Ultimate Campfire Cooking Gear and Grilling Tools

There’s nothing more euphoric than the smell of bacon and eggs frying in a cast iron pan over a campfire on a cool, crisp Autumn morning. Watching pancakes being poured onto the griddle completes the perfect Norman Rockwell camping scene. But you’re going to need some campfire cooking gear and outdoor grilling tools.

Whether it’s in your own backyard, at hunting camp, or on your RV adventure, campfire cooking is reigned as one of the most favorite things about camping.

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Always On Liberty - Ultimate Campfire Cooking Gear Guide
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CAMPING TIPS: The Ultimate Campfire Cooking Gear and Grilling Tools

So we won’t keep you waiting, let’s just dive right into showing you the best grilling tools and camping gear that’s perfect for creating the most awesome campfire meals.

Basic Campfire Cooking Supplies Kit

These items will be permanent stock in your Campfire Cooking Kit:

Campfire Grilling Tools

Let’s get you started on planning your one and done campfire grilling essentials. Once you buy these items, you really don’t have to rebuy or restock for awhile. But, these are just to give you some ideas on what to put in your own campfire cooking kit.

Campfire Gloves

Heat resistant campfire gloves are comfortable, double-protection five fingers silicone gloves with soft jersey cotton liner inside. The silicone outer is heat and water proof and an inner cotton lining for maximum comfort. These are ideal for reaching over hot coals or flames and will protect your entire hands from heat compared to oven gloves.

BBQ Tool Kit

Having the right tools to flip your burgers, turn the sausages and slice those amazing tenderloins will help keep you from burning fingers and make the job easier.

This BBQ grilling utensil kit includes tongs, fork, knife, grill brush, basting brush, skewers, corn holders, replaceable head of grill brush, and spatula with built-in bottle opener and tenderizer blades. 

Portable Folding Fire Pit

From your campsite to the beach, a portable folding fire pit makes it easy to up the fun factor of any planned or impromptu gathering. It offers not only the opportunity for a cozy crackling fire and the mesmerizing ambiance of flickering flames

But it also ensures convenient portability and exceptional versatility. As a result, it’s nice features make it the ultimate inexpensive fire pit.

Campfire Cooking Grate

Transform your camp fire or fire pit into a grill so you can create delicious meals everyone will enjoy. Simply place a large cooking grate on your campfire ring or fire pit and you’re ready to cook.

The legs elevate your meats and cookware further from the flames and coals.

Campfire Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware is timeless and lasts forever. Cast iron skillets, pots, dutch ovens, and griddles evenly distribute heat from the bottom through the sidewalls.

A good cast iron skillet is an excellent source of nutritional iron. It gives you a nearly non-stick surface, without the possible harmful fumes generated by preheating chemically treated nonstick cookware.

Just be aware, cast iron cookware is heavy. Be very selective in which pieces you choose unless your motorhome or camper can handle the extra weight.

CAST IRON CLEANING TIP: To clean cast iron, wash by hand with mild soap or none at all. Dry promptly and thoroughly with a lint-free cloth or paper towel. To preserve it, rub with a very light layer of vegetable oil, preferably while the cookware is still warm. Store cookware in a dry place.

Cast Pie Iron

Cook two large sandwiches or treats over a campfire easily using these cast iron extra large square pie irons. These durable units handily hold larger bread slices or tortillas, allowing you to toast or cook a larger meal.

This design keeps you safely away from the fire, while the chambers warm quickly and evenly for reliable and delicious cooking. A latch keeps the handles together while cooking, and a hinge at the top makes it simple to open each unit and reach your food.

Create wonderful campfire treats for a few people to share using these Cast Iron Extra Large Square Pie Irons.

Amazon RV Parts Accessories

Cast Iron Waffle Maker

With a nod to the nostalgia of the past, this big waffle iron makes waffles in the traditional round shape. The two sides of the iron connect using our famous hinge system for secure use and easy cleanup. Certainly, this waffle iron can be used on a the fire pit grate, a 2-burner camp stove or gas stove.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

This 5-Quart Seasoned Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven works overtime. Featuring a lid that easily converts to a skillet, the domed cover is also great for roasts and non-knead bread recipes too. It conducts heat evenly and efficiently.

Large Cast Iron Fry Pan

Cast Iron Grilling

A large cast iron fry pan works wonders with slow-cooking recipes and all your favorite foods. Fry up a mess of catfish, roast a chicken, or bake an apple crisp.

Cast iron loves a campfire, a stovetop, or an oven, and can slow-cook foods without scorching. For that reason, it retains heat well so you can sear meat at higher temperatures and will keep your delicious meals warm for a long time.

Reversible Cast Iron Grill and Griddle Combo

Cast Iron Griddle

What could be better than a nice big reversible griddle? The smooth side is great for making grilled cheese sandwiches as well as eggs, pancakes and french toast. The ribbed side is perfect for grilling foods such as steak, fish, chicken and hamburgers. Because of that, the food sits above the grease making your cooking experience much healthier.

Other Campfire Cooking Gear Must-Haves

Marshmallow/Hotdog Telescoping Roasting Forks

These telescoping campfire roasting forks are made of Non-Toxic premium stainless steel and extend to 45 inches in order to keep children a safe distance from any patio fire pit or the campfire.

Even more, sharp tips are protected with rubber, which makes it safer while you are not use it, enjoying the roasting fun with the heat-insulated and anti-skidding rubber handle.

Campfire Popcorn Popper

A over-the-coals popcorn popper adds fun and excitement to any night around the campfire. Simply add a small amount of oil and popcorn kernels, hold it over the fire, and you will have a great tasting snack in minutes. Additionally, this popper also works as a great accessory for camp stoves.

How to store your campfire cooking kit

How much space you have for your kit will depend on how you’re going to store your campfire cooking kit. If you have a large enough space, a durable, lightweight trunk makes great storage because you can slide it under your travel trailer or fifth wheel to store.

You can do one of two things. First, buy your trunk before your supplies and base your supply list on the size of the trunk.

Or, you can buy all of your campfire kit and buy your trunk or tote(s) based on your inventory. Either way, buy something sturdy and will keep moisture and critters out.

Most notably, after each campfire gathering, we recommend you take an inventory and replenish your campfire cooking kit supplies so it’s already to go on your next camping trip.

We  suggest keeping your campfire cooking tools clean and dry. We place moisture absorber packs in our kit to keep our cast iron from rusting. Above all, follow manufacturers instructions on care and storage of all items listed.

That’s a wrap!

We hope all these campfire cooking gear tips give you ideas on how to create the most amazing camping experience with your family and friends. Campfire food is meant to be shared!

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