Fun & Festive RV Halloween Decorating Ideas & Tips

If you’re going to be camping on Halloween, it’s a given that you’re going need some super fun and festive RV Halloween decorating ideas for your camper! With these awesome halloween decorations, your RV and campsite will be the envy of the entire campground! Using spooky lots of festive lights, jack-o-lanterns, spiders and rats, skeletons, blood guts and gore, your RV halloween decorations will surely be trick or treaters’ favorite of all time!

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RV Halloween Decorations - Always On Liberty

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Fun & Festive RV Halloween Decorations 

Spooky Campsite Decorating Ideas

If you’re planning on staying at a campground during Halloween, it’s no doubt you want to go all out to turn your campsite into a scary spookfest!

And let me tell you, we’ve seen some creative halloween decorating that take the cake!

So, we’ve put together a compilation of campsite and RV halloween decorating ideas for your campsite that are surely going to win the 1st place trophy for the best RV Halloween Decorations!

Decorate your RV using fun Jack-O-Lanterns

RV Halloween Decorations - Jack-o-lantern

What would Halloween be without those emotionally distressed carved pumpkins?

If you’re not going to carve your own, consider buying lightweight foam jack-o-lanterns that are already cutout with a lightbulb already for you to plug in.

But, if you choose to carve a real pumpkin for your RV or campsite, don’t burn down the woods using real candles. You can illuminate your jack-o-lanterns using flameless candles instead! They come with a remote or timer.

String up lots of colorful Halloween lights on your RV and around your campsite

RV Halloween Decorations - Halloween Lights

Halloween wouldn’t be as cool without lots of moody and flickering lights! There are plenty of lights of every shape, size and color.

They even come in purple, orange, red, pink and white. You can string them all along the ground, on tree limbs and around your tent or RV, around the doors and windows using clear Command Hooks.

Another cool halloween decorating idea is to use orange rope lights to illuminate a path to your camper for the little goblins to get their loot. 

✰ RV HALLOWEEN DECORATING TIP Consider not using strobe lights to decorate the outside of your RV as they may affect campers who have neurological or sensory issues. 

Set out lots of big hairy spiders around your camper

Why not incorporate big black hairy spiders of every size into your campsite decorating? They’re fairly cheap and easily bendable to form over tree branches, hang on your RV ladder, set on top of your tent, or make them look like their crawling on the ground!

You can also string small spiders across your windows using Command Hooks. Or, you can hang them from trees (always check with campground or RV park management).

Pose grizzly looking ghouls, ghosts and grim reapers around your RV

RV Halloween Decorations - Ghouls, Ghosts and Grim Reapers

Make your campsite or RV look realistic by hanging scary ghoul and ghosts halloween decorations using heavy duty fishing line

In fact, they look so real that they may scare the bejeevers out of even your older trick or treaters. But they’re fun and quite festive.

I do suggest not to hang them out until last minute to keep them looking their best. (is there such a thing?!)

You can also make your own ghosts hang from trees or your RV awning by blowing up a simple beach ball.

First, thread the length of fishing line through the air intake valve and through the center of a sheet so it hangs over the ball. Then, decorate it your ghost with fierce looking eyes using black sharpie markers.

You may even want to splatter them with fake blood for an extra cool scary effect!

Please though, when Halloween is over, make certain you remove all fishing line and strings that can impair or kill wildlife from entanglement and/or ingesting them.

Design your own campsite graveyard and boneyard

RV Halloween Decorations - Campsite Graveyard

Make your own ghoulish graveyard using lightweight foam pre-made fake tombstones.

Simply set them in your campsite alongside your tent or RV. You may want to glue them to some stakes so they stay in the ground.

And surely, you’ll want to light them using a blacklight or red spotlights for an ultimate hair-raising effect.

Pose boney skeletons

Camping Halloween Decorations - Skeletons Gathered at Campfire
Photo from Lake and Shore Campground in NJ

Skeletons can be a fun way to decorate your RV and campsite! You can hang them from your RV’s awning or ladder. Or, cleverly pose your life-size Halloween skeletons just like the camper did above!

How fun it would be to create a spooky fake campfire using orange halloween twinkle lights around a log or solar campfire stumps!

Talk about the making of some scary storytelling tales!

Make your RV and campsite look like a murder scene!

RV Halloween Decorations - Skulls

While graveyards are spooky cool but you can make them even more realistic. Add some fake rats, ravens, and skeleton bones sticking into the ground or lying near the tombstones.

And, how about adding a few bloody body parts and heaps of bones to your tombstones?

For some added freakish effects, make them look like they are coming up from the ground, coming through your RV steps, under tires or coming out of your car doors or trunk! Have some fun with them! Even the older kids will love your real-looking halloween decorations!

Oh yes, again, lights illuminating them will make it so much more fun and gravely!

Strategically place lots of real looking rats, rodents and ravens on your RV

No need to set rat traps or be scared of getting the plague from spooky looking fake rodents! And, you never can have too many of these scary mangy looking rodents

Place them around your campsite tombstones and make them all a cool accent to your campsite halloween decorations. 

You can also strategically place life-size fake rats and crows and ravens on your RV roof, campsite picnic table, on your camper steps and everywhere around your site.

For an extra spooky effect, light up the underneath of your RV with black lights or orange lights. Then, place tons of rats amongst the lights.

Visiting campers will actually think real rats are trying to get up into your RV! 

