cloths and your body scrubbies.

Other shower soap and shampoo dispensers. For size liquid capacity and addition information, click on each dispenser image:

Also, we highly suggest adhering our shower soap dispenser with ample amounts of super strong waterproof two-sided tape adhesive

Over the Door Pocket Storage

One of the easiest and most accessible RV bathroom storage solutions is an over-the-door hanging pocket storage unit. You can store anything and everything in them.

Suggestions on what you can store in them:

      • Bug Spray
      • Sunscreen
      • Hair Spray
      • Flashlights
      • Baby Wipes
      • Antibacterial Gel or Spray
      • Antibacterial Wipes Canisters
      • Toiletries
      • First Aid Supplies
      • Feminine Supplies
      • Small Umbrella
      • Rolled Up Rain Gear
      • Water Bottle
      • Rolled Up Towels or Face Cloths

Here’s some great door storage hacks for your RV. For size dimensions and addition information, click on each door pocket storage image:


We do suggest though that you be mindful of the weight of each item placed in them as too much can pull the door not allowing it to open or close properly. Keep this for lighter weight and trial size items. But even so, these cool organizers are great for any motorhome, fifth wheel or camper.

That’s a Wrap!

So, as you have just read, you don’t need to forgo. having your favorite cosmetic, hygiene and beauty supplies just because you live in an RV.

There’s a plethora of great RV bathroom storage and organization hacks out there. We hope our suggestions give you great ideas to help keep your RV bathroom tidy and put away by having designated places for all of your bathroom essentials.


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4 Replies to “RV Bathroom Storage and Organization Hacks”

  1. Our RVs bathroom has the least storage of any place in the entire RV, and it just so happens to be the place where I have the most stuff to store!

    These tips are great – I already use an over-the-sink shelf, I installed a medicine cabinet and use a shower rack… but what I’d really like to implement from this list are the toothbrush holders and suction cups! I could just hang everything… 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Hi Carrie, thank you for reading! OMG, we LOVE those toothbrush holders. Of all pet peeves of ours are leaving our toothbrushes out in the open air where the toilet is flushed, noses are blown, sneezes, odors, etc. When I found those, I was happy dancing. I hope you do too! Enjoy! Happy Trails! -Dan & Lisa

    2. I wish my tiny camper had a sink in the bathroom! We just got it and I felt blessed to have a toilet and bathtub/shower. I really am happy to be getting a camper and no more tent camping! We are 59 and 60. It would just wear us out.

      1. Hi Tracie, thanks for reading! Congrats on getting your camper! We tent camped twice and found it’s not our game. Our backs on the ground…yeah! We sure do love the comforts of home like hot running water, flush toilet, dry comfy beds, sinks and countertops. But we can say, in our experience, tent camping sure did teach us a lot. -Lisa & Dan

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