10 Spooky Halloween RV Decorating Ideas

There’s a cool trend that’s going on amongst campgrounds and RV parks nationwide. They are putting on some exciting activities for Halloween. Some have RV decorating contests, while others are going all out with yard art, lights and other ghoulish decorations. Many RV owners take part in the festivities by ghouling up their RVs and campsites!

You’re wondering, “how can I turn my RV into a spookfest?” Well, read on…

So, we’ve come up with some awesome ways to decorate your RV for Halloween that will win not only smiles and laughter but also you might just win the Best Dressed or Spookiest Decorated RV!


Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without lights! Now, you can find lights of every color and shapes; in purple, orange, pinks and whites. You can string them all along the roof of your RV, around the doors and windows using clear Command Hooks. You can also use orange rope lights to line the way to your door for the little goblins to find their way to your RV.

TIP: Please do not use strobe lights for consideration of campers who may have sensory issues. 

Cobwebs and Spiders

You’ve seen those cobwebs and spiders everywhere and they’re fairly cheap. You can string these across your windows also, using Command Hooks. They look really neat if you point a blacklight spot on them to show the spiders!

Human Skeletons

Human-like skeletons hanging from a tree with a spotlight on them is fun but frightening! Hang them with fishing line but please, make certain you remove all of whatever you put them up with.

Spooky Ghouls

Don’t look at these four realistic floating ghoul ghosts too long or they’ll become real and scare the bejeevers out of your trick or treaters. But they’re fun and quite festive. Don’t put them out until last minute to get them looking their best.


You can make your own ghosts that hang from trees or your RV buy blowing up a beach ball, threading some fishing line through the air intake valve and then threading it through the center of a sheet so it hangs over the ball. Then, decorate it with fierce looking eyes. Make a bunch of them!


You can make your own if you have the supplies but you can also buy four lightweight foam pre-made tombstones ready to set in your RV site. These are fun also if you light them up with a blacklight or red or colored spotlight for the ultimate scary effect.

Bloody Body Parts and Heaps of Bones

Graveyards are spooky but how about adding a few bloody body parts and heaps of bones? Make them look like they are coming up from the ground or under tires or coming out of your car doors or trunk! Have some fun with them! Even the older kids will love them!


What would Halloween be without those emotionally distressed carved pumpkins? If you’re not going to carve your own, consider buying lightweight foam jack-o-lanterns that are already cutout with a lightbulb already for you to plug in?

Gnarly Rats and Mice

This set of rats are hilarious but also kind of creepy. Place them near your tombstones, on the picnic table or around your site. If the light shines on them, they’ll look real!

Hunching Scaredy Cat or Dog Skeleton

This boney cat or dog skeleton is pretty frightful! And if you light them up with one of the spotlights mentioned above, even better!! Set them up on the roof of your car or in the window of your RV with a light behind. They’ll surely catch the eyes of those squeamish little goblins walking by.

So, there’s our 10 spooky tips to bring the spirits and scaredy cats to a screeching halt! Have some fun with it! And, if you’re full-timers like us, simply donate the decorations to your local charity (We donate to VA centers and hospitals). Most importantly, when you hang things on trees, make sure you have permission from the Campground staff. And ALWAYS remove all strings and attachments you may have used to hang them. As we always say, “Leave no trace behind”….or ghosts and goblins!



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    1. Hi Susan, thank you for taking the time to look at our ideas. They are fun, aren’t they? And you don’t have to decorate only for holidays! We keep different cute lights up all of the time! -Lisa

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