Or, you can shine a spotlight onto your steps with these scary rodents trying to get in the door!

Set out some demon dogs, rats and scaredy cats

Include a boney scaredy cat and rat or dog skeletons to your campsite or RV Halloween decorations! You can get a better night-time effect if you light them up with spotlights.

For an added morbid effect, set them up on the roof of your RV or in the window of your camper with a light shining into the window from the outside!

They can be a fun way to greet guests at your RV steps!

And, they may scare even campers and their dogs on their Halloween nightly walk!

Create a foggy atmosphere at your campsite

If you’re one of those Halloween decorating gurus that puts on a great show, then a fog machine is an absolute must when decorating your RV and campsite. In fact, use a few to get that really spooky affect.

These are also great if you’re decorating your RV like a haunted pirate ship!

Decorate your windows with Halloween window clings

RV Halloween Decorations - Decorated Window - Halloween Tablecloth

If you don’t want to spend a lot on RV Halloween decorations, you could always adorn your windows with frightening dripping blood gel window clings decorations, spooky silhouettes (photo above!) or blood spatter removable stickers!

Another clever RV halloween decorating tip I read on an RV Facebook group was a camper decorated his RV windows using a thin plastic halloween themed tablecloth (not the thicker vinyl type).

He simply cut it to size and taped it on the inside of his camper window.

Then, at night, he turned on all the lights inside his RV to illuminate the windows!

Blow up your campsite with lots of fun Halloween inflatables

Camping Halloween Decorations - Halloween Inflatables

We visited a campground last year and noticed lots of halloween inflatables of every shape, size and theme! You can get spooky themed inflatable halloween decorations or your favorite characters and fun camping theme inflatables!

They are super fun and easy to inflate simply by plugging them in.

And these make perfect halloween decorations for RVs as they store compactly by deflating and packing them in their original box.


Fake Spider Webs  

Owl Caught in Fake Spider Web Halloween Decoration
Photo Credit: Marin Humane – Shared on Carolina Waterfowl Rescue Facebook page

Fake spider webs are dangerous to wildlife!

I purposely did not include nor endorse using fake spider webs anywhere outdoors. Please exercise serious apprehension in decorating your RV and anything outdoors using fake spider web halloween decorations as well.

Fake spider webs wrapped around natural features such as trees, bushes, plants or even anything outdoors will turn their place of safety into a death trap!

These are all places where birds tend will land, nest and hide from predators. But this also includes those predatory birds like owls, hawks and eagles. Likewise, rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels and even deer can get entangled in them.

Fake spider webs also hinder migration and eating habits of live bats. Like birds and small animals, bats can entangle themselves causing death from exhaustion, starvation, dehydration, and hyperthermia because they cannot escape from these thoughtless halloween decorations.

While I realize those fake spider web halloween decorations may look cool, please never place them outdoors.

Halloween costume ideas

Before the little ghouls and goblins are released into the night to go trick or treating around the campground, you need get into character and don your own adult Halloween costumes!

Dress the part of the Halloween theme you’re vying for or unique vibe!

If you decorate your camper to look like a haunted pirate ship, don a cool pirate costume, add a little blood and carry a skull!

Make your campsite look like a messy chem lab with tons of beakers filled with glow-in-the-dark paint. Dress up in a doctor lab coat! Then, splatter on the same some glow-in-the-dark paint and stand near a black light!

For a morbid morgue theme, dress up in a set of scrubs and splatter with fake blood! You’ll surely need a bloody nurse costume too!

And don’t forget to add a couple cool plastic jars of fake body parts in water with red food coloring or glowing eyeballs for the ultimate gory effect! 

And of course, since you’re camping, go for the gusto by dressing up in horror flick favorites.

Just be mindful if you’re camping in a family campground. You certainly don’t want to traumatize or scare the littles to the point of not ever wanting to go camping again.

So, save these scary movie costumes for adult Halloween parties or adult-only camping groups.

✰ PRO TIP Halloween is something you really want to plan for well in advance to win that 1st place award! Also, don’t wait until last minute to get your halloween costumes.


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Wrapping up our RV Halloween decorations and how to decorate your campsite for Halloween!

So, what do you think about these amazing camping and RV Halloween decorations and campsite decorating tips? They’re sure to bring out the spooky spirits and scaredy cats of everyone. 


Camping Halloween Decorating Tips

If you’re full-time RVers who may not want to cart your Halloween decorations around or store them, you can either box them up and send them back to your home base.

Or you can donate the decorations to your local charities like schools or theatrical organizations, hospitals, Veteran’s homes, community centers or schools.

I highly recommend to never use real fire or candles in or around your RV or your campsite; especially during fire bans. But if you do, always practice fire safety.

Be cognizant of anything that may ignite or be a fire hazard; including decorations, campers and the environment. Use lights prescribed only for their intent and always according to manufacturer’s instruction.

Never leave your RV unattended with any electric lights.

If you wish to hang some Halloween decorations on trees, make sure you have permission from the Campground staff.

And as mentioned earlier, always remove any fishing line and strings from trees and branches.

Practice the leave no trace principle; pack in, pack out when decorating your campsite and even home. That includes all evidence from your witches, ghosts and goblins (candy wrappers and props)!

Happy Halloween!

✰ PRO TIP ✰  Don’t do Halloween? How about Decorating your RV for FALL instead?

RV Halloween Decorations - Decorate Your RV for Halloween - Always On Liberty

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